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Forget Instagram, society is getting so vain that an app that could automatically retouch our photos would be worth $1 billion in 18 days.
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I pitched that to a guy at NAB who actually had the technology, and he passed. Said it wasn't useful.
He was one of those guys who couldn't stop pitching his own product, so I gave up trying to convince him.
I feel like I am broken because I sometimes think the unphotoshopped photos are prettier. I guess I am just not into the whole fake beauty thing. The nicer people are, the prettier they are to me.
I'm an advocate of Photoshop for lighting fixes and background changes. When you change the subject of the photo, though, you aren't really doing photography anymore. It's more like painting or drawing at that point.

For instance, look at the Jessica Alba photo in that series. Certainly she's just as attractive with or without the extra few inches they shaved from her waist, but the lighting in the orignal was absolutely horrible, and the pool in the background looks so much better in the 'shopped version.
+Mark Hopkins I love Photoshop. I've recently been retouching my own personal photos before sharing on Facebook and Instagram. But the point is that we're slowly becoming a culture that expects perfection. So in one hand there's a very vain society doomed to become even more superficial, and on the other hand there's an opportunity to create an app that sells for $1 B in 18 days ;)
I think this will go the way of AutoTunes thanks to social media. People like Monica Bellucci, who looks hot even without makeup, and dare to put that on the cover of magazines will lead the way.
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