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This is very good! Having worked with concrete since I was a kid until a few years ago (most of my lower back problems come from leveling concrete), here are a few comments (1) placing the rebar on support (e.g. a rock or something) is crucial... that thing of using a shovel to bring it up should be done only if the support comes out. In this case is a patio so that's not that important, but if it was a driveway or something similar, not using support will guarantee cracks within 2 - 5 yrs. (2) When leveling using something like a 2x4, it is suggested that both sides of the leveler should be touching the frame (i.e. use a very long 2x4 or add a temporary portion in the middle of the "frame". Usually, unless you are an expert and have a lot of experience, doing what appears in most of the pictures (level only touching one side of the "frame" like true pic above) causes small "pools" in the middle of the area that you will notice when it rains.

Good job, man!
Hey Jesus, That's great insight about the rebar. I had similar concerns about the 2x4 not touching the forms and your method is how I would have done it. With that said, I looked for shallow spots and didn't see any.

Good to hear from you. How's the fam?
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