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Hey, people! I am from Ukraine. I want to make direct democracy in my country with something like the US Bill of Rights. What do you think about this?


Project of Authority System Reform
 Let us imagine, that citizens of Ukraine directly approve laws, decisions and decrees without president and without parliament, by the use of technical facilities. 
 For doing so, it is necessary, that several computer systems, which duplicate one another, be installed and connected to Internet, and, that every citizen of Ukraine have electronic keys, allowing him to vote for various projects of law, decision or decree in those computer systems, by the use of Internet terminals (such as laptop, smartphone, etc.). In order that project of law, decision or decree should be approved, it is necessary and sufficient, that more than half of all citizens of Ukraine vote for that project. For preventing contradictions in legislation, prioritizing is used. One ought to give the law, decision or decree higher priority if it was approved later, or, in the case of approving at the same Vote Day, if it had more votes. If some projects of law, decision or decree, which have been approved at the same Vote Day, have the same number of votes, then priorities of the projects are determined by their registration numbers. 
 In order that anyone should be able to verify correctness of operation of those computer systems, it is necessary, that at the evening of a Vote Day the systems publish on a DVD the results of voting, and, that the DVD contain information how each citizen voted in that Vote Day. In the case when "considerable" number of citizens of Ukraine detect, that their votes have been taken wrong, it is necessary to cancel the results of such voting, and to investigate and judge the operation of those computer systems. Moreover, for preventing fabrication of votes, it is necessary, that the Register of Citizens, which contains the biometrical and contact information about every citizen, be published and be publicly managed, so one should be able to verify personally whether a certain citizen really had (had not) voted for one or another project of law, decision or decree. 
 For sure and well co-ordinated legislative process, it is necessary, that Vote Days be conducted about monthly, for example, at first Mondays. 
 Laws, decisions and decrees of citizens of Ukraine have legal effect on the whole territory of Ukraine. Laws, decisions and decrees of citizens of particular regions (oblasts) have legal effect on the territory of the corresponding regions (oblasts). Laws, decisions and decrees of citizens of particular urban or rural districts have legal effect on the territory of the corresponding districts. The Constitution of Ukraine has the highest priority and has legal effect on the whole territory of Ukraine. The Constitution of Ukraine contain, in addition to human rights, technical manual and operating instruction of the computer vote systems. Changes in the Constitution are made only by Nationwide Referendum. 
P.S. I suggest the next plan of actions:
1. Inform famous people about the project, so that they inform other people.
2. Inquire appropriate departments of Google, Microsoft and others about solutions, which they can offer.
3. Choose several solutions from the best ones.
4. Begin to gather money for development of technical designs by companies, that offered chosen solutions.
5. Pay money to companies for their technical designs.
6. Choose the best technical design.
7. Begin to gather money for construction.
8. Pay money (partly, if it is possible), install equipment and distribute electronic keys to all interested citizens of Ukraine.
9. Start up the system in demo mode as the system for sociological survey.
10. Farther - Life will show next steps...


