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Best live vehicle tracking anywhere. Call to learn about the GO ProPlus system with Active Tracking. 
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Is "live" in cab video at $35 a month a better investment than "passive" video for a one-time $100 investment for fleet operators?
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Live video is a better investment
Passive video is a better investment
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Looks like a good TV series. Record it even if you don't watch it. Support it and we can get more motorcycle related programming. 
A new adventure motorcycling series is to hit television screens this November documenting Spencer Conway's epic 34,000-mile circumnavigation of Africa.
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long way around and long way down are great t.v. series to watch in the mean time.
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I found these at the AIMExpo in Orlando. Lisa Thomas endorsed them which is good enough for me. They are a little pricey until your butt is killing you after a few hard days in the saddle. 
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mono m
I need one! XD
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

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DON'T buy this duffle bag on Amazon. The neck you roll down on top just pulls off. 

Texsport Wildwater Dry Duffel Bag
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Dept of Justice should be all over this department. The officers should be immediately fired and then tried for felony assault.
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DJI quadcopter

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DJI has 2.7 or 4k camera built in
Check out GeekPro for camera on Amazon. I have one and it is about as good as a GoPro for $80 with LCD and attachments
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Sixt Car Rental Review - Very average experience. In July we used Sixt for the first time. I thought I rented a Jeep which we planned to use to explore the Las Vegas area and desert. On arrival I was told they don't have Jeeps which I already knew by looking a the limited car selection. They have some nice cars but there probably weren't more than 40 or 50 total. The facility is was off the airport property and down the street from the main car rental facility. They shuttled us to the car rental facility and then we had to catch a bus to the airport. The facility was quite bland and sun was blaring into the employees face while he was trying to work. The employees were nice enough but the overall experience felt unrefined.
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

Technical Discussion  - 
Check these out if you are prone to monkey butt. The built in pad is more for friction reduction than padding. Lisa Thomas (2ridetheworld) said they really work which is good enough for me.
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I have a pair, great stuff!
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

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The missing hard and arm signal. 
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

For Sale / Wanted  - 
I'm selling my Yamaha stock panniers and mounts from a 2012 which are about 35L. They are great for commuting but I'm going for a more rugged set. If you are looking for extra storage and don't want to drop $1200, I'm selling these for $650 with shipping to US. They are in good shape. No large scratches or dents. I will provide detailed photos/video is you are serious. 
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Eron “Moto-Photo” Iler

Adventure Reports  - 
A week long trip to the Horizons Unlimited adventure rally in Robbinsville, NC
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Grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, went to college at FSU and joined the Marine Corps after college. I spent 3-4 years with Orkin Pest Control before starting GPS Fleet Solutions in 2001. In 2012 I changed the name to Fleetistics to better represent the consulting nature of our business. 
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$50 (tip not included) for 3 people and you have to bus your own table. I would have rated lower but I like the food. I never leave hungry but the price is way too high, $35 would be what I would expect. The place is not especially clean but staff has always been friendly. My family agreed we won't be going back unless the prices come down.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
My first visit went smooth and efficiently. The USF eye center is large with lots of capacity. It was nice to move through the system quickly.
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
For the record this is our first time at PDQ, I have no affiliation or even know someone that works there. We drove 45 minutes to try it out since we heard good things and one is opening in our area shortly. It was worth the drive. Upon pulling in we observed there is a fast food lane and an outdoor eating area like you might see at Wing House. They had water misting the area to keep it cool for outside patrons. The parking lot was spotless and the landscaping neatly done. As we walked in there was a multi-person hand washing station which I thought was out of place but after using it to clean up before eating I realized how convenient it was not have to go into the restroom. It was a touchless station that was also neat and well kept. Maybe everyone should wash up before entering. The kitchen area is open so you can see a lot of what is going on. The manager was present and clearly in charge. The decor is excellent. It is upscale, with natural light from high windows, wooden ceiling, great curves in the design and an effcient use of space. I was a little surprised at the limited menu at first. If you don't want chicken, don't eat here. The menu is small and focused. It reminds me of the Five Guys menu which is a few items done very well. There were 3 of us eating and we had two chicken sandwich dinners and 1 chicken salad for under $24. We placed our order and went for drinks. The soda machines were the new style multi-mix it yourself kind which was nice. The ketchup dispenser was a built in unit under pressure probably feeding from a 5 gallon bucket. It pumped quickly and was an excellent flavor. Again the area was super clean and well kept. We received our food in about 5 minutes and it was fresh and hot. The picture of the chicken sandwich shows there is little comparison to Chick-Fil-A (CFA) sandwich. The chicken itself was 35% larger than a CFA patty. It was nice to have more than 1 pickle, fresh lettuce, tomato and mayo already on my sandwich. I often leave CFA and am still hungry. That was not the case at PDQ. The sandwich was simply bigger and better than any other fast food chicken sandwich I've ever had. As a side note they will bring your food to you at your table if they have a minute between customers. The french fries were a toss up with CFA. The fries were thin cut, not skinny cut like Steak and Shake but not larger cut like Five Guys. I like thicker fries since I think they retain heat longer and they are easier to eat one at a time. Thin fries require messy fingers or a fork and who wants to eat fries with a fork. The flavor was excellent and there were fresh and very hot. CFA also has really good fries when you get them fresh and not as well. We finished the meal with a few milkshakes, not included in the original $24. We ordered 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla to try both. The chocolate was more flavorful and was tasted like it was made with Hershey syrup. The chocolate was the best I've had in a long time. The vanilla was good but had less flavor. The best milkshakes are chocolate made with vanilla ice cream, not chocolate ice cream. The consistency was excellent and you didn't get the feeling it would not melt if left in the hot sun like a McDonald's milkshake. As you can tell I was really impressed; I'd have to be to write this review. If you like chicken sandwiches or chicken tenders this is a great choice. If you want chicken on Sunday you now have a great option. PDQ is between a true fast food restaurant and a sit down place. It is one of the cleanest restaurants I've been in lately as well as one of the best laid out and designed. I am looking forward to the new location opening in Wesley Chapel and I know it will be a great success, it is well deserved.
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reviewed 3 years ago
Great park with lots of options from track to trail. Hill climb section is challenging and a little much for small riders but great fun for teenagers and older. Nice big track that flows well as well as small tracks.
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago
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This park is awesome in the winter when the migratory birds come south. If you get there before sunrise and make your way onto the trail you might see the bobcats. Bring a long lens or binoculars for excellent wildlife opportunities.
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reviewed 2 years ago
I've eaten their about 5 times since they opened a few months ago. The food is always fresh and made to order. The owners buy fresh vegetables daily and the staff is friendly and helpful. The service a massive loaded burrito and all types of other Mexican and S. California style dishes. Prices are very reasonable at about $10 per person with appetizer and drink.
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reviewed 4 years ago
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago