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Mike Wood
Which one is Zazzles again? :)
This is the kit the cat lady from the Simpson's started with.
eh... i dunno... where's the spoon for eating the canned catfood with the kitties
i want to order that kit!!!! those cats are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really need to stop being the crazy Pokemon lady and be the Crazy CAT lady!
I have a crazy cat lady action figure!
I am verry like pussyyyyyyyy..... nice.
aww that is soo cute : D
This pic reminds if the big bang theory when Sheldon gets all the cats. "I call this one zazzles,".
i lve g4. and this is funny
the person who invents a cat-shrinker/rekittenizer will be rich : )
now that what i call...... AWSOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the crazy lady dies the cats will eat her. Recycling at its best! 
sale on pro kit: contains: LOTS AND LOTS OF CATS!!!!
price: 169$
fire meows? or fire works starter kit i think its fire meow kit
By liking this, does that make me a Crazy Cat Lady?
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it come with the Crazy Cat Lady Gibberish For Dummies?
I need to make sure I'm screeching adequately as I fling my feline pals at people for no discernible reason.
Or Crazy Cat Codger Starter Kit
that is a great starter kit lol
ill start cat lady loneless when im ready and no its not
nice! bet my gma will get along with the old timers disease!!!! (im just tidding i would hate that)
dem cats look nasty maybe im just allergic to dem
i wonder what the deluxe is...
the deluxe kit contains all pregnant cats :/
you can probably get a cat refill pack too
So funny!
However, in my family you just bring home one female kitten who grows up to wonder around with some male cat down the street and before you know it you are a cat rancher!

All you need is one, who will in turn have five, who will each in turn have five......and so on. (Screaming) How marvelous, Yes? :-/
That is so funny, because there is a Crazy Cat Lady that lives down the road from me. Lmao. I wonder if she ordered this starter kit! HAHAH
I need to buy this for my friend. She'll love it!
Man, Wish I knew about this for mothers day
who ever posted this must be a sad lonely person:1
LOL!what is the point of pasting the so called[thank you for odering the crazy cat lady starter kit]which is very crazy!^.^
Wow, I didn't know G4 still existed. So have you guys started showing relevant programming again or is it all still COPS re-runs?
Where are the bellies?!? Me loves kitty belly
aimee C
10 dear lil kittens... so sweet n cute
oh i think my grandma got wrong adress
Die TechTV killer. I'm talkin' to you, G4. I don't ever want to see you in my stream.
damn, didn't need a starter kit. Moved into a house abandoned for a few years and had a heart during cold weather............Freakin cats :)
Thats some funny stuff !! gotta love cats ! we have two, there damm funny !
Sad and yet true. That's how it starts!
I love cats, they're a trip! I once had a white leghorn rooster named Roho (red) used to get him stoned. He would sneak up behind people and spike them. Just like foghorn Leghorn, the cartoon. He would eat dog food and. Crow @ 2am.
i like the calico in the left corner. Can I get 1?
awesome I want one of those cats!!! rofl
lol, i know someone who needs that kit, xD, for real!
I'm still waiting for mine unfortunately.
Woh.... That look on the cat's face
Aw the kitties are so cute! Have to laugh though, that's something my Grandma would order thinking it's real. It'd be hilarious if it actually showed up though. :)
kt cool
remember me my "Pipin" :(
My mom is the crazy cat lady. She is up to 9 now.
lol! WOW and i thought i had a sense of humor

I've been looking for one of these. Where is my credit card?!
Is this supposed to be one litter? Mama kitty must have 4 baby daddies!
So Hilarious I need a dog starter kit
Is it available in WalMart, it seems like it should be.
i just love cats...they're adorable...
I know a few people that I should probably buy this for.
Where do crazy cat ladies come from? Shouldn't a think tank be on this?
Jen Li
I've been looking for this whats the 800#?
sounds like the lady across the street from me.
there's a cat that looks just like mine!
hahaha just like my dearest kitten
Now I'm not usually one for online cat pictures... but that's funny right there!... that should be on IcanHasCheezburger... I mean... some cat site that I don't really know about because I'm not super into online cat photos... OK, so I occasionally see a cat photo online. But, come on... everyone is doing it. What do you mean I have a problem... you're the one judging people for a simple and lovable affinity to adorable cats... and that thing about the cat lady... classic. You know what? I don't trust you with all those cats... you're going to have to give them to me.
munju s
l want all of cats!
pretty good.....loveable terrores......
Very dirty & dangerous ones...
Look at their eyes......... 8'z 2oo scary
Beautiful! Cat likes my mother in law. She has cats.
and if you order two kits you get a free, one-size-fits- all Mu Mu !!! so act now while stocks last!!!....chuckles
ohh my...

Sorry G4TV... err you crazy cat ladies
I'm still following the old TechTV folks to other places...

err, have fun with the, many cats... Whatever you do, do not open a can of tuna... yikes.
Holy crap! I will worship you forever! I with ma peoples now!!! ;3
Oh so cute ,I love kittens . Once again this is Rhonda
The people orderd the cats to kill rats!
Is there a set for the males in my family? This is a great gift lmao
Ah. My cats in the photo. He has asked for Rights. 
Monu sharma chus mera laura.lucy show me pussy.
Wats up with u Bishnu. U a cat lady ur self???? I love this!!!!
what does this mean.. "crazy cat lady starter" -__-
I refuse to explain something so self-explanatory.
Sk Khan
Come out my cats,American troops going home now yr life is safe.
There is a Crazy Cat Lady in my house. I bet she ordered a dozen of these pakets.
How can you resist such faces? Lol
lolololololololololololololololololololololololol :D
Is there a Horse nut starter kit too? ;)
So funny and cute at the same time!!
Is it just me, or is the black cat mad?
ok ill name that one pumkin that one midnight and that onne.......................................................................................
fat cat alert!
cat nxt to ginger cat in bottem left corner on bottem
Me too, I hate cats! And their Fur, errrr! It trembles to my skin!
Lmao! I can get that on Amazon right?
mun fat
ooohhhh thats so cute.cuto cuto kitties
hahaha!! Sending this to my mom
I hate directv for taking my g4tv away from me.
aww my cat just had kittens lol :)
too funny...we call the lady across the street the crazy lady because she has so many cats with weird names she calls them in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn...
Somebody help me find d kitti litter
your Wright now I'm getting saving. even a cat lover like me would freak at finding them on the front steps 
adoro e amo muito os gatinho.....nao maltrate os animais
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