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Yaakov Malamud
1946 map - British mandate NOT PALESTINE
1947 map - accurate (Only One)
1967 map - Gaza= Egypt. West-bank =Jordan (neither are Palestine) 
2000 map - in Dispute
please get your facts straight

I'm not saying the Palestinian people don't deserve their own land. I'm just saying they never had one  
+Mohammad Luqman Please don't bring god into this.
this is a dispute of people! and the only place on the map where the Palestinians dont live like refugees is under Israeli law. all around Israel (gaza, west-bank, Syria, Lebanon...)
for some reason the governors want the Palestinian people to remain in camps 
Palestinians are victims of their own so called leadership. Religious and secular!
When Palestine operates in the real world peace will come!
+Mohammad Luqman if I said anything to offend you as a Muslim I apologize. Jewish people did come to this land following the holy texts but the war over the land is completely man made.
+Mohammad Luqman You are correct, let's bring religion into this. After all it is an integral part of the conflict.
Now, could you please enlighten us all, what The Quran, chapter 17 (Al-Isra), verse 104 says?
+Mohammad Luqman good sir. My source of knowledge is the Rockets just went off right outside of my house lighting a truck on fire. I trust I know what I'm talking about when I say violence doesn't come from God nor does it come from texts or even a dispute over land it comes from violent people. Its your choice to disrespect me because I'm a Zionist because I'm Israeli because I'm Jewish or because in your eyes I don't know what I'm talking about. But if that is the case and you can't respect what I'm saying I would like to end this discussion With the upmost respect 
+Mohammad Luqman I asked a direct question which you ignored.
Can't you answer a simple question without turning to demagogy and straight out lies?
Should I conclude that you, simply don't know what it says?
Aren't you a Muslim that supposed to be well versed in your own holly book?
Zionists started the wars with terrorists like the Irgun. The first war was that of Occupying Palestine, the second war was their invasion of Arab lands in 1956.
Why don't you show a map showing the lands that the Palestinians lost in Jordan? Oh that's right, Jordan isn't a Jewish state so they get a pass.
ending Zionism would be a good start to fixing the BS in Gaza
People and land get conquered. Been happening since the dawn of time. 
Like a virus working on a cure dont give up fighting the virus 
At least Jews are civilized,  Can't say the same for Arabs.
I have been watching this for sixty years. Palestine must have recognition as a state before there is nothing left to recognise. Damn it! It was not the Palestinians who were responsible for the Holocaust.
There is no Palestine.  They are arabs.  But other Arabs don't want them.   Why is this?
Way to go Israel! Now that's real progress. Maybe I'll vacation there.
If you want to know some of the truth watch the movie occupation 101
it helps to read a little bit of history to understand...Egypt etc..
In Ottoman days.  Israel was just a backwater swamp nobody wanted.  That is until the Jews started moving in.
why only 1946 - 2010 ?!?! take a look who was th
ere first! Arabian not for sure...
Wow, it is clearly evident why there will never be peace, everyone is too mired in past. Past maps, past transgressions, past scripture. Both sides will have to find some courage to look towards a better future and visualize how living in peaceful coexistence can actually exist instead of visualizing a world full of such hate and childish behaviour.
+james marenic If you want to bring God into it, then you probably know the Jews can't return to Israel until the Messiah returns. They then convert to Christianity and the World ends. 
Where does your argument fit into this picture?
and remember U.S has killed 9 million civilians after the beginning of Vietnam war until now
Fight back? Muslim? Come on we must fight back what they did to your country.
+Mike Schroepfer Because they don't come from those countries. They come from Palestine/Israel or whatever term you prefer to use when speaking of the land between Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.
wow...this is alot like Democrats arguing with Republicans.  Amazing!
Please show the map of Israel and Palestine in the year 1250 ,1946 is very recent,Israel became a nation in the1948 with proof from history about their heritage,and scientist keep finding facts of old Israel in that land,they are all descendant of Abraham one from Sarah and the other from hagar , they should learn to live together 
Run Palestineans out of there country,send them to Jorden where they belong!!!
anyone know where United Nations is?
+james marenic and we were the ones who migrated from all over the world and occupied Israel by force. Is this what your trying to say? 
I personally don't have any say in this but I will say one thing I know everyone can come together one day because you don't see these wars happening in the United States (Other countries as well) between the two. Both people live freely together here. That always gives you hope. 
Israel's defence is second to only to US thanks to its lobby in US and the impotence of Arab leaders. All the talk of self- defence is as frivolous as the US policy about Israel.
Ah religion, the worst hate crime ever committed by man. Plain and simple
Looks like a map of the Indian reserves in the USA
WoW! Now I see how the Native American Indians feel.
i wish all of em was wiped out by Hitler long ago. Oh wait, i shouldn't said this now i've become one of the Nazis and anti-semitic haha what the hell.. no seriously, what the hell dude
israel is thief . all of it's assets are stolen goods . israel Steals the property of others and makes everything like weapon and kill the people Whose property was stolen . . . . this is tragic story 
I thought love conquers all. It seems that multiplying and division does the trick... Who would have thought?
Anyone who is a hater, I don't endorse Israel nor Palestine, everyone has to live somewhere and yes I know that this cant be solved overnight.
Seem like it will continue till Palestinian is wiped out. Sad. If I have family there I get them out.
The entire region was FIRST populated by Homo erectus, then by Neaderthal and cromagnon. ANCIENT ZOMBIE HUMANS ARISE, and reclaim your tribal lands!!!
lets have peace a chance...maybe its time for someone to be a at the middle..
Soon Israel will remove from all the world; don't be rush.

I think we need to blame the Hittites..... They started it!
Uh oh. My post was deleted. Probably because I spoke with too much truth regarding how Israel left Gaza and the Muslims responded by firing thousands of rockets into Israel.
It's a very difficult legal issue with no precedent and maps like this don't actually help the situation. Look in depth at the core issues and problems and then scratch your head in trying to come up with a sensible resolution.
Mike E
There is ALWAYS going to be intolerance folks, don't get sucked into the trap.  Just have hope that the good will of man will prevail.  It's a tough road because submitting to the evil in this world is easier then fighting it.  I'm not saying we all need to love each other and bring back the flower power of the 60's, but we can at least get along and share this tiny blue ball  

It seemed like the descendants of the holocaust is now the master of the new holocaust, genocide, ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation and many more war crime; all these made possible with the support of America.

+Mark Yong  thats what the Zionist want the Palestinians to do, give up hope and get out so they can have the whole neighbourhood for themselves.

