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Teaching parents how to leave an inheritance to their childrens children by creating a massive passive income setting up vehicles and system
Teaching parents how to leave an inheritance to their childrens children by creating a massive passive income setting up vehicles and system


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Every parent needing to leave a financial legacy to their children needs to read this...
An open letter to my fellow parent and married couples. As a wife and mum, the one most single thing that has broken my heart time and again is not having enough money to meet all our family needs.

There were many times I felt like I was in a prison, dare I say, one of my own making. This prison kept me in its clutches for so long, so that I could not celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or life, in general, the way I really wanted to. It was the cause of deep seated resentment between my husband and I, and kept us from really enjoying life the way we were meant to. I’m not saying it was always a struggle, but it was always present lurking in the background and ready to pounce at any opportunity to crush our hopes and dreams. It was mentally and physically draining and often placed a huge strain on my marriage relationship. If it wasn’t for our faith in God and relationship with him holding us together our joy and peace would have long deserted us.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I discovered since launching Love Nurture in October 2003 that debt is the single most common cause of tension and stress within a marriage which has led to divorce. It’s a huge problem especially in a culture where the focus is the belief that getting your children a good education will lead to a great job and consequently, lots of money. When the reality is glaringly different and as a result the cause of disappointment, broken relationships, depression, high blood pressure issues and a sense of hopelessness.

Unfortunately, when we started out on our marriage adventure we had no idea what our financial future would be like, we had even hoped we would together amass wealth long before our children were grown and off to university because of this mistaken belief.

In so many other ways we have a great marriage, our children are growing to be respectful and God fearing. The oldest has graduated and is off to study for his masters in the field of medical research and his younger sister is a second year student of neuroscience. Our third daughter has just started college and the youngest is already in her 3rd year of secondary education.

However, I saw a great danger that they too would be in the grip of debt if I didn’t take matters into my own hands and provide them with the financial education I now have. I am so passionate about it I have started educating them and one lesson involved a trip down to the Bank of England this summer to learn about banking secrets that is not common knowledge.

I listened with rapt attention as I sadly went over in my mind all the missed opportunities I and others like me have had just because we didn't have the financial education to make the right choices. The truly saddest thing is mine and my husband's ignorance has affected our children and I feel it’s my job now being enlightened to reverse that not only for them but generations to come as part of my legacy.

It pleases me to say that I have taken back control of our finances by implementing the strategies of the truly wealthy that I have been taught and it feels truly liberating beyond words to fully express how that feels. Amazingly, it’s so simple and easy that everyone and anyone could do it, but as the bible says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge...” Job 36:12.

I have discovered that our joint ignorance is what the banks, financial institutions and government are profiting from and the longer couples and families remain ignorant the longer the banks, financial institutions and government will benefit off of our ignorance. Another thing they are benefitting from is our unwillingness to make the required changes and take control of our finances. Just because this is what we grew up seeing or hearing we think having a savings account or an ISA is the way forward, unaware of the potential risk and pitfalls. However, the banks are aware that when inflation hits they will always be protected because of a little known fact called protecting your income and it’s got nothing to do with insurance as we know it.

There are a few clues about financial education in the bible and the truly discerning are those who research it and take action accordingly.

“The bible says money answers all things” - Ecclesiastes 10: 19. However, a lot of us grew up hearing money is evil, but the bible didn’t say that it says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils, which some, stretching after, have been seduced away from the faith and have pierced themselves with many sorrows” 1 Timothy 6: 10 (BLB). We now know that it was our past ignorance that has been destroying our relationship with money and how we use it. The mindset I now have is money is a servant of mine and I control it and not the other way around and this is how we should all view money to take back control.

How do you do that? You might ask. Well, let me tell you what has worked very well for me and others I know, namely:-

# Start saving. Fortunately, in this age of information and technology, we have all we need at our fingertips and parents can now take back control of their finances together by deciding to save. Contrary to popular belief it’s the decision to save that is important not the amount.

# Another thing the banks kept us ignorant of was the form in which we save our money makes a huge difference in protecting our wealth.

# In the past, we thought the banks were the only place to save or grow our money, it’s not and they don’t want you to know that either. I can tell you it’s definitely not under your mattress if that’s what you were thinking.

Where can you save your money? Good question and one I have answered in a unique way. Keep on reading.

