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Out of all of the things in my life that has motivated me, the most consistent one of them all has been fear. Yep, FEAR. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's friend of foe.

FEAR is the biggest reason why I haven't released a song in 2 years, even though I have countless amounts of songs recorded and ready to go. Even though I have many faithful fans, and when I say fans I am not only  speaking of my mom, siblings, family members and friends, but people who love what I've created over my career and have supported.

Fear still whispers in my ear, what if they hate it? What if they laugh at you when you perform this? What if they hate your voice or think your flow is wack? Hate your songs, your production, your style, the list never ends. And as easy as some will surely say, you just have to get over that and go, but for something you have put so much of your life into and all your passion, fearful doubts can be unbelievably strong.

But now I'm here again, releasing new music in the hopes that there will be millions of people hearing them and wanting more. What got me back to this point? FEAR. The fear of knowing the outcome of my life if I don't push foward. The fear of never knowing how great I could possibly be. The fear of looking my kids in the face one day and playing them daddy's old songs, and them trying to figure out why I never actually jumped off the cliff, but just stood at the edge. The fear of dying one day and not having a legacy. The fear of being ordinary.

I'm not ok at all with failing, but I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I'd never tried. So as I launch my first single in over two years titled 'Small Giants', a song fitting for where I am in life right now, I release it bravely fearful. Hoping that the right fear will fuel me forward.

#inspiration #motivation #fear

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