Americans, now you know why we love you so much.
Religion and oppression go hand in hand. Until we evolve past the need for holy books written by ignorant men and invisible sky rulers this kind of mess will always be with us.
Sometimes greed and pride of any person develops into war...There is no guarantee that the conflict between this two nation will stop.
Looks good to me. Almost got the non-existant, never has existed nation of Palestine gone.
The war is on...may the best army win.The US should stay out and let the nations involved fight it out. 
When children keep fighting over a toy, you take it away. Let's sink the holy land into the ocean and learn to love each other.
We Are like peace. And Israel are not keeping peace in this moment.
The son of an IDF general speaks out against the states version of many of the events that are held responsible for Palestine aggression THE GENERAL'S SON!
That's a lot of Jewish Land!(In 2010)
That's a lot of Palenstine Land!(In 1946)
This is nothing religious. This is about interests, money and power.

Mankind need to blame on something to justify it's selfishness.
It wont stop ..even if there resources are gone... what will be left are shattered dreams and homes.
Israel should be asked by UNO, why they are doing this.
Regardless of who claims what piece of land, or what religious beliefs you prefer to be pigeon - holed into, people are and will die needlessly. Children, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers etc...
This is an unnecessary war, where the removal of religion in this instance would remove a lot of the problems. Personally, I couldn't give a shit about religion, mine or any other, because I believe in evolution.
This will not end well for either side, nor the kids involved. 
and there's plenty of land +Ian Smith  for all those overheated middle-eastern brains in the north-west territories where they can move to cool down a bit :))
why dont we build a unity state for the jews and palestine. and likud and hamas being in government
Its too bad everyone wants this tiny stretch of land. People have been fighting and dieing over it for centuries.
While religious debates are pointless, religion is the point. Each group believes this is their God given land.
children and women killed 
please open your eyes
But I thought according to many of the ultra smart Obama bitters that god is made up? And surly those people suport the Jews, oh I mean the Arabs, or I mean god? Lol pre 1948 borders according to Obama!

3.2.1 go!
it could be. netanyahu and haniyah being being premier and deputy
That is not about religious, about the worst politics.
What a pity to bring these archaic superstitions about gods into it. This is about land, not religion; as no doubt it was with the Philistines and the wandering tribe:
Philistine "Well, sorry you chaps but we are here already."
Israelite (waving a book) "It says in here that our god has given it to us. A land of milk and honey --  the Promised Land. Give it up!"
Philistine "Come off it! We are here already."
Israelites attack, waving book.
jews have been occupiers since they came from egypt
their land is in kenya
So what is their problem?
I know nobody wants to lose this fight, but too many lives have been lost. One side should admit defeat just to put an end to it all, even if it does mean an Israeli victory. 
Its awfully convenient to only go back to 1946. Have you tried to go back farther. A lot farther.
i see so much hate and so much lies in you people,so much that
it makes we wonder how humanity still survives.
its easy to lie,hate,blame,take facts and twist them for your
own foolish,stupid and misguided ideas and points of view.
all this ad-vocation for me and my people to simply die makes
me sick of you all foolish humans.
that's what humans do best blame the other one for there own
the same flesh,the same blood,the same needs,the same will
to live and let live is in all humans,but we are stupid enough
to ignore those facts.
God is perfect and it seems that the human WILL and LOVE to be with HIM is the point of all of this...
  War is not a way of showing a GOD that we humans are loving and peaceful creatures.
the land mass called palestine belongs Israel-
jews are just isolating themselves fromthe rast of the world which could be fatalk in near future. the arab revolution is a uniting force for the muslim world
when children die no one wins
There is no palestine. However, there is a Philistia.
This is crazy. Bombs coming unprovoked from gaza in to israel. Israel responds defending itself. That's it!

If you want to talk about recent past - talk about how no matter what the Jews do they won't be right.
They were chased out of where ever the lived for centuries.
Arab countries treating them like total shit and forcing them out. Being rounded up by Germany's and killed by the millions.

I also don't see any Jews terrorizing other nations around the world. They don't fly jets in to buildings. They don't blow themselves up to kill others.

Do you think of the Jews stopped defending them selves that they would still exist the next day?

We are a people that will fight for our right to exist!
If you hate zionists you hate my right to exist. How much land do Arabs need!!!!!!!!!

Jerusalem being a holy place for so many nations should become a neutral zone. But other then that - Jews deserve a place to call home.

Take your oil rich land and use it wisely. Reinvest in your own people. 
“When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing. You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense.”

— Noam Chomsky 
if i can i will do it , but this is not related to this .........................................okay ?
so, it's ok that adult males are dying, as long as we feel bad for the women and children? HUMANS are dying. That works.
why does tpalestine tell usa to urge israel to quit occupation yet its the usa which created the no existent israel state?use other means even unorthodox!
Also, when a larger, more stable state, such as the US or UK, is actually needed to sort things out, they are stuck in a pointless engagement in Afghanistan. The west needs to get involved.
There was no Palestine state in 1946 (or any time before either), so it couldn't loose any land. It never had any.
to all of you here, its easy to blame and call for my death
when you are far away, living in your own cozy home and
yam-erring bull####.
do you know me to judge me? no you don't but you still
judge because you think you are right and i am wrong.
why not come here and see for your selves "the occupiers"
"the baby killers", see who we are, our families, the way we
live? sadly you will not come because as i said it is easy
to blame from far away. 
Inshallal a day wil come when ISLAM will b all ovr da world
Is Palestine a country?  Was it ever?
I like the stat about how many Palestinian/Israeli children have died since 2000.. Only difference is that some of those Palestinian children died because they had bombs strapped to their chest by their parents.
the hidden truth is "Israel" provokes the war and because they own the media the world thinks its the Hamas ... rockets it seems. you will pay for this israel. wait and watch.
The Jews started to buy land from the Ottomans in the 1890's and a "return" movement started. But did not pick up steam till around 1945. There was always some conflict in the area, indeed it was Jewish terrorists who blew up the King David hotel..ask the Brits about that. The UN declared the STATE of Israel in 48 and 6 Arab armies attacked and got their head handed to them.The Arabs and Jews have been fighting ever since, Arab terrorism started around 51 and so it goes. The question is how mad is the IDF? How long are they going to sit and let people fire rockets at them? If they decide to declare total war and tell the UN to bug off, keep in mind that the Jewish state is reported to be a nuclear power, they could push to the Nile and the Euphrates and drive all before them.....question is are they that angry?
Why don't they(Palestinians and Israelis) just inter-marry and create one state :-)
Yes...Israel owns the planet.  They own Mars too...and the Sun.  Idiots.
you like?so you think by war israel will live on?the state of palestine will live on but americas legacy will fade and so israel will beg palestine for peace after it gets another superpower supporting it!
Solution. Put them all on a rocket to the moon let them fight it out up there out the road so we all can get back to living
I can't believe you guys put everything and live in the past, in the holy texts, in religions. This is just a land and places. They have nothing to do with the problem. The real problem is the minds of you guys and these people. Concern about now, in the present. What can we do to make this land peacefully? Not concern about something in the book thousand years ago, or something is passed on over generations or something in history. If they care these so much, do you know when peace will come to this land? When they kill each other and there is no one left in this land. 
Lets not forget that, in a war. there are two sides of the story, in this case, it is the story of Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries like Iran that want tho wipe out Israel from the planet. Children in Israel suffer, and so do suffer children in Palestine. Lets not be blind and fast-stupid to point fingers. Comments of peace and solutions should surface, not the blaming game.
+Cleophas Wafula palestines would def. welcome the proposal but what you will hear in the news is hamas wont support the proposal and the story continues
Oh Ricky Bobby, you just want the home of the 8-pound golden fleece baby jeebus to be safe.
i think at the end the ones that are now being hit and killed from air and have nothing to do about it will win again and take over palatine 
+Robert Stiles I could say the same about your comments. But I don't cause I actually wanna hear what idiotic comments you have to say
Ryan Ng
I am not Jewish or Palestinian.

