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“One touch of Christ is worth a lifetime of struggling.” - A.B. Simpson #lifetime #struggling #christ 
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I pray this list is an #encouragement to men as we seek to fear #God and bring value to our families and nation.
#motivation #motivational #RestoreManhood #BeAMan #quote
A list of 20 motivational quotes that help men live in this sinful world. These quotes & Bible verses will help you as you face your days here on earth.
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Estevan Montoya

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I have been asked about church. It is comforting to know many of God's people are seeking God on our behalf and have shown genuine concern for our ministry. Our situation is this, we are trying to buy the building we have leased. It was appraised at $132,000 prior to our renovations. It is now worth $400,000. It's on half an acre just a quarter mile from the main road, which makes for a good location for us. We have invested $80,000 plus labor in the last four years.

Our investment is going toward the purchase price, which drops it to $300,000, but we know what it WAS worth. The owner wants his initial investment of what he paid for the building plus a little profit. Therefore, he is asking $250,000, knowing he can kick us out and get more. We counter offered with $230,000. We are now at a standstill.

We are praying that God touches his heart to help us and sell it for what it was worth, because we brought the value up. If not, then we are asking for the $230,000. I am praying about seeking help to raise $50,000 for a down payment. I don't like debt. Unless God gives us a large sum of money, that's our option.

We don't want to walk away from this building. Yet, if that happens, we have a core group of about 20 people. We can transition to a place like a school until we can buy a property in the county and build. There are less regulations in the county. If we did that, I would lead our people to buy debt free and build debt free, so we may be in a rented facility for a few years as we grow.

When we started the project, we had about 45 people. When we were done, we had about 10. We took a huge hit. God took people out that had sin in their life and raised up some faithful people that did the work whose hearts were set on God. We are rebuilding now, and God has giving some new people. Some are in the process of being discipled and getting ready for Scriptural baptism. Others have Scriptural baptism and are candidates for membership. We are in the process of voting them in for membership, pending they submit to our doctrinal statement, which keeps our church in one accord.

The amazing thing is that our church did a corporate fast from the 1st to the 4th, giving the first days of the year to Lord & asking Him to lead our church. The very next day is when the owner started this process.I believe it is of God and that He is doing what it takes to move us forward, even if it means we move to a new location. I have perfect peace with that thought, I am just concerned with the morale of the people if this happens.

Not only did we fast for God to work, but we have been seeing people saved, as mentioned above. We are advancing God's work, and the devil is resisting. God wants a church like ours in Taos, and we know satan doesn't. Therefore, such situations are to be expected. This just confirms that we are doing God's work and that we are winning the battle here is Taos. It's encouraging to be part of the work of God!
I hope that answers your questions. I write in detail to share what is going on, and not to petition you for money. If the Lord leads then great. But that is not my intent.

Thank you for your prayer for us here in Taos. It is a very spiritually dark area of our country, comparable to Latin American 3rd world towns. We deal with spiritual wickedness often. As you know what it's like to fight such battles, please keep us and our church in prayer.
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Estevan Montoya

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Learn How To Preach In The Power Of God. I created a 20 min MP3 that examines the sermon of Peter on Pentecost.
Free 20 minute MP3 lesson reveals how Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost in the Power of God. Learn how you too can preach powerful Gospel sermons.
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Learn what it takes to go from "amateur to professional" with your online business. A simple mindset shift can make all the difference. Learn more: #BeAChamp!
Learn a lesson from a world champion kickboxer and what it means to have a winning mindset that brings success in your online business.
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Estevan Montoya

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Start To Be Great - Zig Ziglar Motivational Quote About Starting & Being Great.
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Estevan Montoya

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Hello All,
This is the first time I've asked questions, though I have learned from others in the past. I come from the internet marketing working and make websites based upon WordPress and it's large functionality via plugins.

I found that I am getting tired of WP. I look back to my old days of html design. I have no desire to become a developer in that I would create a WP theme, but I do like the idea of creating html templates.

With the advent of CMS style sites + all in one website product companies like SquareSpace, do you think there is still a market for "custom hand-crafted" static html sites?

MOST of my clients never update their WP site once it's launched. I have a system to manage updates, but clients never take advantage of what they have in front of them.

Am I the only one that see's this and feels making WP sites that become vulnerable to attacks is just a waste of time? Is there anyone else out there making static html sites? Would a good alternative be a flat cms?

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yes i prefer doing the origination instead of the wp themes
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Estevan Montoya

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Praise the Lord Jesus! The property owner agreed to our contract terms. We had special wording that keeps us from losing the property during closing stages and protects us from being taken advantage of regarding raising the price. We are officially on the road to purchase our building.

1. Signing the contract within 24 hours
2. Going to the bank to seek financing options after signing the contract
3. Praying for funds for the down payment
Learn more here:

Thank you for praying. Thank you Brother Reynold Conger for being the first to give to our project. Thank you Jesus for building a church in Taos, NM.

Great victories like what we are seeing are the result of faithfulness. I may not be much, but I can be faithful. By God's Grace, we will see this project through. God enables and God works. He is worthy of praise and honour! After 7 years, God is getting us on our feet.

"Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful."
1 Corinthians 4:2 KJV

Don't quit!
Building an Independent Baptist Church in Taos, NM.
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Are you up for the challenge of becoming a #Man of #God?
#RestoreManhood #BeAMan #ManOfGod #BiblicalMasculinity  
Learn why I created a website dedicated to becoming a Godly man and be challenged as you see God to help you become a man of God.
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Estevan Montoya

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Big Prayer Request!!! We have started the negotiation process for our building. Talked down to $210k though it's valued at $450k. We need this in the week or he will put the building on the market. Our church has been saving and we have about $5k, but that's not near the amount. We know God is able and we are trusting Him to part the seas for us!

‪#‎GodIsAble‬ ‪#‎GodWillProvide‬ ‪#‎WithGodAllThingsArePossible‬!
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The victim mentality never leads to a victorious life.
Making Champions
Please Share The Motivational Quote/Image Below
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Estevan Montoya

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"If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission."
Achieve Greatness - Making Champions
Motivational quote and motivational meme/graphic about achieving greatness.
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