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Erwan Bézier
I am a game developer
I am a game developer


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Fly Kitty! is finally available for all Android platforms!
Featuring a brand new 2 players mod, in par with the latest iOS update !

Get it on Google Play for free!

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Th early version of Fly Kitty! Try it and watch the difference!

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Here is my first mobile game made with Unity: « Fly Kitty! : A Flappy Adventure »
It’s free so give it a try and tell me what you think! :D

Video trailer:
Fly Kitty! : A Flappy Adventure (Trailer)

It was originally developed in one week as an attempt to clone Flappy Bird for training purposes and was not meant for public release. Then I got some new ideas and I decided to add features and polish the look and feel I could release the game.

The gameplay is classic tap-to-flap but it offers the unique possibility to switch between 2.5D and 3D.

Comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome ! :)

And feel free to leave a review on the App Store if you like it ;)

More information :

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My first mobile game is now available on the #AppStore  !
Download for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch !
#iOS   #gamedev   #madewithunity   #unity3d  

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Fly Kitty! est disponible mondialement sur l'App Store depuis le 20 septembre 2014 !

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Fly Kitty! is available worldwide on the App Store since September 20, 2014!

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Occulus Rift + Leap Motion = Awesome

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First mobile game submitted on the App Store! Waiting for review :D
And it's #madewithunity!

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Implementing drag’n drop between an orthographic field and a perspective world in Unity

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Only 6 days left to crowd-fund Death Inc. ! Great art, great concept, made with Unity, demo available! Go get it!
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