Not taking sides.
there was never a "country of palestine" quit re- writting history
I jus wanna know why df cant both Jews and Palestinians both live there?! damn...
I pray for the solution and respect of not nations or countries, but people. Groups label all of us, people talk and befriend their neighbors. 
Palestinian, Israeli, American, doesn't matter where and what for; people will always be at odds about something and kill each other. If it wasn't about their land, they would find another reason to kill each other. I say we should just leave them alone, quit paying so much attention to the matter, and let them hash it out. We (Americans) have enough problems at home, we do not need to meddle in middle eastern affairs. By all means sell weapons to Israel, but let them handle their own problems. 
a couple of years ago i saw a video of two arabs.
one was kneeling on the ground and the other was
standing behind him holding a big sword and grabbing
his head by the hair.
the one with the sword called "allah is great" and slit
the throat of the other, but it did not end there.
while keep on chanting "allah is great" he kept on
cutting on the mans neck until he decapitated his head
and held it high for all to see "the infidel".
The day of Judgement , The Israel people should answer for this ... God ... I can't remember that day ...

+Alex Roldan there is only one side to the story that this war will contnue till israel steals the whole land and palestinian childrens will die one by one 
president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel", a state independent upon the termination of the British Mandate for Palestine, 15 May 1948

before stealing there was palestine but after stealing changed to israel
+Robert Stiles It rather says that the Jews who prefer to stay in other countries because of their comfortable lives will be brought to Israel when the Messiah returns and they will worship at a temple on the borders of Egypt.
I wish there was truth in any of these graphics, these days it's very hard to know what is truth and what is propaganda. It's very sad that for decades now ( maybe even hundreds of years) war and strife have enraged the holy lands. May God bring the light of truth and ever lasting peace in those lands'. sighs I pray..
Fuck all religon brain washed fools
palestine was never a country... no such country never existed... the un plan , the division of israel? the ones who didnt like was the arabs to begin with! in 1948 they attacked israel! and continue to do so for the next 19 years , until 1967 when israel took this territories... in 67 israel took sinai as well... they gave it back to egypt in return for peace! israel is not the problem here! and palestine is something arabs invented in order to take israel from the jews! i say again! they was never a palestenian state! NEVER in the history of the world! the UN plan to divide israel was between jews and arabs.. a plan which ARABS rejected , they did by attacking israel as soon as british soldiers evacuated israel territory.. back in 48 , not only the arabs from withing israel attacked... but also all the other arab states as well! egypt , syria , jordan and lebanon.. if that wasnt enough iraq was on there way as well... and that... as i said lasted for 19 years until 67 when israel was strong enough to win arabs.. that lasted additional 6 years and arabs again... attacked in 73 , during israel religious fast.. again egypt lebanon syria jordan and the arabs from within tried to kill israelies.. again they failed... after all that you expect israelies to trust arabs and give them something never belonged to them?!?! 
check the facts for god sake!! israel is not the problem! palestine is not , nore has it ever was a country! there more "palastenians" in jordan than in israel! arabs lie! get used to it!!
Thos map is true, and I wish them both the best in settling their grievances. With out US intervention.
Palestine will win in the end
+Alex Roldan This isn't a war. Israel invaded a land and has palestinian people under militar occupation since 1948.
Ryan Ng
+1 if you want Israel for life
Ryan Ng
+1 if you want Palestine for life
Really, does Google+ need to turn into an Islam Propaganda machine?
Ryan: Why so nasty? You deny an entire country and people. Learn a little.
It was only originally called Palestine, it belonged to the UK, not the "Palestinians" it has always belonged to the Jewish People. Syria is the second state of the original two state proposed solution!!!
+Capt'n Tom Palestine was never a country. The term was always used as a term to describe the area that includes Israel and parts of surrounding countries. It was a Roman term, and at one point Jews were more likely to be called Palestinians or allow themselves to be called Palestinian
Ryan Ng
+Samuel Guevara +Capt'n Tom No, I'm just saying, I'm not choosing sides, it is just that Israel has a slight edge over Palestine because it is a UN-recognized country, while Palestine is not.
As long as hamas has a hand in the political structure of Palestine, nothing will come out of it except dead people. 
Evil Israel Rothschilds little minions fuck out of Palestine yee sub human pieces of shit pow
Ryan Ng
Palestine actually never was a country, it was the name of the generic area now occupied by the state of Israel.
Is this not the reason we have History books?  so the idiots can learn what happened many years ago?
+Thomas Green so far I know and understand arabs ivaded israel and all midle east. what the hell are you talking about?
Imagine if the U.S. had to give back the land to Native Indians. Imagine America being the size of Texas. 
+jazzy nidam the people over here only care about
there own richeousness and not about the real facts
because of the b.s that was sold to them by others.
lies upon lies upon lies...
no wonder humans fight endlessly and needlessly, 
Chapter 5: 20-21, which says Moses declared, “O my people! Remember the bounty of God upon you when He bestowed prophets upon you, and made you kings and gave you that which had not been given to anyone before you amongst the nations. O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you, and do not turn tail, otherwise you will be losers.”
+Danny Higgins Your drawing a parallel between two different historic transgressions that aren't directly comparable. 
Это очень интересно !
It is very interesting !
Мы все слышали, как рак распространяется в организме
We've all heard how cancer spreads in the body
Великобритания, Франция и Америка, Израиль и Палестинская вводят в рак!
Britain, France and America, Israel and the Palestinian injected into cancer!
Посмотрите, как Израиль является рак растет!
Look at how Israel is the cancer grows!
I believe this land was called Palestine without any relationship to those who call themselves Palestinians today.
Care to check the History books?
Further, do you know why the state as it was in 1948 didn't remain?
Israel was concurred in what 635ad(ce)  by Muslims. The way I see it they are just taking it back. That region has been fighting itself for the last 5000 years. 
there is no country in the world with name of ISREAL
What else did you people expect to happen. When most of the Arab world has become corrupt, weak, a slave to colonialism, and selfish.
FACTS. In 1967 this land was a British mandate. The British kingdom decided to gift it to the Jews. Their land, their choice their decision.
In 1967 Egypt and Jordan picked a fight with Israel. The seven day war. History calls it the seven day because it only took seven days for Egypt and Jordan to get their ass handed to them by Israel. Israel won and to the victor goes the spoils! Bottom line the palestinians are in the spot they are in because of their stupidity in following their politicians and hamas. Keep following them and its only going to get worst. Dont put up crap and call it the truth. Facts are facts. 
this is the biggest robbery of 20th century
+Ryan Ng Yes, Palestina was going to be recognized as independent country this month in UN, and it would be approved, because just Israel, US and perhaps other 3 or 4 countries would vote negatively. Probably that is the reason for this Israeli attack at this moment.
May Allah bless Palestinians citizen who died in jihad. InsyaAllah, as long we have a faith in Al-Quran, do not fear to Jewish and fight them right back without hesitation even it will cost your life because Allah never break His promise to submit His servant who willing to war because Him to heaven.
everyone's quick to hand out blame but no solutions. i say hand over control of all of it to UN for 2-4 generations. let all those with the memory and hatred die off, then hand it back and see what the new generation do with it.
Man.. there are a whole lot of people on this thread that really think this is factual.. scary stuff. People.. you need to pull your heads out of your collective asses and pop open a history book if you really want to understand an issue. Don't just look at a propaganda graphic and pretend to understand.
Why aren't they targeting the UN with rockets they made the decision to give away Palestinian land. 
no wonder the People of Palestine are upset.....let us all get down and pray for a peaceful solution to this tragic moment....
from a faith-based point of view: If God has ‘written’ Israel for the people of Moses, who can change this?”
Ladies and gentlemen;do u think war and violence can settle everything.All the above arguments being said at least stop both parties to stop to stop the war.Pity them!
Sigh... I'm frankly sick and tired of this... Why can't people learn to live in peace; learn to forgive and move on... Why can't both sides make difficult decisions for the good of their peoples... At this point i have very little empathy for all sides in this conflict. They want to slaughter each other? Good, just be done with it and move on...
It was British mandate land, nobody can point out what's a Palestinian since there's no such nationality. 
This argument and war is literally about sand and dirt.
They are shelling each other over a small price of land that's mostly sand. if the Arabs get it back some construction company and billionare is just gonna put strip malls and over priced big boxed stores on it.. assuming it won't be governed like its from the 3rd or 5th century and seeing what is going on in most Arab nations it probably will.

