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QOTD: What game will you be playing this weekend?
Hint, Hint: We will be playing this little gem.
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Ah nice, I'll be able to do the Carlsbad Gap again.
i will play ww2online and richard burns rally... 2 best games in world
i will be playing mw1. ya, im  oldschool that way
Left 4 Dead 2.  Cold Stream is FINALLY out.
I'll be playing TH:HD the moment I can play it on my compy. 
I had lots of fun with that game back in the day.
Swag! "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" I use to say up to sunrise on school days playing this. 4.5 out of 5 exactly.
This just made me remember "Matt Hoffman BMX" they should remake that original as well.
yes i did test ww2online and i LOVE IT!!! it have one map what is sized to half of western europ and players we have today about 300 vs 300 max... in 2008 - 2010 we had 2000 vs 2000- 5000 vs 5000 players in one server!!!
I've finally gotten around to playing Skyrim - adieu real life
When I need to cheer myself up, I go watch one of the skate3 glitch vids on YouTube :-)
A tenuous link to this I admit but it is a video game (almost) with skateboards in it
Tony Hawk HD..yeah this games gotta lot of glitches i always get trapped in a black hole when i dont make that jump down the last set of stairs at the mall, during a online match on the warehouse level i was knock out of the stage..ha i was out side floating there are building out there i can say that much..i kinda wish i had stuck with my first choice VF 5 
아시박ㅋ진짜 Hooooooot summer다
너무덥다 핫핫
아스크림이랑수박먹고픈데참자 뉴ゝ뉴
Good times!
I used to play this one for hours, but the one I liked the most was the third! The tricks and graphics were amazing, lots of things to unlock, amazing music and it had funny dialogs between the mob lol
"Hey oh, lets go! Hey oh, lets go!"
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