# More things to learn or should I say unlearn is to delay gratification and forget the ‘Joneses’ and work on making profitable changes to benefit your family in the long run.

# We all know about how poor money choices that have stemmed from ignorance leads to debt, but it’s time to sit down with creditors on the phone, in writing or in person and come up with a mutually beneficial debt repayment plan.

# Get financial advice from someone like a coach and mentor who has the right financial education and knowledge who can educate you also so you will never return to bad habits and you would also be better placed to secure your children’s future.

# Never rely on one source of income as this is the number 1 cause of poverty, lack and financial independence. Let me quote another authority, “But divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks might lie ahead” Ecclesiastes 11:2. Even God said it, so get the mindset of having the one good job out of your head and diversify your income into investments.

Who hasn’t heard of the financial, emotional and spiritual devastation of what losing a job or an income has had on a family? Some bounce back and others have not.

Please hear my heart here and understand that if you have been struggling financially and have been under the tremendous emotional strain of it all, you don’t have to anymore and hopefully I have shown you here that there is a better way.

Everyone should be able to live the life of their hopes and dreams.

Now, we are truly positioned to leave an inheritance to our children’s children with wealth and houses as the bible says in Proverbs 13:22 and 19:14. In the past when I started out on the journey helping to build stronger families and teach parents how to leave an inheritance to their children’s children I had no idea of how it could be done, I just knew God wanted me to teach it, so I did. Now I know how and I am on a mission to show as many husbands, wives and their children, as many as are willing and able to learn, how it can be done.

I tried to save unsuccessfully for years and not for want of trying, but because I didn’t have the financial education and resource tool that would empower me to save successfully. Now, I’m well on my way to leaving an inheritance for my children and their children in line with scripture as I now know how to do it properly and consistently for them. I’m in control, not the bank and not an Individual Saving Account (ISA).

My journey has taken me through so many experiences over the years and connected with so many people, tools and resources that have collectively combined to help me write what I consider a complete manual on wealth creation taking into account all I’ve shared above and so much more -

Please help get this financial education out to other couples by sharing it with them.

Remember, this page is committed to helping you build a stronger marriage.

To your success,
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Having access to information that covers every financial need is great, availing yourself of it is priceless! #ImprovingCreditScore #MoneySense
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I share the benefits of using a system that helps me identify and target my ideal customer in a way that saves me time, effort and money. Click on the video to go to the link.
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A lot of people find being an employee is less risky than being an entrepreneur. Why is that?

Is it the fact that someone else is responsible for the day to running of the company?
Is it that you exchange your time and skill for a salary?
Is it because you don’t have the courage to be in charge of your financial future?
Is it because you like giving someone else control of your life? Is it because you don’t want the responsibility of being in charge?

What is your reason for wanting to be just an employee?

Being employed should not be the end game for you as it should only be viewed as an opportunity to acquire seed money to put into money making ventures you do love. Additionally, can provide you with infinitely more than any one salary the image link to the blog post...
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Is paying off your mortgage sooner rather than later important to you? Yes? Read on...
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Learning to save the right way is helping me and several others at this live event live the life we want. Do you want to learn how to save and build wealth? Ask me how.
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Author Uknown...Many women are going through a lot of stress lately. You can see it all over their faces. From cooking to cleaning, taking care of the children and husband, work, business, Ministry etc Research has shown that one major cause of cancer in women is STRESS.

To everyone woman🧛🏽‍♀ out there, take some time off, have a ME time, pamper yourself, go for massage, pedicure, make that hair to your taste
Honey, spoil yourself, have fun, take exercises , go for things that make you happy rather than boredom.
Travel 🚆 to places, see new environment, meet new people. It doesn't have to be overseas if you don't have the resources yet, there are responsibilities to take care of. Simply go elsewhere to feel good and refreshed don't try to impress nobody but yourself

Close your ears to sad stories of cheap and unprofitable 🤮 gossips.

Visit your doctor👩🏾‍⚕ and do the needful

Relax and rejuvenate.

Surround yourself with people that impact your life👩‍❤‍👩 positively

You have only one life to live.
Tag any woman that needs this.

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I recently discovered no matter my skill or talent, it's God's grace that will get me where I need to be!
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How much could you save? Would your coffee taste so much better? Would you save time and money if you just made the change today? Could you put the money saved towards something beneficial or important for yourself or family?
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