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Countdown to the +NHL 2014-15 season and the +Chicago Blackhawks home opener starts... NOW!!!!! 

The +Chicago Blackhawks and +Los Angeles Kings meet again in the 2014 Western Conference Finals, after meeting in the 2013 Western Conference Finals! #repeat   #CHIvsLAK   #Blackhawks   #GoHawks  

+Chicago Blackhawks look like we're going to have a repeat of the 2013 Western Conference Finals in the 2014 Western Conference Finals #CHIvsLAK ? #Hawks   #becauseitsthecup   #Blackhawks   #Showtime  

#88 PATRICK KANE IN OVERTIME!!!!! #showtime  

+Chicago Blackhawks congrats on your 5-4 win against Vancouver! So happy to hear that Coach Q is now the third most winningest coach with 693 wins tonight! #hawkswin #CHIvsVAN #CoachQ

+Western Michigan University congrats on your WMU Broncos Hockey team's OT win of the Great Lakes Invitational cup! 

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YAY! +United has operated the 787 Dreamliner for 1 year!

+Tampa Bay Rays are playing Chelsea Dagger every time a run scores. That Is Not Ok! It Is Only For When The +Chicago Blackhawks Win And/Or When They Score A Goal!
#No   #stolensong   #blackhawksonly  

+Boeing+ Congrats on the 787-9's maiden flight. Landing looked great from my view online! What a BEAUTIFUL plane. Can't wait to fly it one day. Again, Congrats on a great first flight!

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+Delta Can't you just renovate this iconic building... Renovating would create more permanent jobs that would better help the economy. Not to mention that this building is 11th on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Most Endangered Historic Places list. After all it is HISTORIC! #SaveTheWorldport  
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