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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes brings a HUGE cast of characters to Gotham.

In this LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes gameplay demo, we don't get to just see Batman in action, but some members of the Justice League as well. Below, Blair Herter is joined by TT Games Producer...
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till this day i cannot remember a day when i have actually beaten a lego series game, they are just so long this game by the looks of it will take more than a few month to complete. 
I'm relived to know that i wasn't :)
+Frank Garcia , +Brendan Howard *You are not alooone* I only beat like 18% of Lego SW trilogy, 12 of Indiana Jones and 60 maybe on Batman... >.< Easy to overdose on the building and the breaking

Lego Flash? I think I might have to get this game after all.
The only ones I haven't taken to 100% are Harry potter (cuz I didn't care for the series) I tried it out once, but hard to follow when you don't know who anyone is or the story :). And I can't wait four more days for this one!
this one has voice acting in it so its a step up from the rest.
My 5 yr old is gonna love this one. We play most of the others together. He has a blast. 
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