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*Note: school notes could apply to any paperwork in your house.
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That's the way it is and there's nothin' you can do about it.
My spice rack is just as tidy and orderly as my game collection, though.
do it alot .LOL nice pic
My school work is wherever I decide it will be
look i keep all my games in alphabetical order i dont think thats what you have done or if im bored with all my school work lying around the house i will rearrange my games by order of which ones i like to play the most :)
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:O How'd you know how I arrange my games n' stuff!?
well Im not in axhool...but it dose look a lot my desk
im a gamer and my shelves dont look like that
that reflects how they are arranged in our brains too...
I Never Want My Games to get hurt thats how i put them away
I dont care about my school work lol
school notes are less impressive cataloged :-)
the bottom picture looks exactly
like my desk
both of mine are messy as hell but my vidio games are in in great shape considering how much they get used
I'll organize my Chinese notes, computers, and games but cram all my school work in my backpack...
i agree it is easier 2 organize things u care about
Games are worth more than sh*ity books.
Shame g4tv is such garbage now, what happened to the good shows?
hey, games are all the same size. notebooks and shit are not. :P
that's how I organize my games and notebooks! How do you know my organization?! STALKER!!! JK XD
oh wow!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im not like this, i dont even play video games and my school noted are very neat!!!!!!!!! But my bro keeps it exactly like the pic!!!!!!!!!! hahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are deffenetly addicted to video games
that is how i am with all homework
woooow thats totally me!!!!! school just isn't as some people... lol face :D
Im the same way. Ecpect I am a girl and I play vedio games
my games r on a shelf thats a pretty slopy way of organizing them
There is order to both. Notes are in a centralized area and so are the games. Besides papers never stay as neatly in place as games anyway.
Cy Anne
so true.......
saw this on reddit a few days ago, so funny and true
solution? video games as school (or school classes on video games!) . now that'd be haeven for gamers n geeks!!
The difference between school notes and gaming. People only care for gaming, Notes are mostly potential fire lighters!
Haha replace video games with 1D drawings, pictures, scrapbooks, letters, ect. AND YOU HAVE MY ROOM :)
Anything that promotes the advancement of academia can be used as notes
this is mee with my games and my books but my skool work now thts another story
I don't put my games in a box or have an X-box but the only clean thing I have is my room and I have way to many ps3 games 
ha ha im not so neat eaither
el dud
hii sweetness
And dont you just hate the fact that you can find any school note you wanted but COD:Black Ops is just no where to be found
Art Leo
OMGsh, are all gamers just like me???
hahahahaha gamers know what's important lol
Wow.... thats pretty bad!~~ LOL
But its hilarious!! xD
For the record my Gameboy Advance used to be on top of the mess in my desk.
cris w
Pretty much.
Actually I arrange everything like the 2nd picture...
yeah most of students lyk diz
Nick CA
Yeah, that seems about right.
that is my brother all the way throgh
that's my habbit too. so similarity ......
Yeah that is so true... but bent.
a pesar de la distancia, somos todos iguales
Well its the same with me
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