Military action in the conflict zone
Today, after a heated battle, Ukraine’s Armed Forces took over Savur Mohyla, a key height that is a strategic point on the borders between Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts in Ukraine and Rostov Oblast in the Russian Federation. This is the position from which the militants for a long time were able to fire at both Ukraine’s military and local settlements, including Marynivka.
This victory has opened a corridor to supply units and divisions that were heroically holding off the enemy for a long time now and prevented breaches of the border by new convoys of weapons and mercenaries from Russia. Ukraine’s paratroopers had been maintaining positions near the border with Russia but were completely cut off from the core ATO forces. Their positions were under a constant rain of enemy fire, both from Russian territory and from the pro-Russian militant formations. According Andriy Lysenko, spokesperson for the National Security Council’s News & Analysis Center, reporting at the Center’s evening briefing, July 28, 2014, Ukraine’s men were being attacked with Grad missile launchers, various caliber of shells, grenade launchers and other weaponry. Ukraine’s soldiers and officers withstood this heavy assault without firing a single bullet or shell in the story of Russia in response of this terrible provocation.
The situation on the border in the ATO zone remains tense. Today, around 11:00, the militants opened fire on the Krasna Talivka border checkpoint in Luhansk Oblast. The terrorists fired a number of grenade launchers. As a result of the exchange of gunfire, 2 border patrolmen were injured and the administrative building and guard tower were seriously damaged.
Population centers in the conflict zone
In the town of Krasniy Kut, Antratsyt County, saboteurs mined the bridges along the Kharkiv-Rostov highway and the entrance to Krasniy Luch.
The terrorists continue to set up firing positions on civilian and industrial premises. In Krasniy Luch in Luhansk Oblast, for instance, they have concentrated their presence near the Standart factory, setting up mortar positions and installing mortars. New firing positions have also been set up at the animal feed plant and a recycling plant in Rovenky, Luhansk Oblast, and in the buildings belonging to the one-time DOSAAF, a soviet-era volunteer organization in support of the Army, Air force and Fleet.
In the city of Torez in Donetsk Oblast, Russian mercenaries confiscated 7 cars from local residents at gunpoint. According to the latest information, the militants seem to be undergoing some kind of internal rift and some groups quickly left the city.
On July 27, Bianca Zalewska, a correspondent for espreso.tv, was seriously wounded while editing a report, not far from the ATO zone. ATO forces servicemen immediately provided first aid and then urgently brought her to the nearest hospital, which is in Starobilsk, Luhansk Oblast. That evening, Zalewska suffering many breaks and wounds, was evacuated by helicopter to the Northern Region Military Medical Center in Kharkiv. Her condition is now stable.
Campaigns to support the ATO
In Kirovohrad Oblast, the families and other relatives of servicemen who are currently fighting in the ATO zone in eastern Ukraine organized an art project. The children all put together colorful drawings with national symbols for the defenders of their Homeland and wrote cheerful letters to them. The campaign’s initiators say that that they are always passing on basic supplies, personal care products, uniforms and even night vision equipment to Ukraine’s men on the front lines. This time, they decided to make them a surprise: the kids supported their fighting heroes and said they want to grow up to defend Ukraine as well.
International support
The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, announced that Japan intended to publish a list of persons and organizations against whom his country has decided to raise sanctions because of the situation in Ukraine. This will include freezing the assets of individuals and organizations who were directly involved in the annexation of Crimea by Russia and in the destabilization going on in eastern Ukraine.
Translated by Lidia Wolanskyj for EMPR

Source: NSC - http://mediarnbo.org/?lang=en

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