Terrorists are interfering in the carrying out of a joint international investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing-777 airliner and are obstructing the work of Ukrainian specialists at the site of the tragedy, Andriy Lysenko, spokesperson for the National Security Council’s News & Analysis Center, reported at the Center’s evening briefing, July 18, 2014.

The work of the State Emergency Service at the site of the tragedy is taking place under the eye of militants. All material evidence is being seized by the terrorists. They have also declared their intentions to move the black boxes and bodies of victims to Russia.

In Luhansk, terrorists have moved from merely terrorizing the local population and have begun marauding and openly murdering people. According to a report from the Luhansk City Council, today some men driving by in a car opened fire at some buses that were supposed to take people away from the conflict zone to a safer place. The bandits are also shooting at ordinary passers-by. According to preliminary data, nearly 20 bodies of victims of the Russian mercenaries ended up lying on the streets of the city. The terrorists were not allowing anyone to take the bodies away until Russian television reporters show up at the scene, at which point they claimed that the victims were shot by Ukrainian soldiers.

As a reminder, ATO forces have never attacked or shot at residential areas.

The militants are also mining roadways along which not only military vehicles but ordinary cars also travel. All residents are asked to be very careful and remain in their homes as much as possible.

The ATO forces continue to successfully move in the planned directions, moving and equipping new checkpoints. Ukrainian soldiers are tightening the circle around the terrorists in order to surround the towns and counties that are temporarily in the hands of the militants.

As of this evening, active fighting is going on in the towns of Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Luhansk, Dzerzhynsk, and others. The terrorists continue to use Grad missile launchers and other artillery to fire at the residential areas of these cities.

ATO forces have successfully been rebuffing terrorist attacks on their checkpoints and strongholds and are costing the militants considerable losses. For the fourth day in a row, shooting continues uninterruptedly at the Marynivka border crossing. However, responding fire is destroying entire groups of Russian mercenaries and their artillery.

Population centers in the conflict zone

In Sloviansk, active efforts to restore infrastructure and provide humanitarian, psychological, medical and other assistance to local residents continue. Water and power supplies slowly are being resumed in the town, as are the trolleybus networks and ambulance crews. Ruins are being taken away, mines are being defused along roadways and in buildings, and barricades are being taken down. In communal and private wells, the health department is testing water for the presence of hazardous materials. In the city, the number of Ukrainian flags hanging from windows continues to grow.

In Horlivka, the city council reports that 90% of the city’s schools are ready for the upcoming new school year. The difficult situation in the region has not prevented utility companies from working. More than 60% of the housing stock is ready for the heating season.

Source - NSC

Translated by Lidia Wolanskyj, EMPR

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