List of Scientific Discoveries in 2014 

as in the video:

Been shown thousands of new galaxies with the deepest images yet.
Found fossilised pigments that show us the colour of Ancient Sea Creatures.
Made a new model that shows that some exoplanets might have seas and continents.
Found a 100 million year old flower persevered in amber while reproducing.
Developed a new class of star, ones travelling past escape velocity of the milky way.
Found that it can rain molten Iron on brown dwarfs.
Realised that Great Whites live three times longer than thought.
Measured the Universe to 1% accuracy.
Explained the Flying V shaped performed by birds.
Found a new Pharaoh.
Made self propelled Swimming Bio-Bots
Made some Controversial Theories about the Consciousness.
Constucted 3D Graphene
Been told by Stephen Hawking that we don't understand Black Holes.
Found that Mantis Shrimp have a visual system completely new to Science.
Discovered the oldest known Cancer Genome clocked at 11,000 years old.
Stumbled across a new species of river dolphin.
Photographed a filament of the Cosmic Web.
Detected a Supernova in our Galactic Neighbourhood.
Discovered large amounts of water on Ceres.
Photographed Evidence for liquid water on Mars.
Had a major breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion.
Put Nanomotors in Human Cells.
Found a fossil of the oldest known Vertebrate live birth.
Dug up a treasure trove of Cambrian Fossils.
Discovered the oldest known Star in the Universe.
Globally mapped Jupiter's Moon Ganymede.
Looked at the most distant galaxy we know of.
Grew artificial lungs in a lab.
Made the most accurate measurement of an Electrons Mass.
Made a monkey control an avatar monkey with its thoughts.
Found out that Elephants are highly empathetic.
Photographed the core of a Supernova.
Made a new treatment that restores partial vision to Mice.
Discovered huge gas clouds orbiting Black Holes.
Discovered massive, planet sized explosions of space weather around Venus.
Listened to NASA announce 715 new exoplanets.
Found a new state of matter.
Found evidence of water on a Martian Meteorite.
Announced Hybrid Cars that run on air.
Transformed skin cells into Liver Cells.
Solved the mystery about a massive whale grave.
Detected water vapour in exoplanets atmosphere.
Discovered a new species of T-Rex.
Revealed new evidence for Dark Matter.
Added a tool to the James Webb Space Telescope that can detect Aliens.
Found a microbe that eats electricity.
Come close to cloning a Mammoth.
Seen a star that is 1300 times as big as ours.
Found new evidence that there might be vast oceans underground.
Unveiled the first Acoustic Cloaking Device.
Developed a Cancer treatment that causes them to explode.
Found a new dwarf planet in the outer solar system.
Performed studies to find out if Autism starts in Pregnancy.
Reunited Turtle Fossil halves to revile it is 3m long.
Made a 3D printed skull and implanted it into a woman.
Discovered a ring system around an asteroid for the first time.
Synthesized an eukaryotic chromosome from scratch.
Played with Elastic Bands and discovered a new shape.
Found out that genes on the Y chromosome is vital to survival.
Discovered that birds living near Chernobyl have adapted to the radiation exposure.
Stumbled across the coldest known star and its only 7.2 light years away.
Dug up the oldest known Pterodactyloid in China.
Found Mutations in a 115 year old woman which might unlock the secrets of aging.
Dug up a new mineral with a unique composition.
Discovered that a specific breed of climbing plant can mimic multiple host plants.
Realised that your diet can effect your unborn babies DNA.
Generated Sperm from skin cells of infertile men.
Coaxed stem cells into becoming muscle cells with a little pig bladder lining.
Measured the length of a day on an exoplanet for the first time.
Found an entire star cluster that has been hurled from the M87 galaxy.
Built a circuit board based on the human brain.
Confirmed and added new elements to the Periodic Table.
Engineered pig to grow hearts for Baboons.
Discovered the worlds largest Dinosaur remains.
Found new evidence that suggest non-celiac gluten intolerance doesn't exist.
Traced the origins of Native Americans thanks to a prehistoric teenage girl.
Induced lucid dreams with electrical stimulation.
Snapped the best photo of an exoplanet yet.
Discovered a 17 million year old giant sperm.
