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Blind revolutionary, rapper, singer, writer, and producer. Tap or click to learn more!
Blind revolutionary, rapper, singer, writer, and producer. Tap or click to learn more!

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Thanks to a friend today, I learned something new I didn't know about the Yocan Evolve Plus dab pen. You can adjust the air flow on it. It's wild. Of course, I like it at max.

So Trump can say whatever he wants on Twitter, but Twitter has limited my account activities for 12 hours for telling him off.

What are the best strategies to get people to sign up for your email or text list?

I'm recording my next single, Conniving Mastermind, on Monday. Who wants to get it before it is officially released? Like, comment, and share. A winner will be randomly selected, and will receive a free copy.

Other than social media promotion, how do you increase the number of downloads and streams?

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Sterly Whyte "WIN"
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I’m a blind #rap artist, producer, singer, and writer. After struggling to make a living because of the discrimination I encountered in education, employment, entrepreneurship, and housing, I wrote Struggles of a Blind Man, to raise awareness about the issues blind people face on a daily basis. I formed two businesses, Clayton Jacobs Media, LLC, which failed, and Blind Money Records, which is still in operation. As a cannabis consumer and advocate, I was frustrated that many smoking pipes on the market were not safe for blind cannabis consumers, so I created the Series 1 pipe, which had enough distance between the bowl and the carb so that customers would not have to worry about being burned by ash that burned through the carb. Also, the bowl was large. Unfortunately, I had to find a new manufacturer for the pipes, which I have now successfully found. If you are interested in ordering pipes, email me at Watch Struggles of a Blind Man! #music #rap #hiphop

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Love hip-hop, cannabis, smoking pipes, and quality conversation? Join my Google Plus community here!
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