Project of Monetary System Reform
 Let us imagine, that selling/buying acts in Ukraine are mainly done by the use of so called "promissory notes", and not only by money symbols of any of state banks (such as the National Bank of Ukraine, or banks of the USA FRS, etc.). 
 Let us examine the next simplified model. Let (fig. 1a): "A" be a metalsmith, that produces implements for farm work; "B" - a peasant, who can do that farm work; "C" - a farmer, who has fields and mills. Let us assume, that the metalsmith has produced the implements and the peasant asks him to give that implements. Because the metalsmith considers the peasant as a trusted payer, he gives him the implements and in return the peasant verbally finalizes the promissory note with the metalsmith. Under that promissory note, the peasant owes 10 conventional units to the metalsmith (fig. 1b). Further, the farmer has found the peasant and asks him to reap a harvest from farmer's fields by peasant's implements. Because the peasant considers the farmer as a trusted payer, he does the farm works, which farmer asks, and in return the farmer verbally finalizes the promissory note with the peasant. Under that promissory note, the farmer owes 14 conventional units to the peasant (fig. 1c). Further, the farmer makes flour from the reaped harvest by his mills. Further, the metalsmith has come to the farmer and asks him to give a sack of flour. Because the farmer does not consider the metalsmith as a trusted payer, he requests, that the metalsmith make some transaction, so that the farmer's debt to the peasant reduces by 5 their conventional units. The metalsmith takes his mobile phone and makes transaction - calls to the peasant, tells him, that he, the metalsmith, charges off 5 conventional units from the peasant's debt and asks him to reduce the farmer's debt by rate 1:1, i.e. by same 5 conventional units (fig. 1d). After part of the peasant's debt has been charged off, the peasant calls to the farmer and tells him, that, due to the metalsmith, he, the peasant, charges off 5 conventional units from the farmer's debt (fig. 1e). After part of the farmer's debt has been charged off, the farmer tells the metalsmith, that he, the farmer, considers him, the metalsmith, a trusted payer and, that he owes him 5 conventional units (fig. 1f). Further, the farmer gives the sack of flour to the metalsmith and in return the metalsmith charges off the just confirmed farmer-to-metalsmith debt by rate 1 sack of flour per 5 conventional units (fig. 1g). 
 In the same way as described above, every man in Ukraine has the base right to do selling/buying acts and manage his finances. For doing so, it is necessary and sufficient, that every man in Ukraine has dedicated communication facilities. That is, for doing such activity, there is no need to obtain any "permissions" from a body of state authority. 
 Citizens of Ukraine regularly approve the Public Account, which is intended for financing organizations, that provide so called "public services". I.e. the services, which, on the one part, are needed by majority of people of Ukraine, and, which, on the other part, it is either impossible or unreasonable to identify particular person, who uses such services, and the extent, with which he/she uses such services. Therefore, it is supposed, that all people of Ukraine use public services equally. 
 Services mentioned below are public services:
 - maintenance of computer vote systems;
 - significant investigations of criminal and other activities;
 - significant scientific researches and engineering developments;
 - significant works of art;
 - defence of people of Ukraine from terror attacks;
 - enforcement of law
 - and similar... 
 Services mentioned below are not public services:
 - medical care (an organization, that provides such service, has the ability to identify the person, who demands such service and who must therefore pay that organization for it by oneself);
 - education (an organization, that provides such service, has the ability to identify the person, who demands such service and who must therefore pay that organization for it by oneself);
 - maintenance of highways (having installed automatic record machines at the entrances/exits of highways, an organization, that provides such service, has the ability to identify the person, who demands such service and who must therefore pay that organization for it by oneself);
 - keeping pensionary gold deposits (an organization, that provides such service, has the ability to identify the person, who demands such service and who must therefore pay that organization for it by oneself; because service of keeping precious metals should be paid!)
 - and similar... 
 Because it is supposed, that public services, which were approved by citizens of Ukraine, are used by all people of Ukraine equally, consequently it would be fair, if every man in Ukraine pays equal Public Dues, the size of which is quotient of the size of the all expenses of the Public Account to the number of all people living in Ukraine. That is, the size of such Public Dues does not depend upon man's income, his age, "status" and other similar discrimination. At the same time, all income taxes, VAT and other taxes determined by "a fact of a transaction" are abolished. 
 Moreover, for stability of capitalist relations, it is necessary, that every man in Ukraine possesses enough capital, leasing of which would be sufficient at least to pay Public Dues. For that, it is necessary, alas, to make revision of the results of privatization. 
Please, see a picture here:


 P.S. The only question is whether it is possible and reasonable to make all of that.  
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First of all while I commend your enthusiasm, I would caution you, The United States is a Representative Republic, not a Direct Democracy. Our founders agreed that direct democracy leads to mob rule and the rights of the individual being trampled under foot of the majority.

I am basically ignorant of the happenings in Ukraine, but from what I can read on the internet, the Ukraine is now also a Republic. Could you share what you, yourself find disagreeable about this?
Thank you for your attention, Rachel! I also would be very glad if you  watched that video too. ...Ok.

About your question... [answer is made ready]
I agree that "direct democracy leads to mob rule and the rights of the individual being trampled under foot of the majority". But, imho, it is happened, only if citizens of such state are ignorant about what I call "basic human rights" and what Foundation Fathers of the USA published in the Bill of Rights (1789-1791).

I think, a much better solution to that problem is not building "representative" democracy, but it is rather choosing much more deliberately to whom give a citizenship of your country. And I guess it would have been direct democracy established in the USA, if they (people of the USA) had have modern information technologies like computers, data storage devices, Internet, etc.

And, no! I do not want to reform the USA, I want to reform my country :)

Excuse me, please, for my poor English...
+Rachel Palmer And I forgot to mention this to what I wrote above (^)...

