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Mega Man has never been cooler than this crazy soundtrack bundle. Who needs coffee when you can have an energy pack?
Capcom has a treat coming for Mega Man fans in Japan, in the form of a 10-disc soundtrack collection gathering together the music of the series' numbered games, from Mega Man to Mega Man 10, and...
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Japan needs to morph with the united states so we can have these things!!
I'm throwin my Rockstar and Monster out! ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I find it unfair that despite the fact that we get a lot of games from Japan, we don't get the soundtracks to the those games. That doesn't make any sense now, doesn't it? :/
So wait capcom gives us a soundtrack but doesn't give us any megaman games I feel there's a flaw in this plan but I don't know where 
Two please and a power glow ball.
Man this is awesome. The import is gonna cost mega dollars. See wat I did there. Haha getting a mega man tattoo sometime this summer. Love this series.
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