Authorship is not a ranking signal (yet) and what's to come.

In a recent interview (linked below) with a Sagar Kamdar (the Authorship guy at Google) it has been confirmed that the rank of an author of an article is not a ranking signal, although it might be in the future. Looks like Google is working on an algorithm that will caluclate Author Rank properly and (according to the interview) it will also use social data outside of Google+. On a side note, there's been a Google authorship dashboard & search spotted in the wild in the last weeks.
So, get your authorship straight with Google ASAP. Currently they're showing your photo next to the search results which can boost your CTR by as high as 35% ( source: ). I know I tend to click on links with authorship validated a LOT more than on other!
Here's how to set up authorship:
And here's the interview:
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