Humanity always fails me.

Hey Look at it this way. The Israelis could be like the U.S Army at the start and Make them Walk onto reservations like they did My grandparents. I kinda think of it as the Darwin Theory... R.I.P to my Cherokee Relatives that had to go through dark times....... 
Palestine and its people suck anyway they need to die.
+Kimi Mohd Nawi In order to stop violence you need two negotiable parties. There isn't any negotiating with Hamas. As a matter of fact the closest we have come to a two-state solution Hamas scuttled with rocket attacks a few years back. Hamas needs to go before any peace can be achieved. Period (taking all arguments to the contrary)
Well its good that you believe in your holly book. Because they are gonna need it after Israel does away with them. What ever gives them comfort. 
The UN is worthless and shouldn't be in existence... It is a money driven organization that the American taxpayer is on hook for. We have to fork over the money for world represtatives to live in lavish condos while their people starve to death back home.... 
There are criminals on both sides and there are innocents on both sides. Stop trying to simplify it by ignoring half of the truth.
isrealis claim the territory belong to them because of the 3,500 years old fairy tale book they call bible.
I have bad new for you, guys; I have here a 4,000 years old bible dedicated by god himself, and on page three, he wrote this territory belongs to me.
+Fernando Alvarez You need to die, and others like you. It's because of your bigotry and hatred that the World is like this.
a couple of years ago we left an area of the land
called "gush katif" and gave it to the Palestine
people to work the land an cultivate for them selves.
it is a good fertile land for growing lots of food.
what the palestines did when we left? they demolished
the homes that were left empty and threw a celebratory
what has been done there since that day? nothing.
the homes lay in ruin still and the land is unused.
What did Emir Faisal sell to the Jews in 1919 for funding the Arab revolt?
One thing I am certain of:

Both sides are nuts.

It's time for a third side, a side that wants peace.

Innocent people are being killed and you argue who's the worst. There is no worst. They're all lunatics. Lunatics are killing innocent people, it doesn't matter where they come from, it's just wrong.

Everyone is a human being. We're all from the same planet. Until they go out of their way to help each other, rather than kill each other, they're doomed to repeat the cycle of violence.

The question is: Are they happy perpetuating the cycle, or do they want to break it?

There's a lot of nutters over there, they even have support from many of their own people.

The only way to break the cycle is through suffering and forgiveness from both sides.

Easier said than done, but what's the alternative?
Anyone who thinks this is stealing should look at how the borders of the rest of the world has changed first. You got zero right to bitch about what Israel does when the rest of us all done the same. So STFU.

