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Who feels like this today?
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me i was getting used to going to my bustop in the day time now its still dark by the time i get up :{
Hate it, always have, always will.
Damn, I feel like that every hour i spend on stupid shit!
tired...i feel a little tired
Awesome! This reference deserves the follow :)
Feel like it's STILL a waste of time. I grew up in AZ one of seven states not to waste people's time. Guess what, life balances itself out and the time balances. The whole thing was setup for FARMERS, ummmm who the heck farms anymore, and more importantly people's kids DONT farm anymore either.
Not as many, mostly mega farmers, but we all still eat!!!! Daylight savings or not!
I feel really tired! And it's not "inconceivable" that I may have had some life sucked away!
It makes me 1 hour closer to a friend in the UK for a few weeks, so I'm Ok with it :-)
+James Floyd Everyone who supplies all of the food you eat that you don't grow or hunt yourself, no offense intended of course. And those are corporations and people working for those corporations and I wouldn't call a large part of it Farming, lol.
i slept through 3 class periods. woke up in my first period class, and got a week of detention.
lol it's funny that the only time we see these posts bashing DST is when the clock goes forward. everyone is quiet when we get an extra hour.
We're not getting an extra hour! We're getting a stolen hour back! It's outmoded and unnecessary. Abolish DST completely!
And then there are those who take it personally. Welcome to Google +, temperature today-varied between - 40 and 113, weather- unpredictable over such a wide area, Today we'll e experiences arguments turning folks into trolls and light snickering on the side.
The hour isn't stolen, it is borrowed since we get it back in the autumn.
The sun came up and will go down tonight. Your idea of time is a little off. 
true that hey has anybody notice the graphics in metal gear three
Almost as bad as having to work an extra day this year for free !
Steve K
No big deal. You went to bed one hour earlier and woke up one hour later!
Same difference!
Look on the brite side, you get off work an hour early!
Bet over 50% went to sleep according to their older schedules. today it is a jet lag nation.
I like it. One more hour of daylight after work to be on the river skiing.
Whiners, ever work rotating shifts?
Back up to Gunj, nope, I bash it every single time. :) I can't stand the time changes either way!
Autumn is when the people revolt to reclaim the hour that was stolen from us. There's one last Time Lord to track down, so that we can end this travesty forever!
Haha! awesome! i just watched this today!
I'm thinking I'll be moving to Arizona this time next year! Jet lag nation is right we're all like zombies here at work.
tired, i came in this deal as a tight end, now i feel like a wide receiver
OMG!! is that a weird version of walle giving him Winona Eyes??? CREEPER!!!! HE IS A STALKER LIKE A!!
meh!! its an hour.. I'll get over it!
my name is aimgo montoyi you kill my father perpapere to die
I wish I could remember which Native American chief said this...

"Only the US government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket."
We, here in Scotland, have another week before the clocks go forward. Being this far North we really appreciate the longer evenings (the early mornings are a bit of a drag tho').
This is me in a nutshell but I do like the longer days.
i hate the fact that i lost an hour of sleep but i love being able to be outside more since the sun doesn't set till like 8 pm................oh, and at James family LIVES and WORKS on a farm...that is how we get our income so having an extra hour of light is GREAT in my book.....we have literally worked from SUN UP TO SUN DOWN before so please, don't go saying something unless you know that it is 100% truth
i agree it's nice with more light
So each year we get to jump one hour into the future!
when I my alarm went off I was like "wutha...", it felt too early... atleast it cant get worse :/
fantastic! the referances some people come up with is very funny
it sucks.and thats all ive got to say about that
Like I will get it back this spring. Be happy Don't worry!
Erm happy!. Because I couldnt care less aslong as I enjoy myself! <3
the chair looks like wall-e in the background
ikr we just lost 1 hour of our lives that we will never get back
1 hour is nothing! When the Georgian calendar replaced the Julian, people lost 11 days!
as bad as this months been i dont want it back
Is that...Is that WALL-E behind Count Rugen?
i feel like this is my time schedule. this is what i wait half-a-year to get back to!
I was actually in Indiana doing Tornado cleanup, so I was already an hour ahead....<grin> Pre-emptive strike, eh? Love sleeping in my own bed in my own house though!
Taty G
now i only got 4 hrs of sleep dammit!
No, not to 50! Could have used that extra hour during my interview today.
ok i guess because in 7 months I will earn it back. If i don't die before nov 4th at 2:00
If I die between now and this fall, I'm really going to pissed off. Otherwise, no big deal.
I lived in Arizona where no time changes exist. Why can't the rest of the country do the same? I'm not a fan of falling back or springing ahead!
You get an extra hour earlier in the year...
nice. I forgot about that. no wonder i am so tired.
they tell us we get it back, but does anyone pay interest on what was borrowed? HMMMMM?
Daylight savings time ROCKS. I work overnights and suddenly it went from 1:59 to 3am, tell me that isn't a morale boost?!
I said I am happy! who agrees?!
Westley: "I feel... older!" :D (westley's the prince in the movie the evil guy in the picture's in: Princess Bride must watch!) :P
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