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Find, right in your pocket. We are so thrilled to introduce Etsy for iPhone! Visit for more.
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Throw an API my way and you can have a Windows Phone version too.
Can we have an Android version too please?
How about Windows Phone 7? Can we get an app for that?
Since many people are migrating from Facebook to Google+, (just as they did when MySpace went vacant and people went to Facebook) Can you PLEASE add a G+ button as well to the website? The +1 symbol? - (Etsy just added Pin It but you have to get on a waiting list to use it...I'm excitedly waiting for my invite) Traffic to my shop has reflected a strong decline in Facebook and a big increase with Google+, as I am sure you know because their is a Google+ page for Etsy....
trying to fix my circle but it goes so fast I can't, anyone with a tremor is not going to be able to do it, maybe you could consider giving it some time not a game
WOW! Haven't ETSY done well! 1 post and nothing else. #epicfail   For such a great site we are highly disappointed.  If you need someone to take it over for a few free gifts a month then let us know. 
Beautiful cold in Michigan today!
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