Modified the measles to cure a woman of Cancer.
Visualised 13 billion years of cosmic evolution on a new computer.
Created our own DNA bases using a semi-synthetic organism.
Rejuvenated old mice brains with the blood of younger mice.
Revealed the most detailed map of the Milky Way's magnetic field using Planck Data.
Developed a plastic that can repair itself.
Proved that brain stimulation treats depression better than medication.
Discovered our Suns sibling.
Found an animal we though was extinct for 4 million years alive.
Started human trials on Suspended Animation.
Found an association between porn consumption and grey matter in the brain.
Condemned ourselves with a study that suggest we are about to have the next great extinction.
Hypothesised that supermassive black holes are actually wormholes.
Found a wasp with a metal tipped drill.
Achieved Quantum Teleportation.
Used lasers to regrow adult teeth from stem cells.
Discovered a Godzilla planet that's 17x heavier than Earth.
Linked Autism to elevated Male Hormones in the womb.
Used nanobubbles to burst cancer cells.
Found evidence of the ex planet Theia in lunar rock samples.
Discovered a hybrid star that was theorised 40 years ago.
Released the Hubble Ultra Deep Field images.
Been hit by a 12 billion year old Gamma burst.
Formed a new kind of rock made out of our litter.
Solved a 55 year old mystery about the Dark Side of the Moon.
Recreated a deadly virus that killed 50 million people in 1918.
Discovered the smallest star ever known.
Genetically modified Mosquitoes to only produce male babies so they can eradicate Malaria.
Tricked fat into burning more calories.
Discovered evidence to suggest Dinosaurs weren't warm or cold blooded.
Questioned the speed of light... twice.
Spotted a mysterious object on Titan.
Found a diamond as big as Earth in Space.
Discovered the oldest human poo known.
Detected a trio of supermassive black holes in a single galaxy.
Recorded a mysterious signal 240 million light years away from Earth.
Figured out how psychedelic drugs affect the brain.
Found a gene inherited from extinct species of human can help Tibetans survive at high altitude.
Conducted a study that suggests that plants can hear themselves being eaten.
Accidently discovered how to turn off and on the human consciousness.
Translated Chimp language into English.
Found the best exoplanet candidate to host life.
Disproved that that planet even existed.
Discovered that a new species of wasp used ant corpses to protect its nest.
Regrow corneas from stem cells.
Found that a C section can cause infants DNA to change.
Discovered a gene that links to Autism.
Dug up the fossil of the largest bird known, it had a wing span of 6.4 metres.
Figured out that cooling premature babies reduces the risk of brain damage.
Been contacted by a indigenous Amazon tribe.
Located seven dwarf galaxies.
Found vials of Smallpox in a dodgy laboratory.
Disappointing found out that the baby that was cure of HIV, has traces of it again.
Discovered that we are more than likely to be genetically similar to our friends.
Stumbled upon a 500 million year old fossilized brain of a predator.
Suggested that microbial life could have lived on Mars.
Spotted the Higgs Boson for the first time.
Announced a mission to intercept an asteroid that could hit Earth.
Developed a biological pacemaker with gene therapy.
Made a super black material which absorbs 99.965% of light.
Created an injection which appears to reverse diabetes without side effects.
Been warned that we are facing the next great extinction.
Found that only 8.2% of our genome is functional.
Discovered that beef is 10x more damaging to the environment than dairy, poultry or pork.
Announced that a Crow understands displacement better than a 6 year old.
Found that 50% of people have a newly found gut virus.
Stumbled upon fossils that suggest all dinosaurs had feathers.
Discovered the largest known aquatic insect.
Dug up fossilized tracks that suggest T-Rex's where social creatures.
Spotted the most distant cosmic magnifying glass yet thanks to Hubble.
Done analysis that suggests Dinosaurs shrank continuously over 50 million years.
Found that smoking during pregnancy can alter the babies DNA.
Tested an impossible space engine that breaks the laws of physics.... and it could work.
Discovered an extinct species of mega penguin.
Located a new source of stem cells in human teeth.
Separated a particle from its properties known as the Quantum Cheshire Cat phenomenon.
Created transparent mice.
Created an entire organ from scratch.
Started an experiment to find out whether the universe is a hologram or not.