I think our opposition in Ukraine is corrupt and it is invaded by "agents" :) So it is very hard for people to really control their country. There are many barriers in current "representative" democracy have been made for real opposition to get some power.
Your video seems to be very informative, and when I have time, I will try to give it the attention it deserves.

In what way is the Republican form of government failing the Ukraine?

Many people in our country believe we are a democracy, not realizing our true form. Many of our laws are falling away from that belief, and away from that wonderful Bill of Rights. I would say most of us here in this community are working towards re institution of the original form of our  Republican style of governance.
Corruption in office holders is always a problem, but that is multiplied in a direct democracy as well. The mob will rule by emotion, knee jerk reactions to every whim or news event. I would encourage you to fight corruption.

Most socialist or communist governments come to power as a result of a direct democracy.
+Rachel Palmer There are different causes that made Ukraine a tyranny (yes, it is not Republican state now; former leader of our opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko, is in prison now :( )

>>> Interview with Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of Yulia Tymoshenko

First, Ukrainians are post-genocide nation. There are many people (80-90%) who are either just stupid (imho, of course) or just afraid of being oppressed by government.

>>> Ukraine famine genocide survivor interviews

[a mob fight for free food in Sevastopol]
>>> Раздача оливье в Севастополе (полная версия)

Second, I think, there are many barriers for real (like me, yeah :D) opposition to get some power in Ukraine. Instead, they ("agents" ;) ) show people "fake" opposition to convince people that they still have "chance", that they still have "choice", that they are not slaves yet, etc.
+Rachel Palmer Stupid (!) people will do that, I agree. That is why it is so important to give citizenship much more deliberately than it is now in the USA, for example.

Moreover, I think, there are 50 different states and limited Federal Authority, because citizens who had established the USA wanted to live with like-minded citizens in their own "states". Of course, that is my supposition, I may be wrong here. No?
+Rachel Palmer And I forgot again to mention, that, imho, direct democracy permits their citizens to fix their mistakes (I mean, to fire out corrupted "office holders", or to change bad legislation) much more easily! Compare 4-5 year period of elections to 1 month (it can be even one week!) period of regular voting in my project of direct democracy.

Again, please, do not take me as propagandist, who wants to reform your country. Well... I just would be very glad, if someone helped me to reform country where I live.
Yes having the states separate but equal in power, allowed people at the time to" vote with their feet", so to speak, by moving to a state that most suited them. Sadly our Federal government is over reaching its design and gaining more power that should have been left for the states.

Certainly being smaller Ukraine is a unique situation, originally the US was much smaller, too.
I would suggest reading A Tale of Two Cities, their daily elections by the mob sent many to the Guilliotine.

Also read the Federalist papers.
Thank you for choosing us.  I hope we can shed light on your decisions.  Could you brief us a little on your overview of the current situation, your land mass, population, etc.  Are you a true sovereign nation? How was your Constitution drafted?  Are there treaties we should know about.?   Do you have provinces or sub-divided political entities?  I am having no problem with your English.
+Johanna Wilhite Allyn About Ukraine... 

There is not too much worth of reading. Well, the story is almost the same as in the USA. But there are many people here, who do not even know, what it means to be "free". So, "communism" propaganda here has gone much further than in the USA. No one cares about the Constitution of Ukraine, because it is ignored by officials and there is no ORGANIZED and ARMED force to protect it here. So it exists only on TV or in speeches of our officials to "western" diplomats and nations to make illusion that we are democracy, yeah... 

In fact, people can not protect themselves or their property here. Well... We are all, in fact, property of the local government (vassals)! I wrote "local", because I am pretty sure that our president has been designated by Kremlin (Tsar).



And that is NOT joke.

...I do not even know, if we still have sovereign nation. It is divided into those, who want to join Russia completely (and who voted for current president or his allies) and those, who want to stay as independent state and join "western" republics (which are currently in trouble, at least as we see it on our TV media).

And, yes, there is one treaty, I would want to remind you:


But, I understand, that with Obama taking power in the USA that treaty is worth nothing :D
+Johanna Wilhite Allyn Ok... I just want, that good people in America remember another much more important thing:


>>> (notice, there are no Russian systems in the top 10; do not belive that)

>>> (fluent English, yeah, I wish:)

Who will make artificial intelligence? And for what purposes? What do you think?

