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I've just unlocked #Copy on Drive by #Jolicloud. Get extra free storage here

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Rebel World is now in beta-testing.

Rebel World is an expansion for Apocalypse World. It introduces an alien invasion that threatens the existence of the human race  to the game. The players are given a framework for creating a unique alien invasion force that fits their taste. The system is very flexible and most alien invasion tropes are included.

The game is now fully playable. I've rewritten most of the "how to play"-section and all table entries now have MC moves. Rebel World now features an MC section with its own agenda, principles and moves.

For those interested, take a look here:

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This is a game I've been working on called Rebel World; take a look! (This G+ sharing thing is new to me, so if something's wrong, bear with me)
Hi guys, new here, so bear with me if I am doing this wrong.
I've been writing a game called Rebel World that I would like some feedback on. I am simply going to copy-paste the intro text and let you read it - any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated.

Edit: Full text available here:

If anyone wants to help out with the game - in any capacity - please contact me and we'll figure something out.

Rebel World

One hundred years from now, a warlike and dreaded alien race has declared war on planet Earth, and the human race must fight for its existence. The invasion of Earth is well underway. Her cities are burning and humanity’s fighting chance is dwindling by the minute. The human race has been decimated by interplanetary bombardment and alien ground forces. Humanity’s future is bleak, and hope is hard to come by.

But a few people haven’t given up yet. They fight the invaders with everything they have. From the few cities that still stand to the rubble and dust of those that have fallen, the human rebellion is rising. Their goal is simple but almost impossible to imagine: To overthrow the aliens and drive them away from Earth. To destroy every single enemy that stands in the way of a free human race. 

Rebel World is about humanity’s last chance for survival. It’s about a desperate resistance trying to fight a technologically and militarily superior invasion force while surviving the dangers of an apocalyptic world. The war was lost long ago. Earth is now an occupied planet; humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the player characters are smack in the middle of it. 

Rebel World is based on the basic Apocalypse World rules and is more of an extension than an actual hack. The rules in this book allow your group to create a unique alien invasion: The aliens can be created randomly using tables or the group can go free-form and focus on the aspects they prefer. Each table entry has a corresponding Threat Move list for the MC to use.

There are seven tables with six entries, each having a major impact on how the game is played. Each entry has a number of MC moves that allows the MC to challenge the players according to what they’ve chosen for the invasion force. There are no restrictions, however; the MC can choose any move he wishes from any entry as long as it makes sense contextually.

So that's just the intro - the fancy part is where you get to create the alien invasion force as a group using tables or freeform decisions that have MC moves and all the other info you need to create a unique alien race/setting.

I'll stop here since I am new to G+ and not really sure what I am doing ...

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Google Drev - yet again! It works fine.

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Nyt online drev

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A guide I wrote for FATE.

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