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Can you really appreciate all that the game has to offer if your only goal is to finish as fast as possible?
Women have been asking men that for centuries, Behrang.
I guess it's the nature of the beast. Though I feel like a game such as Diablo 3 should be closer to like 30 hours if you want to just power through as quickly as possible.
Where I live... it hasn't been 13 hours. :(
Ha! I live on the east coast where the midnight launches were pointless -- Blizzard didn't allow anyone in the US to play until midnight PST. So I go to sleep, wake up and then go to work. I get home and oh Diablo 3 servers are in emergency maintenace mode. For the love of....I'd love to play Diablo 3 but apparently have to wait till 4:30pm EST when the maintenance is finished.

Perhaps I was mistaken, but I'd expect a little more from Blizzard who runs the largest MMO ever?!?! WTF Blizzard?!? You didn't think they'd know there was going to be an onslaught of players?

Sigh...Still waiting to play.
+William Cochran Don't forget they also did the public beta to 'stress test' specifically to make sure they can handle a large influx of players. But perhaps I was mistaken and that wasn't the point of the public beta...
I don't really like hearing how long it takes people to beat the basic aspect of a game but I do find this picture to be funny and truthful at least somewhat. But there is much more to do. Me, I plan on enjoying my self and not rushing. But so far between the server problems and my ethernet port crapping out constantly I haven't been able to get very far. Either way, the game is great so far and I would really like to spend a lot more time with it.
that so cooolllll o yea hah jk
Because you couldnt get rid of evil the first 2 times.

But this time its different. You have something that evil cant anticipate. Oh, wait; no you dont. It'll probly come back in another 10 years.
you can't finish in 13 h, the log in takes longer,

my login freezes when it tries to retrieve the hero list, and it is the 1st login, there is no hero data to retrieve, WTF !
Arrrghh! When is the agony going to be over!
So, was the 13 hours just logging in?
Raja R
yeah I wish I was 10 years younger and play 13 hours straight ! :P
Holy crap, Ive gotten about 30 min of play time, after getting home from work and before the servers went down...
One does not simply log into a Diablo server.

How many years has Blizz been running mmo's and still can't get it tight? They all need fired. Flipping idiots.
There was no point in going to the midnight launch... I wasn't able to go in and create a character till like 4am >.>; and now the server is down for emergency maintenance... They had the longest beta test I've seen for any game and yet all this circus. I love the game but the hassle that comes with it is not making it worth it.
Raja R
I will buy it later today in a couple of hours, so I am in thinking it might be fixed by then.
Waited years for it, downloaded it this morning ... haven't been able to play yet, at 6pm EST, 15G download for essentially a single-player game that I can't play without logging into a server that hasn't been online all bloody day on the day of release ... and now it's only 13 hours of gameplay? TOTAL FAIL! Activision at its finest yet again.
@Eric Newcom, No kidding right? I was excited since the the news leaked the internet of the orchestra recording the music for D3 being the same that did D2... I was stoked, when will these big gaming companies will stop failing us and start surprising and satisfying their customers for a change.
Thats really funny if you catch my drift
Savour it! That's why you have sidequests and exploration! (Wish I could play.. But... Thesis... ARGH!!)
And after 10 years, he still didn't realize that clicking to kill and spending all of your time inventorying items isn't fun....
Doug M.
Thank God I have a life otherwise I might actually care about this.
Must have been an EU player, cuz servers haven't been online for 13 hrs total in the US.
so u can wait another 10 years for another 13 hours~~
after clicking your name............then what will happen
Kang Li
online for the rest of his life
I think the Koreans did it in 6 hrs. cries a little..
but, did you enjoy those 13 hours?...
Man, if I had to wait 10 years I don't think I could last more than 10 seconds.
nah this is not cool, i dont like those horns they look like ones of satan
get a life get laid thats a game you will enjoy
laid while playing diablo hell yeaaahhhhhhhhh
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