And, yes... if you want to know more about the situation in Ukraine, please, read this web-site:


Thank you very much for your time dedicated to us!
The people of the US see Ukraine as an independent country.  This is a good thing that it is removed from the Soviet Union.  President Obama seems to pay less attention to the Slavic world.  However, we cannot know for sure what DOE does or thinks.  The country of Georgia is discussed as a rich successful country.  What sets them apart?   The proximity to Iran may be an issue in the US and Soviet relations.  Do you think there is the possibility there are Americans  observing how you do?  Iran and Syria are taking a breath away from others.  If it is legal to own a gun, you should work on that.  Most Americans have kept arms these 300 years.  A disarmed people are at a disadvantage.  Our Constitution makes it a right to be armed.  Civilian militias are ready as were the Minute Men in 1776.  How would civilian militias go?  You have no army correct.
+Johanna Wilhite Allyn I suppose, that most people of the US see their own State as independent one too. But it does not mean, that it can not be "infiltrated" (on all layers - from citizens to members of Congress or Mr. President) by aliens. You give your citizenship to aliens too easy, imho.

It looks for me, that President Obama is paid by our Kremlin mafia to not give true information about the Slavic world to you. Well, it is our problem, and not yours, my American friends. Money, he is paid by, are stolen from us, because we (Ukrainians) are too stupid in doing our "citizen duty".

No, I never have been in Georgia. What I know about them, that they WERE pretty succesful, when President Mikheil Saakashvili had his majority in their Parliament. But he had lost Georgian parliamentary election in 2012, because many of Georgians saw him as a "tyrant". It is no wonder, because there are many Kremlin propaganda TV channels there. That propaganda is shown to us too. For example, I recently watched a film on TV, in which the Russian military blamed begining war in Georgia in 2008 on the USA. But what a problem was to give that territory (Abkhazia) to Saakashvili, they (Russians) did not explain. Maybe, there is some natural gas at the Black Sea shelf, I do not know. And, I do not know, what happens there now, excuse me.



No, I do not think Americans overall are very interested in our problems, except you and, maybe, these people:

>>> The Lazy Politicians Song - Luke Conard and Peter Hollens - The Lazy Song Parody!


>>> Vlogust 10, 2011 - Where's Pandee!?!?!    ;)


It looks for me, that Kremlin wants to use Iran and Syria (and other countries as well) against the USA by making them "aggressive nuclear scapegoats". And, of course, they use for such purpose their main tool - Obama (DOE???:). Well, all of that is just my supposition.

Thank you for your advice! We certainly should stop being stupid and start to work on that. Yes, you got me right. We do not have an  organized(!!!) and armed force, which could fairly protect our rights here in Ukraine. It is the MAIN problem.
+Eugene Zavidovsky
 I don't know how old you are.  I have done further study on Ukraine.  You have some good things.  Your people are literate.  We suffer from some social problems that cause our youth to reject education.  It is not signifcant, so it is a small %.   Your people suffered the tragic nuclear accident.  No where in the world has such a problem.  The Ukraine should take some pride in surviving this devastation.  Remember to celebrate the things you have in common and to build on strengths and not of differences.  Our nation you could say is at civil war always.  There are 51% who win, but they must also serve and compromise with the other 49% to continue in peace.  We are following our rule of law.  No matter who wins, there is really no loser.  We change government by the winner and we move on.  Another election may switch back again.

The Ukraine with its good education has a chance for intellectual debate about how to fix some things.  We have debate teams in our schools.  Our way of life is a part of education.  All must know our rights and constitution.  They must learn to live it.  Otherwise, we have ignorant citizens in politics.  It is every person's duty to uphold our Republic.  So they must understand what it means to be free.  Some are free to be lazy, rich, naturalist, environmentalists, etc.   No matter their choice, good or bad, they are free.

I found that around 1700 the Ukraine had a constitution of three branches somewhat like the Americans.  Our Republican government seems much more stable.  Ukraine has had too many turnovers and it keeps too many parties.  I don't think this parlimnetary model is so good for anybody.   I see much beauty and geographic advantage in your country.  I see your population is decreasing.  This is not a good thing.  10 million of your citizens live abroad.  Do you get a tax from them?   Do they interfere in the homeland while residing elsewhere?  Your country needs to maintain its population.  If not, you will become a country of old people with no workers.  You can make more babies or you can invite young people to come to Ukraine for some advantage.

If you would build fewer and larger based political parties, your people could be more patient.  Even with corruption, the frequent disruption of government is a bad thing.  If you agree to  keep what is a vote by the people in place for terms of time,  eventually  corruption will be less.  I believe wherever there are sums of money there will be greed.  I'm certain there are examples of corruption here.  But it does not affect us so much. I read that the West is interested in doing business with the Ukraine.  But, these businessess are owned by persons and not country.  They do not feel safe using up their money where there is unstable government.

