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Eugene Winter
growthacking, business technology, entrepreneurship, small business, smallbiz, microbiz, economics, sales, write, read..
growthacking, business technology, entrepreneurship, small business, smallbiz, microbiz, economics, sales, write, read..

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Why Goldman Sachs Believes There’s a Chance of Market Disruption
Market Realist
After Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election, an optimistic view of the US economy drove market sentiment. Many investment firms said ...

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The Secret of Market Disruption with Greats Brand
Product Hunt
The Secret of Market Disruption with Greats Brand - Understand the importance of a market before distrupting it. (Podcasts, Get Shit Done, and ...

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The Chief Priest warned us? #BokoHaram #ISIS
Fela Kuti - Shuffering and Shmiling
Shuffering and Shmiling is an album by Nigerian Afrobeat composer, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti recorded in 1977 and originally released on the Nigerian Coconut label.

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MIT engineers have found that a dietary supplement could be useful in treating obstructive sleep apnea in certain patients.

#sleepapnea #medicine #research #MIT

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Ida Lewis’ 175th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle

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1984: the individual takes on the state - English Works
Orwell: A champion of individual rights by Dr Jennifer Minter (English Works articles) ... absolute power and by suppressing individual happiness and freedom. ... Using an array of state-sanctioned techniques, Big Brother has oppression down ...

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Who is an American?🇺🇸

The current #Trump administration stand or action has brought about the need to reassess the question, who is an American?

We believe that the real question should be, What makes you an American?

The botched roll of the purported freeze or ban, of individuals of majority Muslim nations, where those legal immigrants visa, otherwise known as green card holders, were denied entry, reinforces the need to address the issue, who is an American.

We believe that contrary to popular belief, as the founding fathers of the nation, expertly crafted in the amendment to the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, being an American is an idea, shared experiences and the belief that anyone who believes that we are equal, and equally endowed with alienable rights bestowed at birth.

The ideal for which many have given their lives, fighting for others, non American, in various forms throughout the short history of the nation, even as we speak, to share the same experiences, what makes you an American.

Why the current administration focus on American first, is a challenge to the principles that has served the nation and brought about the kind of I'll advised rush to the executive action attempt to exclude individuals from the identified majority Muslim nations.

The same notion exists in the memo from the DHS, earlier in the week. The nation attracts thousands of young people from every corner of the world, the best and brightest, who come to the US universities to further their studies, trained and in most cases, want to remain in the US after the education, but the current immigration policies, automatically criminalizes the same students, we believe that the fastest to making this individuals who are willing to stay after completing the education, is to make them Americans, obviously not everyone can or should be granted the same thing, but the fact that many of them are caught up in the bureaucracy of immigration policies, leave out some of the best and brightest stars.

Not only in higher education, but the many guests workers, who are willing to work under very different conditions, but do a great service to the US economy as a whole. Many of the inefficiency in the labor costs or the belief that the use of the non native born citizen, reduce the amount to native born citizen, only serves a few whose definition of American is limited to native born citizen. In the long run, the US benefits from the new immigrants.

We believe that one of the best way of assimilation or the spread of the US ideals, is not to shut off from the world, but to engage the world, the same principles, that brought about the collapse of the Communists countries and even though the same Communists leaders are running around with a new kind of state sponsored capitalism practiced in China or Russia, does not mean that the US abandon the idea that has served every generation.

Myths -->

Being pro immigrants does not mean you are in support of globalization.

Being in support of fair trade, does not make you against free trade.

Being against any religious zealots that infringes on the individual rights, does not mean you are Islamophobic, as many on the left believe.

Being an American is an idea, enshrined in the US Constitution by way of the Bill of Rights.

Any group especially new immigrants those of Islamic faith or majority Muslim nations, who BTW, who have asked what or who protect against persecution, thank the founding fathers, who in their limited human knowledge, had the foresight to include the protection of all minorities groups, the same laws, that has served the nation in time of crisis, such as the civil war and fight for civil rights.

The ideas or ideals of this great nation, is something every generation has to fight for lack of better words, to rediscover and defend, that is what we believe is the definition of American is, thank you.

North America, South America

| population | population density
North America | 542 million people (7.4% of world population) | 57.2 people/mi^2 (people per square mile)
South America | 393 million people (5.4% of world population) | 57 people/mi^2 (people per square mile)

| area
North America | 9.46 million mi^2 (square miles)
South America | 6.89 million mi^2 (square miles)

North America GDP, South America GDP
North America | $21.31 trillion per year (1993, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015 estimates)
South America | $3.675 trillion per year (2002, 2003, 2013, and 2015 estimates)

Source Wolfram
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