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I'm going to be 100 years old and I'll be fiending for Bioshock 20.
Yeah, I do not see myself growing too old for video games.
"Plus if you agree?" Well.... duh. That's the +1 is for.
Sure you do. Look at games from the 80's to now. That crap is wayyyy different. One of the main reasons I quit playing games like madden. Shiite just isn't as fun.
sucks not being able to finish them like i used to, but that won't stop me from trying.
So.... one does it in a complicated and difficult manner?
You guys realize the implication of the statement is that the thing ("grow too old for video games") is in fact done, right?
One does not simply just laugh at this picture
Addicted to gaming. If i stop playing games, will suffer from withdrawal syndrome.
I'm 33 and still enjoy playing video games with my husband, watching (and helping navigate/solve puzzles) my husband play video games, and playing on my own. Great escape from the everyday!
games are awesome i dont care how old your are they never get old
I've been hooked since Pong! When younger gamers show surprise at my age I ask them: "When do you plan on hanging up your controller?". When they respond: "Never!!!" I simply state: "Then, eventually, you will be me...if you're lucky" :D
hell yea, ill be buried with my alienware when i die. lol
Working with the dev's on Andor's Trail as we speak!
the best RPG on android!!!
i am thrilled to have such an opprotunity,
growing up... this was every gamers dream. =)
With less time than before but I'll keep playing even when I become senior and arthritis tears my hand apart
I can see gaming servers in the future divided into age groups. I'm old and my twitch reflexes are going but my strategy might be better than a ten year olds - i hope.

Retire, men and women of the aged workforce, and don your immersive gaming headsets! Colostomy bags negate the need for toilet breaks!

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Once more unto the battlefield!
I disagree. And I want back all my wasted hours.
+Miracle Crear Maybe I'm still pissed at the 1000 hours I spent playing Tecmo Bowl and Goldeneye. You young punks don't know the regret of 8 bit color.
Can you repost this over and over and over +G4TV so I can + it again and again and again?
One does not simply +1 a post.
yeah I'll agree to that no problems.
Indeed. Age and maturity are not the same.
boys will always be boys. - boyfriend,boys toy,tom boy,mamas boy,boys choir even if they are grown man.
no I don't people need to find better things to d than play video games .............get a life
+Jordan Long Well looks like your comment is sandwiched between two people that enjoy video games, and can spell.

Have a nice day.
Don't you people see that this can mess up your life a lot if your a guy TRY to fined a girl who will go on one date with you your setting yourself up for failer just go out and LIVE for a little.
And one does not simply cancel cat facts... Agree?
Of course not. My grandmother played video games wit me & my lil sister all tha time especially Tekken
+1000 Its a lifestyle. Ill be gaming till i'm too old to see the screen.
Your never too old for a video game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're never too old to look like an idiot using the wrong "your."
Your! Lets all not talk proper and act like idiots!
i will video game till i turn 101 years. :)
Started playing video games with Pong and Space Invaders. Continued playing through the Commodore/Amiga era and then through to PCs and Macs. And of course, I've had my share of consoles too like the Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and both Playstations. This also includes handhelds like Nintendo Game & Watch and Gameboys.

I'm still playing strong but with the addition of web and Android games!
I've been gaming for 22 years, and have no intentions of ever stopping!
Agreed with +Chris Sanchez
Video games are a whole arena of entertainment and actually sharpen the mind to some extent. People really can't judge unless the really know what's going on there! Never gonna stop playing. And of course, I'm certainly not going to be tempted to pull people out of cars GTA style LOL.
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