Here is a thought for all those Islamic individuals wanting to make this an issue of religion maybe the reason it is happening or they have been allowed to get away with it is your God is pissed with the way you acted and groups you support like Hamas. Because if he didn't want it, wouldn't it just not have happened! After all we are talking about God he could have prevented it! So why didn't he? I figure he had a reason. So why don't you look in the mirror at what you did to piss him off? Just to make it clear I'm not insulting him I am saying your actions have!
where Delilah when you need her?
+Byron Burris It doesnt change the fact that those people are wiped out of the map shown above. Call them arabs, fellah, bedoin doesnt matter. They are evicted from their lands, murdered in masses just because some savage colonizers have a romantic tie to that part of the world.
There were many, less populated areas where those colonizers could have settle and develop but they chose to be murderers and thieves.  And us free world helped them, at least didn't want to see those atrocities. This map is worse a crime than anything came before in the history of old world.
That map isn't just a political map, it's a map showing where Palestinian people was living. And they have been killed or ejected from their land, their homes, during the last 64 years, to let Israeli people to occupy that land. 
Israel like a cancer. Therapy is cutting.

that this was nonsense that the land of Palestine is the current land of Israel , where are the true Israelites? you could call a group of immigrants from eastern Europe "Jews" and they're the children of Israel ? and how they can prove it if we assume that HITLER has exterminate all jews is true ,that those who claim they are jews now settled only a cowboy settled in this place to serve the interests of the west only ?
Egypt will fucking israel
We will back to freedom Palestinian
Israel( govt of israel) are behaving  like hitler behaved before 2nd world war.
dear all , 

I dont understand ....
Your car is Japanese. Your Vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebabs are Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant? Pull yourself together! 
+Yaakov Malamud +Mohammad Luqman I think you two could be the beginning of what the region needs: more understanding, more compassion, more respect. I get the feeling, from your limited exchange, that you may have more in common than you realize. May God bless you both as you work through your differences! 
+Fernando Alvarez It's sad that a guy with a Spanish name, like me, has written the worst comment that I've seen here in a long time
Some justice will solve the problem
+Leon Chevalier , don't cry dry your eyes.I live a very comfortable life that even my death will be better than Palestinian life
It's funny you show a map that goes 70 years back when the land in question is a coveted land for centuries... Crusaders, ottomans, Muslims, you name it they were there, and it's not only written in a religious book, there are archeological remnants all around to see, not only in Jerusalem. Jews were always a part of the land, sitting in the Holy cities mostly and along the shoreline. Let's paint a more realistic historical picture if we want to educate people. 
Ahmad H
In 1947-1948, when a large Jewish population has been transported by the British, due to a promise Mr. Balfour has made to the Jews in Britain. He promised them the holly land. Why? Because Hitler has just finished his massacres in world war 2, and who ever was able to flee, needed a home, and at the time Britain was not able to accommodate large population integration. Leading to the promise. Now the issue here is, the killing. The Palestinian government at the time did not refuse any immigration into it's lands, on the other hand, it always had it's arms open because it is a land gloabing 3 major religions the time (Christianity, Judaism And Islam).
Why did the British kill for the Jews? Why did the Palestinians defend their homes with gun fire? Why did one need to oppress the other?
Israel is a land in name, to be portrayed as a holy religious land. But if you hear what the orthodox Jews living their have to say, you would be surprised as to the recognition they receive for their religion is minimal. Israel is a national military base, yearly funded by the United States at a base rate of 147 billion dollars. That go into education, support, infrastructure, and military advancements and weapons. Judging by the price of weapons nowadays, the majority of the fund is spent their way. They're education system is 85% military oriented (which I find fabulous, every country should build citizen soldiers), where they have youth at 14 practicing war jet flights, parachute descents, etc.
They want an army, and army that will fight against who ever dislikes it, demolishing who ever stands in their way. Interestingly enough, the idealist behind "Israel as a country" and you can find the book, he said Israel will crumble after it's first lost war. In 2006 July, the 33 day war on Lebanon, terminated by a seas fire settled by united nations, having the Israel army not complete one of their goals, leaving the military minister to take his leave. The cost of the war to Israel was tremendous, having negative effects on it's population settlement. In the rule book of wars, that is a lost war.

There was never the need to fight, nobody forced you out, you forced yourself in. Because you feel safer if you hold control. -Natural human behavior 
Liban, you are making my point for me AND in the right context. We have here the home of the three MONOTHEISTIC religions. All share the belief in ONE Creator. They argue about what that God is called, not, I feel, that this would worry what or whoever it is. For centuries they have been killing each other and ALL calling upon this Creator for support in the slaughter, sending their co-believers to a Hell or a Heaven depending on their angle in this fatuous argument. Homo Sapiens Sapiens? Really?!!
+mohamed osman Go to school and get an education. Hitler killed some Jews not all. He wanted to kill all Jews he didn't succeed! Most 5th graders know that much. 

In 635 Muslims concurred the area of Israel and took it from them. After that time most of the Jews migrated over time into different areas of the world. You know so they could practice their religion and live.
Was Palestine every a state, a country. Not in any research I have ever seen?
I like your universal mantra, shall it change the minds of at least one in this universe
That graphic is selective in what dates.  I once saw one from the Union of Jewish students and it showed Israel shrinking.

I don't believe either of them.  Who shot first this time?
Free Palestin! Come on all people over the world,update the issue with any other source which is more reliable such as ur friend,ur family etc.. The most terific thing is children and woman is killed. Palestin need us!
Before 1946 Palestine has both Jews and Muslims living together.  Your 1946 picture is misleading.  It should show villages, and thier population, NOT the label of a whole section on the map.    Even now there are Arab villages inside of White of the 2010 map.
+Cort Landry i agree about the UN being useless. but who else would be trusted by both sides. the Israelis won't hand it over to the Arab League for obvious reasons and the Palestinians probably won't hand it over to the European Union or whatever it's called cause of their guilt for the Holocaust. as i've said more blame flying around than solutions.
So the land belongs to Jews because the lived there "way back"? Why did they put Israel where there already lived people? USA put Israel there because they holy book says it belongs to them, well we all know who USA belong to before Columbus came and killed the Indigenous people and took their land. So USA, why don't you give their land back?

However, war will not solve anything. Israel want to send over rockets, but don't want the palestinians to fight back?

Didn't Mahmoud Abbas reach out his hand to the israeli government to solve this several times, but they didn't took his hand? 
I can't believe people still believe these lies.
Ryan Ng
If you look at the maps closely, notice the dates, which do not take into account that Palestine might have grown a little. Notice that the dates selected are 1946, 1947, 1967, and 2010.
If the Palestinians wanted peace, they'd have it. STFU with this crap.
What sad is that Islam is to Judaism what Mormonism is to Christianity just an off shoot of it.
Israel is theirs, because God gave it to them, as He promised.
I think we must blame England then USA

Its not religions fault. Its the idiots that take religion to the extreme. 
In the midst of all this turmoil I find that the technology giving us humans a platform like this one to express our differing sentiments is a symbol of hope in a sea of mess. 
big ol' gap there from 1967 -2010.  Trying to hide something?
Simply the matter of arabian stupidity & jewish greed. Palestine fell victims because the neighboring Arabian shits stay ignorant, while in contrast Moslems in far away countries trying their best to resolve this conflict.
Get rid of both your religious baggage. Your man Madrid childish religions and then maybe you could live together. As long as both sides continue to believe in fairy stories and let religious leaders and agendas set your path you shall get nowhere and it's no good praying to Allah get it through your head it doesn't exist.

