Grab a seat, get comfortable. The movie is about to start!

2018 is seeing a surge in the use of video for business. YouTube receives over 30 million visitors per day and is one of the key reasons why video marketing has become so powerful! Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have also helped and can be a great, cost effective way to monitor the engagement of a promotion.

I have been working with a client recently on a travel vlog - it’s been great fun putting the video posts together and really got me wanting to do some of the same for Essential VA. So far...I have the brand intro! Just need to get myself in front of that camera and share more video updates, tips and collaborations (the goal I have set myself for the next few months!)

How many of you use video marketing for your business? Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you see an increase in engagement when you post a video compared to that of a text and image post?

Take a look at our new blog post for more -

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