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Even MOAR Zombies with this Resident Evil 6 hands-on video!
Leon S. Kennedy is coming your way as Capcom's Miguel Corti, Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb bring you a hands-on look at Resident Evil 6. See new footage of Leon S. Kennedy in our Resident Evil 6 E3......
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It's like ice cream cake....PERFECT!
Hrm. Maybe this'll restart the franchise? Looks pretty good.
thats what they shuld add
"Don't open. That door!" That's what's missing; awful dialog. Hopefully RE6 rectifies this!
I'm dying for this to come out ^.^
o retorno de leon kennedy
ZHOMBIES, wanna shoot some Zhombies
Can't take this game seriously anymore, the giraffe on the box art...
While RE5 was a good game, it could have been much much better especially in single player mode. I think they have learned from the mistakes of RE5.

Their decision to bring Leon back may be symbolic of their confidence that this game will be as exciting as RE4. And that they listened to their fans who wanted RE4's protagonist in the limelight again.
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