The war just producing more terrorists/killing each others/small kids and baby suffered and died!there are groups enjoying this war.Majority peoples suffered
Ryan Ng
+Ahmad Fawzy The Jewish and Arabs have been fighting over this land for thousands of years. It isn't new.
Fact no 1: Palestinians can't even say Palestine, physically impossible for them.
Fact no 2: how come does a region of around 2m people have as much rockets as let's say France ? While they mostly live off "peace" promoting DONATIONS?
Was just on another post about this. So who cares the Palestinians got pushed over a little. the Jews never had a country of their own and now when they do half the world wants to nuke it.
Regardless of its credibility, this map illustrates how a few 'minority' have managed to build (though by deception and violence) a whole country while the 'majority' stood helplessly by (I'm of course aware of the clandestine roles America and western countries had played).

This map, nevertheless, do not portray all the truth..
Talk about a shift in power.
Why are Coptic christians leaving Egypt by the thousands? I work with many here in the U.S. let's see. Treated like third class citizens, denied jobs, loosing their buisnesses, oppertunities and good education being denied. Let's see. We give Egypt millions of dollars of which most is spent on their mouslim army and now its the brotherhood. Love you Israell. Pray for you. A Catholic.
Only one solution. Middle East dictators must sacrifice some of their power and create a United Middle East.
For all who proclaim Palestine never existed ... I can say it was an Islamic territoryfor more than 1400 years same as any territory in the Islamic world .. and the British kingdom divided the area to give the Jews this land in 1946 .. and now USA is doing the same to keep Israel ! Legal ... all the Arab countries even india gained the freedom from the imperial countries "Uk and other" except Palestine .... so I don't want to hear any stupid to say there is no Palestine
+Michael Brokate The issue isn't that the Jewish people have their own nation.  The issue is that their nation sits on top of Palestinian holy land, and the Palestinians were there first.  As you can see from the maps, the allotted territory in 1947 gave each nation plenty of space, and since then the Palestinians have lost nearly everything they've developed from their country.
+Yigal Chripun the verse says to Israel sons to live on Earth till the day of judgement, then they will be brought all to God for judgement. The translation on the site you are referring to is not accurate. The verse doesn't promise any land as it says in the translation.
To all: please don't bring relegion into this man made conflict. All religions come from the same source (God) so it doesn't make any sense that they conflicts.
So from what I understand, Jews came in what is now Israel from Egypt. Then romans came, and then romans went, and then Islam came and conquered the land, and now jews got the land again, and everybody is butthurt and stuff.
I think if it stayed like how it was in 1947, it would be fair
Israel got away with taking all this land because they are supported by the USA and before the Palestinians dare not argue this matter due to force. We have to side with the Jews because of what happened to them in WW2. 
+david greifzu Are you kidding?!?!? Muslims, Jews, and Christians all living in the middle east together in peace?  thats like putting a tiger in a bag with rabbits and expecting nothing bad to happen.
Ryan Ng
+Andrew Sanchez It's not the same thing. Those are two different scenarios and besides, the Indians had a pact with these "new world invaders" they actually agreed to give their land to.
+Ryan Ng The people that the Jews were fighting against 3/4/5000 years ago are largely not the ancestors of the people calling themselves the "palestinians".  Those people were either wiped out or assimilated about 1,500 years ago.
Palestinians got pushed further and further away because whatever land they do have, they set up rocket launchers and fire into the Israeli lands.  If they would have stopped doing that they would kept a lot more land.
Its just A matter of time four Israel.
This piece of land has killed people for over 1000 years. Focusing on the last 50 years is just more spin factory. This land will continue to kill people for another 1000 years or more. The argument is a waste of time. No one is right. The rightful owner of this land was killed civilizations ago and everyone since has claimed it. The only question is: who is next.
Though-out history there has never been a single people as trounced upon as the Jews. Scattered, enslaved, abused in every way, and murdered by the million, the Jews have been the worlds doormat.  Yet still they survive and keep their faith, managing a toehold, then firm footing in a land they have always believed was theirs. Surrounded by those sworn to obliterate them-- each and every one of them to the last individual in the name of religion, attacked from every point of the compass by overwhelming forces and these people don't merely survive, they thrive. A nation acting in the best interest of it's people  and in possession of the moral high-ground cannot lose, they have earned and deserve their place in then sun. I admire both the Jews and the State of Israel for their resolve, courage, and the fight that allows them to keep what's rightfully theirs. (Sidebar: Israel my friends, you guys have guts-- and... one helluva Air Force! Stay strong!)
Yeah. What the Hispanics did to the Mezzo Americans was tragic.
As they are surrounded completely by other Muslim countries… How many Jewish countries are there? Count them, one, you are looking at is
Excuse me for the person who said Arabs aren't civilized u can't judge a whole country or people based on a couple 
Look up Palestine on Wikipedia to see the zize of Israel long ago,
the Isralians(referd as jews)after the 2ond world war complaint about their rihgts and the bad treatment of nazi war lords voilating them or their propertys.Nowdays seems an oposite situation.
+Scott Watson DNA tests proved that the Palestinians are descendants of the people who live there 30,000 years ago. Their closest relatives are the Jews. It is the Palestinians land.
Cant people just leave the israelis alone? They get formed as the first country for jews in a ** how many years and now they do have one and now everyone wants to nuke it.  
Just imagine what would happen if European nations started arguing about borders from hundreds our even thousands of years ago? If that thought seems silly, why is it that some people seem to consider it a reasonable argument today? 
If only those Hamas leaders turn into an atheist (or an agnostik at least), I guess peace would be come at hand easily 
Ryan Ng
+Scott Watson They did have a lot of conflict back then, ~330 BCE to about ~1070 CE, however, and the area in what is now Israel changed hands several times during that period
And after mass genocide in Germany for how many years, we owe them our support for that alone…
Ryan Ng
+Nick Artman Israel was proposed by the UN due to the mass genocides in Germany, unfortunately that area happened to overlap with Palestine...
"My way is right, your way is wrong. You must be blown up!" They're so much alike that they can't stand each other. "My god!" "No, my god!"
+Michael Brokate The only reason people want to nuke the israelis is because they took all of the land of the Arabs who lived there originally. I do not think you would enjoy it very much if someone kicked you out of your home in the name of religion.
Some one is looking to start a war with Iran I think !
when will we have a world without borders! same species millon differences, every guy wants to rule another guy... feels so idiotic to fight
What don't you people understand?
Gaza is a ghetto. They are stateless and are completely surrounded. 
This is beyond Apartheid. It approaches Genocide. 
All these nonsensical comments about whether Palestinians actually exist are pointless.
Israel needs to return to their 1967 borders and DO IT NOW.
+Sathwik Booreddy How would you like not having a home for twenty years then some important person gives you one.  Then the next night you got people putting bullet holes in your house and shooting your family.  Not too fun  huh?
This is a perfect example of why nation building does not work. USA should immediately exit Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Just introduce crack to palastine, problem solved. That's how america solved it's race problem.
Fuck Gaza 
Fuck Palestin
Fuck Hezbolla
Is it right for israelis to do what hitler did to them (jews) to  palestinians?
Ryan Ng
+Greg Mathis Then you got about 1 million Palestinians on black rock, and everyone gonna be all ghetto. Not to mention the soaring crime rates.
That is about as much a lie as there can be. I spent over a year working in the West Bank. Yes Settlers are a pain in the ass, but your graphic is an out and out lie. 
I think you guys must get two cricket teams together, and whoever wins the 20 over match, gets to keep it all! :) 
As someone who is learning about computers, I'd say it is rather funny and hilarious when people have to much trust on the internet but fairly lazy to go to the library, meet with the people eyes-on and make further research on all of these facts. Not just google and wiki all the way, I mean, anybody can just edit the articles as long as they know how to use HTML, PHP or whatsoever.
Who here feels tight in the chest?