You have many neighbors and we do .not.  Only Canada, who is our great friend and Mexico, whom we have some legals problems of drug dealers and illegal entry of our borders.  These do not stop our progress in doing business with them.  You and some of your bordering countries were shown to us as the new Europe.  We saw films about the independence of your countries from the Soviet Union.  What you are doing is very hard.  It appears you should keep acceptable relations with Russia and also try to find new allies.

If it is allowed, I would begin with citizen militias.  You would not be militant.  The militias are local villages that have what we call Minute Men.  They have an operational weapon and can respond on a moment's notice together.  They may search for a lost child or help at an eartquake.  But they are there.  Volunteers for freedom.   Naturally they befriend other villages and eventually they know how to reach each other all over the country. They can be friends and have competition for skill with weapons, etc.  We had, in the past, drill teams at our high schools.  All is voluntary.  Militias do not attack or try to overrule another region against their will.  Militias are BROTHERS who are ready to defend, not attack.   They can hunt together, camp outside and have family fun, too.   Our army is voluntary.  One is free to join or free not to join.  Each of 50 states has its own government and army (called National Guard of_{state}__).   Each state is free from Washington in most ways.  Recently, our federal government has been meddling too much in our States, IMO.  The Conservative Union here is a forum or debate.  We offer ideas to our fellow Americans who live in different states.  Most here are convinced to limit Washington.  Perhaps you have some stronger communities, provinces or (orblast???).  You begin with a region and add as you gain support.

Americans are one of very few who have kept weapons since our revolution in 1776.  If you disarm a people, they are helpless from outside or inside.  All of political will is built on independence of each person.  Our army is not allowed to operate in our borders.  Their power is from the people for foreign wars.  They have no power inside our country.  When we speak, we say first, "we, the people."  We, the people, have the right to express our opinion freely and the press has the same right.  We, the people, practice our chosen religion.  We, the people, have the right to bear arms and this shall not be infringed upon.  There are others, but these three are priority with me.  We, the people, are our own standing army.

We are a religious people.  It is unknown from what I read what is the culture on your religions.  I see you have two religions alive in Ukraine.  I know not how they are attended by the citizens.  Religion is a guarded freedom and widely practiced.  I have read there was a time, the Soviets did not allow religion.  We, like you, never know what is the truth of a people from the news, maybe propaganda.  But, I recommend religion to you.  We form our youth from birth that their God made them free.  We believe our rights come from God and that no man shall separate us.

I see in articles that your people are heavy drinkers of alcohol.  If this is true, that is not good to have strength for freedom.  We are not drinkers.  There are some among us that have an addiction to alcohol.  We try to help them stop drinking alcohol.  We drink socially.  This means only one or two drinks or beers at a gathering.  Even then before we come there, one person is chosen who will not drink at all.  They are called the "designated driver."  If you must be responsible to keep 360 million free, fed and educated, you need a clear mind.  You cannot safely handle firearms if you drink too much alcohol.  I realize this custom must be centuries old.  However, I believe it is a change you should make that you need to drink less.  Alcohol cripples intellect, will and clear thinking.  After years it kills cells in the brain.  You cannot afford this heavy drinking when you are facing your future.

I also see some sophisticated engineering and that the Ukraine is a good example in clean energy.  This is a good basis to find business partners.  Many seek to improve environmental needs of our time.

As far as what Americans think, they are self absorbed.  We work every day, we attend church and help charities, we have hobbies, we are building homes and buying cars, we are watchful of freedom and need to focus on internal affairs for 2 separate governments.  The free state where each lives and the representation in Washington.  Freedom is not free.  It's like the evergreen.  It takes our effort and the peoples' resolve.  It is ever before us.  The Great Experiment.

Most Americans are only marginally aware of the global society.  Whatever our media reports is all that many will hear.  Our media tries but the role we play in the world is big.  Day to day many topics are heard or not heard.  The internet has opened eyes.  Still many are frightened to talk to the world.  The terrorism of late has left a huge scar.  Americans are accustomed to move about freely and at peace.  Now it appears we have enemies we cannot see.  In a free society, this is upside down.  We are not used to security concerns.  We find ourselves trying to balance our freedoms with our security.  This too is a great debate here.

