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Just make it happen

2 days ago, while taking a group of people into a nice village during +Hoi An Photo Tour , I was having a long discussion with one of the photographer about the way to approach people. 

I did try to explain the same way I do it here:

There were plenty of kids playing in the street so everyone was really busy shooting around, when I saw this man in his house. I got closer to the fellow photographer who was very interested in the discussion and mentioned that even though I like to get very close to people, I would not enter someone's house just like that and take a photo. 

I needed an approach strategy. 

I stood in front of this man's house, looking at the kids playing. I was sometimes looking at him with a smile, and saw he was having a better time looking at us taking photos. He seemed to be very friendly, but still, sitting on his bed, I just did not feel like getting into his privacy. 

But I was trying to create the contact with him. After 2 minutes, he called me. I walked closer and he asked me in Vietnamese if I was married. 

Then, I knew my approach strategy had worked. After 1 minute of discussion, I showed him my camera and he smiled and nodded, for me to take his photo. 

Sometimes it is just about showing interest and curiosity, and being respectful of the people. Most people of South East Asia are very nice and friendly, and allow people to take photos. But a first step is needed. 

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+Etienne Bossot : right! :-))
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Another long exposure taken last week in Nha Trang

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tạm thôi
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New blog post! You'll love this one!
The most basic composition lessons clearly state that whenever possible, you should try to keep the light behind you when taking a photo. If you don’t, you risk entering the dark dimension of the “backlit universe,” a terrifying land where your backgrounds are blown to smithereens and all of your subjects are underexposed. Did I mention you’ll also damage your sensor, destroy your camera, and quite possibly blow up your hands in the process? You’...
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Ok anh ay la mot nguoi dang ong that tuyet voi 
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Last one of a series of long exposures I did while shooting a resort in Nha Trang. 

I did try a square format on the previous one, and felt I wanted to try something different with a panorama size. Do you think it works?

Combining Fine Art landscape photography and resort photography, more about that in the future :)

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Amazing Shot. Is there a high-Res version of this image? I would love to set it as my laptop's wallpaper.
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Yes I think going up the mountain to take a photo of the resort is an excellent idea. Superb even. And you know what? I have right the equipment I need with me! 

Behind me are 5 cm long needles... 

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Picture nice.
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Have him in circles
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Combining Fine Art and Resort photography, a new project I will be working on very shortly. 

#vietnam   #seascapephotography   #resort   #hotelphotography   #longexposure  
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thanks +Chris Del Grande . I am also looking forward doing more of this +James Figlarz 
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my job forces me to wear very strict clothing, and being stuck in a small office. I might look for another job soon ;)

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Wow very nice
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Leading lines. 

Now I am a born again landscape photographer ( :) ) I am a little obsessed with lines. I guess this is my line time. 

I took this shot yesterday, and the father is just creating all the lines that are leading to his daughter, with his hand, hat and also neck collar. I find it very dynamic. 

#travelphotography   #vietnam   #phototips  
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có gì đó xa lạ, hoang mang, không hiểu. ừ nhưng mà là trẻ con. nhưng có thế nào thì vẫn được iu
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I must say I am very happy with my new ND filter. I used spend a long time fighting against some magenta color casts my previous ND filters were giving me. 

Now with the new Hoya NDX 400 I don't have to adjust colors at all, all looks good. 

Blue lagoon, Nha Trang, Vietnam. 

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+Daniel Korzeniewski  I used to use a B&W 10 stop filter but there is way too much magenta in it. I really love the soft blue tonnes of the Hoya. And this is a screw in filter indeed. 
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Etienne Bossot

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No photos to post, shooting a resort in Nha Trang... Next will I promise :)
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