"*relax go with the flow*"
Book of C Bird chapter 0:verse n:ow
Ryan Ng
*Riding in my old hood, seeing Jewish people, gonna hate on them cuz they be stealing our space*
I see both sides. There are many others, both Arab and Jew, who do the same. Sadly, their statesmen who try to take a sane stance tend to get assassinated by fanatics. Politicians go along with the majority to get re-elected. All people need a home. it is all very sad. 
Israelis people should go back to their original countries.
I don't believe that who was first or second etc.matters. its who is just,honorable,fair to all,loving,trusting,giving,faith in a higher power,and empathetic to all.yes this is man made its not gods way.
+Emad Alhaj-Salem That would be wear they are now Israel. Or did you not take any history in school. In 635 they were forced out of Israel to start with! 
either way all this is stupid, they're all from the same father who owned the land and palastine is a made up name,there was never a palastine not even in the "palastinian" scrolls also someone mentioned the kids that have been killed ,well since the beginning jewish men women and children have been through every kind of torture and death so that point is moot,and whoever said that it was hitler that did that seems to have forgotten that the grand muffty(who is the highest ranking muslim) was right beside hitler gathering and recruiting supporters for no other reason than hate, I say that with confidence because im pretty sure he being muslim would have also also ended up on hitlers to do list ,on top of all that when the U.N rcognized isreal as a country they were immediately attacked by about five or six countries arab/muslim and no one wanted to help not even the US I believe the quote was let them bleed a little which makes me think that every one would be dead right now if I were jew and had any say in dealing with that situation , another thing to whoever said that since 1946 they have been stealing your land they have been trying to keep that tiny piece of land since it was inherited when the egyptians were powerful andused to conquer their nieghbors and make them slaves so how come there weren't any so called 'palastinian'slaves?? not in anyones records 
Propaganda post, if you attack your neighbor and you get your ass handed to you then your subject to lose your land and your life. Feel sorry for the people who are innocent bystanders, they're just pawns in a terrorist power play.
That is a damn shame! The world should be ashamed for letting this continue to happen while tip toeing around the Zionist agenda. It makes me sick.
+Robert Stiles pre or post 6-Day War. Gaza was Egyptian and West Bank was Jordanian pre war. all the Arab nations got together to wipe Israel off the map and divide it among themselves. they lost and lost territory, was generous of Israel to give back the Sinai Peninsula afterwards. if you go to war to take land be prepared to lose yours and don't cry "Do over" if it doesn't go your way, especially if you,'re the aggressor. if it was up to me, they should've kept Sinai, they won it from the Egyptians decisively.
The time for the rewind has just begun, but the process wont take as long time as it had..
Before it's over, every country in the world is going to enter a fight over this piece of real estate.
Ryan Ng
+Greg Mathis Forgive me for being ignorant, but I like American rappers better than Palestinian rappers. Great rappers don't rap while they're high. Besides, all these new rappers would be Palestinian, and the world is still adjusting to great rappers from the US.
God willing, will liberate Palestine because rise israel  on  Injustice and rape , every entity based on Injustice. and determination of mass rape. And the force does not last me one Vtafl starts then young child and then an adult then Sheikh
And this loss of land for the "Palestinians" needs to continue until they are gone completely from the face of Israel.
Forgive me for being ignorant to this and I do feel sympathetic to everyones feelings.....BUT this has happend to many different countries and races. My ancestors where sold as slaves I do admit it puts a bad taste in my mouth and I don't think whites should benefit the most from S. Africas resources but it happend so now we have to deal with it. I mean think about it if this sort of thing didnt happend I would be in Africa, Canada wouldnt be speaking a French, S America would be dressed in some ancient Mayan gear talkin some dead language. ...Shit happens the fighting has to stop nobody is winning at this point nie geweet dis so erg nie...
this is a joke. Show the same map of the United States and the native American and Mexican populations... Show most countries at some point in their history... War changes maps. The map of Israel has changed it's nationality a few times over the last 5000 years :)
Tell your story to the Native Americans. I'm sure they would be very sympathetic.
I'm just asking this out of curiosity, so don't get all upset, but how come when people trash Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, they never mention the something like 800 rocket attacks on Israel this year originating from Gaza?  I know there have been atrocities committed by both sides for decades now, but why all the outrage directed at Israel, as if they are just mean sunsabitches who enjoy killing?  Don't they have the right to defend themselves?
Anybody there to explain me the word terrorist and revolt...
I say nuke the whole damn thing, problem solved.
I'm joking! (...but I'm not)
maybe they want to finished PALESTINE
And we support this. Sad that we condone and protect this blatant land grab. This is why their is no peace
Only last picture makes some sence and Palestinian Arabs should thank Israel for having any land there.