Americans think that freedom is the only way to live.  They want freedom for every person anywhere.  So when we hear you, anyone would wish you well.  On the other hand, there is fear that they are being hacked or tricked online.  They may feel your cause, but stay away from unknown contact.  I am older now.  I am always clear that I state my opinion only and I do not advocate to be a part of any movement or represent a following.  I just try to reach out with my own experience.  Even my opinion or lifestyle may have no meaning to others.  But, I want to always leave the message that Americans care about the world and the plight of others.  Of this I am sure.
What you want is the USA from 1778 to about 1955. You don't want the USA today bro, trust me.
Что позволяет Вам предположить, что украинцы хотят свободы и способны к свободной жизни? Я лично не сомневаюсь, что в обозримом будущем никакая демократия в бывших советских республиках, за исключением Прибалтики, невозможна, потому что народ ее не хочет, как не хочет он ее, например, в Ираке и Афганистане.
+Alex Taller Вера в людей.

Хотя, к сожалению, вынужден с вами согласиться. Действительно, народ этого не хочет. Пока, по крайней мере. Может потому, что это слишком сложно для них?

Кстати, что вы думаете насчет этого?
>>> Liquid Democracy In Simple Terms
+Eugene Zavidovsky 
Я сейчас на работе, и видео у меня заблокировано. Поэтому могу ответить лишь из самых общих соображений, что simple terms обычно вызывают у меня подозрения.
На личном уровне, свобода — это свобода принимать решения плюс необходимость нести за них ответственность. С непривычки, как я знаю по собственному опыту, это тяжело, даже если человек хочет эту ответственность нести. А если не хочет? Далее, индивидуальная свобода требует, чтобы в сознании людей преобладал индивидуализм. В России же и ее бывших владениях преобладает коллективизм, который и сделал возможной победу коммунизма в одной отдельно взятой стране. Если мне позволено дать Вам совет, то вот он: не воюйте с ветряными мельницами.
+Eugene Zavidovsky here you are again. I am glad to hear from you. The discussion has been interesting. Have you seen reaction to the temporary closing of banks in Cyprus? BTW, You mentioned that you have poor English. I think you a fluent in English,
+Johanna Wilhite Allyn Thank you for plussing me. If you had to use Google Translate, I appreciate the effort you had to invest to figure out the meaning.
+Eugene Zavidovsky"...or just afraid of being oppressed by government."

I thought being afraid of govt. oppression would keep a country, especially 80-90% of people, from becoming tyrannical.
+Eugene Zavidovsky" democracy permits their citizens to fix their mistakes (I mean, to fire out corrupted "office holders", or to change bad legislation) much more easily! Compare 4-5 year period of elections to 1 month (it can be even one week!) period of regular voting in my project of direct democracy."

I'm need to read up on what you're talking about(Direct Democracy)....however, I do like that idea of "firing" those in office in a shorter period of time.  I've made mention(complaining) that I can't understand why we aren't holding our politicians accountable for clear violations. 

On the other hand, in Colorado, there was a really good "recall" election.  So it is possible to oust someone but the reasons that more aren't ousted are probably propaganda from the govt.  I have grown to believe that our govt. helps maintain a status quo of govt. growth and therefore a loss of liberty rather than what the USA was originally.

NOTE: I haven't read this post entirely yet.  And maybe you've started another post regard some of the issues that I've spoken of in this comment. 

This is a fascinating video...I would reshare it but I can find it and post it. 
+Joe A Merican It is interesting to make appropriate articles in Constitution to hold politicians accountable for clear violations. But those must be very clear and indisputable by all of the people (or at least most of them) to avoid conflicts. So I prefer voting as a process to evaluate politician authority.  "Recall" elections are good, but they would be even better, I think, if they were regular, and not only by some cause (though it is just my supposition, I do not know anything about CO, USA elections)...
Hi Eugene, you would find the CO voting interesting for the US. Many institutions and the UN want to reduce the numbers of guns and ammunition, as well as, the ability to purchase guns and accessories internationally . The governor of CO, at the pleasure of President Obama, pushed legislation for gun control in his state. It was passed by a narrow margin. Some counties objected and voted to recall their representative, who cast deciding votes. They also voted to secede from the state of CO and form their own state. The representatives were replaced. The vote to leave the state was considered symbolic, as there was no mechanism to fulfill such a proposal. Not since the 1850s have regions enacted secession orders. The vote was to register their deep disdain. for any infringement upon gun ownership.
Good, you're ok. They say here, he will stop now. He's very bold. We shall see. Stay safe for you and your family.

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