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This is an absolute must-read. The comments and discussion are priceless.

A Florida lawmaker thinks Common Core tests will make kids gay:

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Evolutionary Tree of Religion (Faiths, Myths & Mysticism)

I don't recall who put this into my G+ stream, but's very cool.

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I think +Canonical and +Ubuntu have a fantastic opportunity to do something truly revolutionary, now that they've killed Ubuntu One.

Going up against Dropbox, Box, Copy, Drive and all the other clones was going to be extremely difficult at best, and provided very little additional value to core users.

Providing an Ubuntu account, however, is brilliant.

Imagine that you, as an Ubuntu user, have an online account that stores the state of your installation: your OS version, its configuration, your installed packages and their configuration, and your documents.

"Why would I want that?", you might ask.

For several reasons, I would answer.

For starters, you would be able to do a clean reinstall of your machine just be installing the OS and logging in. Everything else would be downloaded and configured for you, just the way you like it, down to the documents on your Desktop, the Writer format of your documents and your browser bookmarks.

You could also do a perfect clone of your office machine at home, and make sure they're always in perfect sync.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

Ubuntu, Canonical, please think about this. It's not an opposing view to your convergence goals, it's complementary.

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Unsolicited advice to a young person

Lot's of people will tell you to follow your bliss: "Seek your passions, and money will follow." This is true, but impractical. When you are starting out almost no one knows what their passions are, and you become paralyzed because you can't give your all until you find your passion. A better strategy is to forget your bliss and to find your passion by mastering something, almost anything. As you master some skill, giving your 100% to it, you will inevitably move toward your passion, step by step, all the while earning a living. Most likely it will take all your life to find your bliss. So don't wait for your passion. Just master something.

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Marc Andreesen, Internet hero and Venture capitalist, took to Twitter and said:

1. The Smart Person Fallacy in two easy steps. "I'm smart, I can learn about situation X and figure out the way it should work."

2. First step: Situation X is likely far more complex with far more moving parts and confused causes and effects than you can imagine.

3. Autodidacts and polymaths are highly prone to this. True experts in a field often far more skeptical about own ability to understand.

4. Often suffered by professional writers, journalists, commentators, columnists, analysts, investors ... And venture capitalists.

5. Second step: In many complex situations, logic matters far less than other factors -- with incentives at the top of the list.

6. So thinking your way to the answer may well be counterproductive or worse.

7. Often suffered by intellectuals, academics, theorists, paternalistic left-wingers ... And venture capitalists.

8. Bonus step: For any mandated change to situation X, unintended consequences are likely to dominate the long term effects.

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¡Esto está increíble!
Visita un museo en este fin de semana largo

¿Ya tienes planeado lo que harás en este fin de semana largo? una buena opción es visitar un museo. Con +Google Art Project estás a un clic de distancia de algunas de las colecciones de arte más importantes del mundo, incluyendo las del +Museo Dolores Olmedo, el +Museo Frida Kahlo y el streetview por el Museo Nacional de Antropología (

Inicia tu visita en +Google Art Project del +Google Cultural Institute haciendo clic en el siguiente enlace:

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Still waiting for rabid Republicans to boycott Apple. I mean, a company led by a Buddhist, a Brit and a gay dude can't be tolerated, can it?

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A beautiful picture of fireflies. That is all.
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