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#yazilimci #girisimci #yatirimci #android #baba
#yazilimci #girisimci #yatirimci #android #baba

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The wait is over… you can now download new Word, Excel & PowerPoint preview apps on your Android Phones. 
1. Join the Microsoft Office for Android community. (
2. Once you join the community, you can “Become a tester” by clicking on the links to the apps: Word (, Excel (, and PowerPoint (
3. Wait for Google Play to replicate permissions (this may take ~up to 4 hours), then click above mentioned links and follow the download links to install apps using Google play store.

If you run into any installation troubles, please consult Installation FAQs:

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oh yea

Şairin de dediği gibi;

İş, aş, markadaş :)

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Back to the Future was right: a working hoverboard will be available in 2015

Noisy as all hell, it only works over metal, but wow!!

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S Pen recreates feel of paper writing on #GALAXYNote4

The S Pen distinguishes the GALAXY Note 4 from other large size smartphones in the market. 

S Pen as a Handwriting Tool
Since the first GALAXY Note was released in 2011, we received a lot of feedback from users who wanted to use the S Pen like a real ink pen for handwriting. The gap between the traditional ink pen’s and the S Pen’s handwriting experience comes from the source of the writing platform: glass versus paper. Over the years, we have continued to develop technology to create an S Pen that works comfortably and smoothly on glass displays.

For the GALAXY Note 4, we used the following four parameters to best replicate the traditional ink pen experience: pressure, speed, tilt angle and swing angle. Changes in pressure sensitivity and thickness are especially obvious for felt-tipped ink pens and fountain pens because for these pens, the handwriting looks different when the pen is held at a vertical or slanted angle. The new calligraphy pen and fountain pen options found in S Note are able to simulate those movements in real time on the GALAXY Note 4.

Handwriting recognition accuracy has also been enhanced on the GALAXY Note 4. Since there are different ways of holding the S Pen for different languages, and for both right- and left-handed users, accuracy levels vary greatly from one language to another. We tested the S Pen from all different directions to enhance tilt sensitivity. Although handwriting recognition on the GALAXY Note 4 varies by language, it now supports more than 60 languages.

S Pen as a Navigation Tool
While handwriting with the S Pen is a necessary feature, we have also found that GALAXY Note users prefer to use the S Pen as a tool for navigating the large screen. Tools like Air Command provide an easier and faster way of accessing features. Smart Select lets you save certain sections from any app or web browser and share them easily. You can also mark full articles saved to Scrapbook with a highlighter and write notes directly onto the selections.

These features have encouraged people to use the S Pen more, showing that the S Pen can be more than just a tool for creative users. 

S Pen as a Cloud Tool
Handwritten paper notes are not easily shareable unless you use a scanner or copier. However, the handwritten notes you take with the S Pen can be easily saved and synced to read on any of your mobile devices. When an unexpected meeting comes up, you can take notes on your GALAXY Note 4 and the notes will immediately be synced to Samsung Accounts or Evernote.

Since people today have multiple mobile devices, there is an increasing demand for cloud features that can easily integrate content across tablets, PCs and smartphones. With the GALAXY Note 4’s cloud functionality you can share and edit your handwritten content anytime, anywhere.

With these new features, the GALAXY Note 4’s S Pen is a versatile tool that adds to your mobile experience without ever having to be charged or connected.
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