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Tony Montana: "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."
The Robber Barron also can have this power but it then is a villain they become.
It's weird......How hard is it to kill a superhero with no "Super" powers at all?
King Pin and Lex Luther are the villains with money.
Money vs Money...hmm
Who would win?

Probably their accountants.
Good question. The accountants always win.
You could argue that it is because they have intelligence that that is why they have money and therefore power and time to recklessly throw that money into fighting crime and wooing teh fine hunnies.
They need to be real lucky first, born in Rich Family, other member of the family been killed, have all the money to them self..
not just money.....
money and the know how of using it
They don't need to be lucky they can earn money themselves.
It's not true cause look at red mist, he had money n thats all he had cause he sucked lol
not uh.....SpiderMan was not rich :3
its true. what was happen if iron man and batman, both have no money?????
But Spidey was always whinging about being broke. Never had to put up with that with Stark!
Ok what about The Hulk? He was not rich.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! that is like the best thing i've ever seen
Now if only those with money did something with it.
And by that standard, Bill Gates, James Cameron, and Elon Musk are super heroes.
Yeah,thats for sure... -.-
iron man doesn't need money, but having it makes his work faster.
Rorschach! Love 'im!
But the money thing is spot on.
Rorschach is an allegory for Frank Miller. Obsessed with prostitutes, endorses murder, ridiculous hat, neckbeard.
And to be fair, Tony and Bruce's money wouldn't be as helpful if they weren't also geniuses. See: Green Arrow.
real superheros would fuck them up
xD So true, anyone could be batman, or iron man....
I don't think there is a better power.
It's what gives the United States its superpowers.
So is the batmobile a car purchased as a midlife crisis?
Who do you think is wealthier? Iron Man or Batman?
the real sadity, knowing this, is why, to this day, schools do not teach our youth how to be well versed in understanding how to conduct business for money making ways
Money is power, though Bruce is wise and Tony is super smart. I would still choose Batman though. BATMAN FOREVER.
Rob Go
True dat.
Chuck Norris doesn't need superpowers. Superpowers need Chuck Norris.
maybe, i somehow cant see Bill Gates putting on a suit and fighting crime, you kinda need something else...
Iron Man = Engineering savant, Batman = tactical genius.... Batman for the win!!!!
Just wait, someday Bill Gates will put his consciousness into Micrsoft's mainframe and then it will become Skynet and obliterate all mankind.
Yes it is and both of them have plenty of it.
XD Gotta love the regular (super rich) average Joes that become superheros in their own ways....
sressintonn money all bad cumz 4rum her da golden riddle iz it thur cuzz wee nrver no itz b got opium=-=bi da trillion tonz why
It's the only superpower you can share
Seeing Batman reminds me of all his movies. Summary: "I am Batman!"
Frank Castle aka Punisher: No superpower, no money, still kicking.
really!!! it's money with brains
money is not everything. if we have no knowledge, we can't use it in a proper way. so knowledge is superpower for ever and ever...............
Unfortunately it seems that Super Villains are more prevalent than Super Heroes
Haha. And from what I have seen it exists in real life too.
fuck yous drugs are better
that and a great workout routine ;)
he had super power in the his confinement of cave
LOL, money IS power! Just wished I learned that much much earlier.
so rite. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+power
Money has nothing when matched against the power of style, charisma, patience, humility, freedom, hope, courage, health, dignity, wisdom, creativity, knowledge, love and specially against life itself.
But hey!.. that's just me. :)
the real super power is your self :D
It is amazing that Iron Man doesn't need to distend the suit to accommodate the liver.
sooooooo cool(Y) i like:D
And both of them are not self made Billionaires, but were born with silver spoons, part of the modern nobility.
They both put on suits so they stand a chance in a fight with Chuck Norris, otherwise Chuck would beat the living snot out of both their panzy asses.
And genius, and prime physical condition, and... you get the point :)
The Actual Challenge is yet to come.
They are supermoney heros, not superpower heros.
The Coon can kick those guys assess easily
While money surely helped these two, so did brains (Ironman) and sheer will (Batman).
Actually most superheros are geniuses....Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, The Beast, Charles Xavier...yes he is a superhero...oh..and Spock. :-)
As Thundercats myself , the power of a cat in the jungle (bugs in my mouth all the time) Fighting Mummera on the reg and kicken it with that doucher Snarf Snarf . I will take a cape, a way better girl to guy ratio, and oh I forgot sweet buttler that comes with a mansion or a banging assistant.
I want to see Bruce Wayne fight Tony Stark.
So if I want to save the world I need cash?
yeah bindaaaaaaaaaaaaaas..........
There is no pic of Mahatma Gandhi/ Mandela/ Lincoln . Also all these superheros are into catabolic activities, while work of people like Gandhi/ Nelson Mandela/ Lincoln are more into anabolic type of activities
I'm pretty sure Iron Man is also a genius, playboy, and a philanthropist.
Gela Gh
Lol awesome! 
