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Historically it has been the same with so many foundation companies. They loose focus! They forget their roots in real technology and get fooled into becoming more interested in finance and marketing. Research and Development take a back seat to the marketing budgets and salespeople start selling 'products' that don't exist and make promises that distract from the core business and causes the company to branch into areas far outside it's basic scope and objectives! Bigger is not better as so many corporations continue to demonstrate. Just like bloated bureaucratic government institutions have failed miserably, so do corporations that grow too large. Financial interests and accountants take over and 'manage the budgets' but don't have a clue about the business and core deliverable that made the company great.
Just go down the list of the past 50 years, AT&T stopped Bell Labs driving forces, IBM became more of marketing/consulting entity that innovative engineering/computer concern, General Motors lost focus with financial services and forgot about innovative automotive engineering. It goes on and on, not just in the USA but Globally. Multi-national corporations focus on finance and greed and loose sight of creativity and innovation. Mega-corporations are destroying the planet and the very humanity that spawned them.
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