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Hey fellow developers!

I'd like to help out with your projects. I'm currently in between projects so I thought I'd see if anyone needed any help.

I have some coding experience especially with GameMaker and C#. I can do a little pixel art, marketing, website stuff, QA, and a little bit of everything else. 

Let me know what I can do for you!

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Been having a blast playing Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed during the free weekend. If you have any interest in kart racing at all, give this a try.

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Well, I finished my game on time, but forgot to post it! For Windows and Windows 8.

So now I have a drawing tablet (DigiPro 640). Let the drawing commence!

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Just realized my profile pic is a couple years old. I guess I don't take pictures of myself very often...

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Just got the Mash Bundle off of Indie Royale. Looking forward to trying these out.

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Here's my January game. I was able to work on it just this week, so it's not that polished. I wanted to put something out though so here it is!

I know it supports 2 players on the keyboard and controllers may work but have not been tested. Like I said before, it's pretty buggy still.

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