Quote from 60's Batman show: Joker," Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
So that means i have a Superpower B|
Cool Cool!!! B|
Re: Laura Whisman...I could argue that Paris Hilton has intelligence too. Mr. Wayne and Mr. Stark both inherited their money
I stil prefer superman than both of them, he has a natural power nt engineer one lik both of them
I'm menk indonesia
money that make the all problemes in the whole world.''TAKE CARE WHILE USING MONEY''.
Superheroes, anyone?
This is a fight of the champions oh what a interesting watch.
f**k yeah money is the best power :-)
This is a fight of the champions oh what a interesting watch.
M new on google + plz add me friends
f* money means nothing it's a stupid piece of paper that says on the bill you do not even own this bill #money
if money was their only "super power" Bill Gates would be our worlds super hero. Wealth is just the feat of having such a smart mind.
now i understand why god.... oh it doesn't matter.
best power they have is desire to do something good enough....
absolutely true, it's always about the power and the will to do the right thing. 
Money can make you super hero but even if you have all the money of the world, it cannot still buy Love
you need power when do you some thing harmful otherwise love is enough to all of them
money buys everything needed to allow love to happen
why injunction? came because of g+ stream, also when something hits the web there is free use of image for educational purpose nullifying most injunctions except maybe the big cinema and TV networks and with them its still maybe
who do you think has more notches on their belt.
Any nice people want to chat with me tom kelly
by that logic, the currency system is the hidden greatness. like the sith in part 1 of the star wars saga
Best of luck Iron man !!
and they said " money doesn't buy happiness"
I made it to millie at 23 an people want to pick at me when i did it because i know im be5tter ylthen that all I need is help sounding my lifestyle people pit my because I like marijuana I don't drink alcohol and I hate the Meds I'm on saphris slows me down to much I'm fed up with being an bad experience.
money move the world. Lol money is importand cos money is like a trust getting it is hard but to los it is easy. And no mater much is giving it never seems to be enough. Money also talk .
Batman is money alone pfft. Ironman is also a genius. Must have been a DC fan that made that one. Lol.
They say im bipolore for hearing voices in my head well hello the brain is powerful an its mines.
Together will be came Batiron-MAN..
that's a new super hero..
coming soon..
All those childhood dreams of becoming a super hero - they really do translate into our adult dreams don't they
To live a life of power, you must have faith that what you believe is right, even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take that first step..."
Its so true Batman would just be sum pissed off guy if he didnt have billions
Yeah, both are damn rich!
if its the best superpower ever - why cant Donald trump get a decent hairpiece?
prem the mass and beauty of world
Ha ha...! Actually widout money they would be pretty much screwed...!
Iron mans richer coz his moni is based on his amazin brain power nt just inheritance, go iron man n also he can fly nt just glide lyk d dark nyt
With great money comes great responsiblity...! I guess extremely rich ppl of our world shuld learn something from them...!
Since they have everything money can buy, they become superheroes. Yay
2 of best movies I've seen past 3 years
it's a gas i'm all right jack get your hands off my
sometimes money cause problems too ..
show me a person with tons of money who is happy
Haha +Rashad Abrahams I know a lot of people who are wealthy and extremely happy. I am assuming you don't have money and that thinking that rich people are unhappy makes you feel better inside.
Whoever says that money cant buy you happiness or love or whatever crap....go fuck yourself you unrealistic bastard. Money can buy you ANYTHING....thats what it was made for.
So lots of money and you can be a super hero. Now if you add a doctorate, you might get a super villain?
Batman doesn't kill people, which makes it more difficult to quickly take down enemies. Iron Man has no problem killing his enemies. Iron Man would win.
Batman = rich nerd with an expensive tool belt. Iron Man = rich self-centered nerd with overpriced robotic shell. True superheroes are born with special abilities, they don't pay for them.
Only if it can bring back Batman's parents and Heart of Iron man!
He had the runs. I help out weaker superheroes.
Money, the best super power ever, to use it for justice or evil is up to the user.
the question should be if you where that rich would you make coll toys like that ?
definitively money is the best super power of all
how mach money do i neend to get the iorn mans super power.
Bre o
ya money is the best superpower ever
i wish i could have that superpower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
they don't have the superpowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:d:
no superpower in that.... just technology
It would make more sense if Batman could fly. He got the $$ lol. you the best makeover ever. Ask Hugh Hefner
Not to mention daddy issues...
batman is better than iron man because he has pure skill where tony stark is just smart
and yes money is the best super power in the world
Looks like I'm never going to have superpowers.... :\
This begs the question...If Iron Man and Batman duked it out who would win? My money's on Iron Man. :)
i want a Batman Ironman suit hybrid. That would be badass!
Who needs money when you have a nice big package like superman!!!!
ahmed : bukan superman tp Iron Blak
Not sure we all know, that Batman is a rich cape crusader Bruce Wayne is supposed to be very independently wealthy the other guys I don't know
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