Discovered proteins that will block HIV and Ebola.
Announced the closest exoplanet.
Solved the mystery of Death Valley's sliding rocks.
Used quantum entanglement to photograph invisible objects.
Detected a cloud of water vapour only 7 light years away.
Did a study which shows that the first Eskimos had not ancestors.
Mapped our local cluster and called it Laniakea.
Discovered what could be the worlds largest land animal.
Spotted a planet forming round a star.
Connected two brains directly together and watched them talk.
Genetically engineered bacteria to produce biofuel.
Found out how to switch off Autoimmunity.
Given whales the chance to recover from whaling.
Discovered deep sea animals that could re write the tree of life.
Captured the sound of the atom for the first time.
Found signs that the ozone layer is recovering.
Discovered a healthy adult with no Cerebellum, that coordinates and regulates muscle movement.
Stumbled across a new species of pterosaur that looks like the banshees from Avatar.
Confirmed that Spinosaurus was part aquatic and ate sharks.
Created solid light.
Gave a tissue graft to a woman from induced stem cells.
Developed a method to produce white blood cells from skin.
Discovered a Dinosaur with a bizarrely large nose.
Linked artificial sweeteners to diabetes and obesity.
Done a study that suggests that chimps are inherently violent.
Found out that modern Europeans come from 3 groups of ancient humans.
Spliced the Foxp2 gene into mice so they can learn quicker.
Discovered a Supermassive black hole in a tiny galaxy.
Did a study of over a Billion animals that says there is no evidence that GMOs are harmful.
Proved that Schizophrenia is actually 8 genetically distinct disorders.
Made Digital Meta-materials that bring us closer to invisiblity cloaks.
Developed a jet pack that helps soldiers run a 4 minute mile.
Created a blood cleansing artificial spleen.
Watched MIT create a robotic cheetah.
Made a breakthrough in hydrogen production for green energy.
Announced that DARPA are developing implants that trigger self healing like Wolverine.
Created new materials that mimic octopus camouflage.
Commissioned Boeing and SpaceX to launch Human missions to the ISS in 2017.
Found a worm swallowing a giant red leech whole.
Extended the life of a mouse by 16%.
Stumbled across a extinct chinchilla.
Developed a hybrid that could be used for Quantum Computing.
Used light to erase specific memories from mice.
Got stem cells to produce loads of bone and cartilage regeneration cells.
Perfected the art of producing graphene.
Landed a probe on the surface of a comet.
Found out that a cheap blood pressure drug cured Type 1 Diabetes in mice.
Listened to SpaceX announced they are going to provide cheap worldwide internet.
Watched as China and the USA came to a historic climate change agreement. 
Solved the mystery of Frankenstein DNA.
Created a device which allows human to control mouse genes with our minds.
Done a study which raised doubts about the Higgs Boson. 
Found out that smoking weed reduces grey matter in the brain but increases connections.
Discovered two new subatomic particles: Xi_b and Xi_b*
Found out that languages only heard in the womb leaves traces on the brain.
Seen that Quasars are aligned across billions of light years.
Detected organic life on the surface of a comet.
Rediscovered a lost pathway in the brain after 100 years of searching.
Crowd funded our way to the moon with the help of the UK space agency. 
Stumbled across a glowing predatory worm in Peru.
Spotted an orphan supermassive black hole, lets not adopt it.
Found that we have a “star trek” style force field around Earth.
Blasted DNA into space and watched it survive re-entry into the Atmosphere.
Passed the Ebola vaccine through the first human trials. 
Grown miniature spinal cords in a lab.
Had an outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Madagascar. 
Shot at graphene and found it is twice as good as Kevlar.
Connected contraceptive pills to brain structure.
Completed a survey that says Antarctic Ice is thicker than we thought. 
Made a mouse with half a human brain.
Completed a flawless test flight of Orion ready for the Mars Missions.
Watched as Philae went to sleep forever.
Then realised it might wake up at some point in the future. 
Put a worm brain into a lego robot.
Designed a passenger plane that can fly to the other side of the world in 4 hours.
Listened to NASA as they want to create a floating Cloud City.
Made huge advancements with robotic limbs.

Thanks to +I fucking love science for supplying all the information on events. 
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