A few words for those who are interested in the plane crash investigation. Anyone who has investigated aviation accidents of this kind (and I have twice) would tell you immediately that if the so-called "black boxes", and there should be at least two, remain in the hands of an interested party for a long time, the value of their testimony may be nullified. Or they can even give a false trail. Experts know that well. I cannot and must not disclose any details.

Second. The fact that the militants have unrightfully taken 28 (?) dead bodies of the passengers suggests that some instructor has arrived and pointed out exactly which bodies should be withdrawn. And these are the bodies in which, after a superficial examination, there can be found fragments of a missile or bomb that brought the plane down.
I mean irrefutable evidence. Physicometallurgical and material expertise in such cases provide irrefutable evidence. Also it is easy to determine the seat of each passenger according to the ticket sold, and if he had his safety belt fastened (and many did), this allows to define the angle of penetration of the fragments, and thus, the starting point of explosion, i.e. the shot point. And if such penetrating wounds are found on many passengers and their places in the plane are established – which it is not a problem – the starting point of fragments (i.e. the shot point) is determined within the accuracy to centimeters.
Furthermore all parts of the aircraft fallen need to be found, and particularly the fuselage. Specialists then attach these parts to a special frame, which is the exact copy of the fuselage. This is a very important part of the work. As a result, the place and the size of the lesion on the body frame of the aircraft are determined very easily and accurately. Then the angle of the aircraft and the angle of the lesions (place on the body frame), pilots’ conversations with each other and the ground (one "black box") and telemetry record of all aircraft systems (the other "black box") – all of these are compared, and then it is more a matter of technique. The size of the lesions indicate the device energy, which is known for BUK, as well as its trajectory of the missile and the contents of the munition. So we could judge whether any of its fragments or contents are present in the bodies, belongings of the victims or parts of the aircraft.
Some munitions are designed not to get into the body frame, but to explode next to or above the plane and hit (stitch) the whole plane with fragments of special filling or steel balls or ball-bearings (as in the C-200). However, for the investigation this is irrelevant. I think that the terrorists have a good reason for not letting our and international expertise to the site of the tragedy (which is 25 square km) and have taken away the bodies of many victims.
There work other professionals who are familiar with such air crash investigations and know what to take away, and what to destroy or burn on site (saying ‘well, it was already burnt’). The hastily-driven-away BUK, blocking access for experts to the site of the tragedy, manipulating the "black boxes" (actually they are not black) – all these are more than obvious attempts to prevent objective investigation. Here I have outlined a ten-thousandth part of what is being investigated in these cases.
Russia has a huge experience of such investigations. But international experience of such investigations by far exceeds that of the Russians. Russia is perfectly aware of the fact that if an international investigation gets everything necessary for disclosing the truth, the conclusions will be deplorable for the country. Not to mention that Russia as a country has given precision weapons into the hands of terrorists.

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