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Esther Wojcicki

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Within moments of the inauguration of President Trump, the official White House website on Friday deleted nearly all mentions of climate change.
The digital change, which flashed into place at noon on Friday, immediately placed into sharp relief some of the starkest differences between the old president and the new.
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Esther Wojcicki

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President Trump presented such a graceless and disturbingly ahistoric vision of America on Friday that his Inaugural Address cast more doubt than hope on his presidency.

It was already pretty great, despite its flaws, before he took office Friday.
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Esther Wojcicki

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Great article annotating Trump's speech....Doesn't change the speech, of course, but helps give the reader some perspective
New York Times reporters analyze the 45th president’s comments.
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Esther Wojcicki

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What CNN did not show you....Empty stands at the Inauguration. 
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+Sean Robertson NO, that's a picture of the pre-inauguration grounds, 30 minutes before it, you can see people coming at it was taken.
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Esther Wojcicki

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More than 23,000 people in the United States are estimated to die every year from resistant bacteria. That death toll will grow as microbes develop new mechanisms to defeat the drugs that, for decades, have kept infections at bay. We are on the cusp of what the World Health Organization calls a “post-antibiotic era.”
To keep infections at bay, we need to fix the broken antibiotic business model.
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Esther Wojcicki

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Expect big tax cuts, especially for business owners and wealthy investors, in the name of invigorating economic growth. That's going to be a big contrast with President Obama and the Democrats, who put bigger emphasis on using tax policy to correct a wealth distribution they consider unfair.
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+Daniel Kruger you forgot to mention the middle class and lower benefitted from these a well with higher pay and better healthcare (until obamacare) then the middle class and lower sank into the pits under the democratic taxation and regulations on businesses
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Esther Wojcicki

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Thousands of women are expected to gather on Saturday at a protest in Washington and others around the world.
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Esther Wojcicki

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We’ve never had a major national leader as professionally unprepared, intellectually ill informed, morally compromised and temperamentally unfit as Trump. But we can always hope he will be better than the predictions.
America can unite by containing the new president.
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The internal invasion was the trojan horse refugee program of muslims by obummers. 
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Esther Wojcicki

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Americans so insistently celebrate the peaceful transfer of power precisely because they nervously recognize the susceptibility of their polity to violence. 
Commentators love to praise the peaceful handover of power—but this year, it stands as a reminder of the system’s fragility.
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Jack H
"...they nervously recognize the susceptibility of their polity to violence."
Yeah, +Esther Wojcicki, I remember all those conservatives rioting, attacking police, and destroying property in 2008 and 2012...oh...wait a minute....
Sorry, but it's just YOUR party that prone to violence, Esther. Maybe someone as supposedly educated as you should be contemplating that and wondering if you're really backing the groups of people you should be.
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Esther Wojcicki

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What CNN does not show you about the Inauguration....Empty stands
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Esther Wojcicki

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We should welcome refugees, not ban them.
When the news first broke of the terror attacks in Paris, the world’s immediate response was one of solidarity. Facebook profiles were changed to the French Tricolour, #prayforparis trend...
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Esther Wojcicki

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It is only going to get worse if he continues his promised programs
President-elect Donald J. Trump will take office with less popular support than any new president in modern times, according to an array of polls.
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If Hilary entered the White House it would been a more a bad state of affairs with her currupt practises she would have become the world's number 1 currupt politician ever produced by fleesing the big businessmen Collecting cash donations for her Clinton foundation which is personal business of the Clintons 
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