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This would be popular at my daughter's middle school.

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Roll Your Own Sales & Marketing Lists w/ WebKaboodle

If you are a technology #sales or #marketing professional you probably are no stranger to "lead lists" targeting companies that use particular business technologies such as Sales Force or Marketo, Pardot or other #technology product. These lists are generally expensive to purchase and frequently out of date.

WebKaboodle bills itself as a "Technology Search Engine" and provides this information for free. There is no signup or registration required. Just visit the home page and search for any domain or technology. You can also use the browse button for a list of technologies by category.

A technology and domain counter on their home page above the search bar. Today an impressive are 791 technologies identified over 436k domains.

If you need this type of data, I recommend it.

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Triple espresso please.
How to understand what you're ordering:

Review of Citrix GoToAssist on the Samsung Note II

If you got to have it, you got to have it. Remote desktop on a smartphone is a necessary evil for those who need to provide quick PC and server support on the go. It is rarely pleasant, but pulling out your phone, launching a remote session and supporting a user or checking a server has saved the day many times.

For several months I have been using the free GoToAssist app on my Samsung SII. It has been very useful and I have no complaints about the device or the application. After two years of dependable service, my trusty SII failed last weekend and I took the opportunity to grab the Samsung Note II.

I ultimately choose the Note II because my hands are large enough to comfortably hold the phone and had the thought that the additional screen size would be of some benefit. I haven't used a stylus on a handheld device since my Apple Newton days and didn't really see any use for it on a modern smartphone.

Citrix GoToAssist is one of my favorite remote desktop solutions. One reason I favor it is because a free Android application is available in the Google Play Store. The app works very well on the Samsung SII. However, due to the physical size of the device screen using the remote desktop requires a sort of finger dance to zoom in, slide, tap, zoom out to work on the miniature desktop. 

After using the GoToAssist app on the Note II I was sold. A dance is still required, but not nearly to the extent needed on the SII. As expected, the larger screen size is great benefit. The surprise is the handy built-in stylus. One reason so much zooming is required is to make whatever it is that needs a click large enough so that a finger can tap on it. Since the stylus is much smaller than a finger not nearly as much zooming is required. The small nib allows a more precise control over the remote desktop.

Last night I was able to create and schedule a backup routine on a server remotely on the Note II. It definitely would have been quicker to do this sitting at the server, but it was noticeably quicker and easier than similar tasks on the SII.

Citrix GoToAssist on the Note II is very usable for remote monitoring and minor support sessions. The larger screen size and stylus offer considerable benefits for those who need a remote desktop solution on their phones.

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Smarter Solutions teams with Espresso Moon to develop a web-based graphical scorecard and metric application to help enterprises manage and monitor performance in near real-time.

This application is based on the methods presented in Forrest W. Breyfogle III's popular series of Lean Six Sigma books, "Integrated Enterprise Excellence".

Welcome to our new Google+ profile page.

We are really excited that Google+ is now open for business profiles. Thanks Google.
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