Palestinian Arabs did not have any land there since early 10 century AD and up until Israrael gave land to rule over to Palestinian Authority.

Before that land belonged to Turks, then British, then to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.
Don't according to this map Palestine magically appeared out of nowhere in 1946. And there was nothing there before and no one leaved there. No England, no Jordan, no Egypt, no Ottoman, no Syria, no Rome. By the way not all Israelis are jews. The are about 1.5 million Arabs leave, work and pray there. And I don't think they like when someone (Hamas) shoots rockets at them. Palestinians need to stand up to Hamas and not Israel. They life and anyone alse from that part of the world would be much better.

Ryan Ng
Palestine isn't a UN recognized country
George. Your stuck somewhere. Did u not pay attention to what I said?
you recognized country
I know I will probably get blasted for saying this... but I have to ask an important question. Is this any different than the migration from europe, into the New World, back in 1492 ?  Invaders from another country, slowly and systematically descend on a patch of earth, and slowly infiltrate the region, until it is fully and completely consumed by the originally invading force.

Essentially, the Israelis will control the region completely, because they have superior numbers ( and an American backed military )  

Seriously... does anyone else see the similarities ? 

This is how a new countries develop. It has been the same way for millennia... Look at Ghengis Kahn, the Caesars  Ottoman Empire, Alexander the Great... They ALL used similar tactics. I find it difficult to understand why the world is shocked at the obvious. 
+Ryan Ng my question is why it is not...lets talk about the same map given above...when Israel was recognized as a country...Palestine was also there then why to neglect it...its only because UN is under their thumb...the same reason Tibet is not recognized as a country...
No one will convince anyone here of anything. This could only move forward if both sides focused only on how to stop their own actions. That won't happen, both sides are too focused on the other.

If both sides weren't involved, it would be a pretty cut and dry issue.
also an important note... Palestine has never actually been a country... it has been provinces and contested and Israel... but Palestine has not yet been a nation. Big flaw in the map there. :)
Ernst - you forgot to show the map from 70 AD where the entire thing is White, along with the surrounding lands in Jordan, Lebanon and parts of Saudi Arabia.

As to your other post asking where the people of Gaza should go, try back to their native land of Jordan.
Ryan Ng
+Abdullah Nishat Both Tibet and Palestine are not recognized as countries of their own by the UN because they are recognized as provinces of China and Israel, respectively. Conflicts like this are why Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union broke up.
The 1946 label is fictitious.  The 1967 map needs a gloss that it came about because of a military attack and defeat, with subsequent loss of land, by Palestinians and their supporters.
Palestine as u see seems like concentration camps. In a real terms too.
Problem is not as simple as it looks. It simply says survival of the fittest (a jungle raj).
But Palestinians are free to leave this "concentration camp", right?
+Robert Back to 1967 you say? Hmm, let see - in 1967 Gaza was under the Egyptian government ruling and at 1979 peace treaty  the Egyptian had the possibility of taking control over Gaza. back again. Have they taken it? No, of course not. Egypt, some 50M people didn't care for the Palestinians as they don't care for them right now.
You say Genocide? I say WAR! The Hamas, Islamic Jihyad and other extremists use all the means they have to fight Israel, whether it is deliberate killing of of soldiers or civilians (remember the anti-tank missile that targeted a civil bus taking small kids to their school?? I am sure you don't remember).
They fight Israel not because they want Israel to give them land. NO. They fight Israel, me and my friends and family, just because we live here. We, Israelis, gave the Palestinians many opportunities to startup their own autonomy. We gave them money, land...hell, we gave them GUNS!! YES, guns that were later used to kill civilians and soldiers! We gave them what all the 21 arab countries together never gave them before, we gave them HOPE. What did the Palestinians do with that? well, they kept on bitching that we didn't gave them enough and started to revolt or, just threw their future to the drain.
Dear Robert, you don't have the slimmest clue of what's happening here, the years of struggle for peace and the day-to-day fighting we are experiencing here. You sit in your cozy couch over there in Quebec and throw statements into the air you heard on the news.
I will tell one thing for sure, Robert. We will survive and we will keep on living in this country, whether the world give a nickle or not about us. We will fight for our right to live in peace and no one will take it from us.
fuk Israel camon hamas iran Syria Lebanon and d terries get them doggs
Ryan Ng
"Let's continue to kill each other like a bunch of wild animals"
Zionists what about that little funny hat they wear lol crackup
babba ganosh camon zohan
+Ryan Ng +Anthony Riddle you are not talking about Muslims attacking US but osama attacking US...that was the same osama whom US created to destroy Russian in Afghanistan...and when US abandoned him he fought back but this time his target was America...and if you think that al-qaida has attacked twin towers then you are wrong...because there was a video in YouTube which has been removed friend has downloaded it so i got pleasure of watching the video it clearly shows that the then president of US Mr.George W. Bush had made a speech in Washington that the twin towers has been attacked but it was 2 min before the actual questions are
1. How come president knows what going to happen
2. If he got any information then instead of giving speech why he hadn't took any action before that.
3. How coincidentally the same day almost every known Jews were on leave that day...
+Yaakov Malamud so what your saying was the land was there for the taking, just like how the Nazis take the Jews lands in World War 2...
Ryan Ng
Look I be ridin' threw my old hood,
But I'm in my new whip.
Same old attitude, but I'm on that new shit.
They say they gon' rob me, see me neva do shit.
Cause they know that's the reason that's gone end up on a news clip.
Audemar on my wrist... BUSTDOWN!
We poppin' bottles like I scored the winnin' touchdown.
Memba meek dead broke?
Look at me up now.
I run my city from palestine back to uptown.
The Jews were there first thousands of years ago and were there before Mohammed.  Carbon dating proves it.  They just took back what was rightfully theirs.
+Ryan Ng if its a province then also why they are not getting the respect power and freedom a province should get
God Promised this land to Israel around 6000 yrs ago 
Shalom to Israel & Salam to Palestine & Peace to the whole World.
I think you should put more maps, let see let's try way before 1947
Ryan Ng
"I wonder who screwed up Palestine's actual timeline, lets see the maps between 1947 and 2010"
+Robert Stiles great comment on cutting someone's body parts off. That McGill education really went a long way. Thanks for the enlightening comment. 
Ryan Ng
The whole proof is wrong
+Michael DeLeon  yes Michael , you are right ? .....   Israel they are not considering the Plasticine , they are Animals ..... not Humans 
now mark the green area with "HOST" and the white with "uninvited GUEST".
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