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Ernie Johnston

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I suggested NutterButter, as in Nabisco cookies.
#NameAndroidN. We're trying to decide what to name the next version of Android. Got any tasty ideas that start with the letter N? Submit. Sorry, something went wrong while trying to submit your suggestion. Please try again later. Need some inspiration? See how the pros work.
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Ernie Johnston

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@EPB_Chattanooga FI announces 10G Internet to every home & business in its service area for $299 per month
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Ernie Johnston

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+Guido Stepken , what happened to the Guacamole post? It has disappeared. I copied it to a file. Thanks for sharing. Important to me. 

Guacamole — HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop
What is Guacamole? Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC and RDP. We call it clientless because no plugins or client software are required. Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web ...
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Ernie Johnston

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Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody
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Good one.
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Ernie Johnston

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I'm flummoxed and embarrassed by the article about this bro & his ilk on a tech panel in Nashville, Tennessee. At a time when we are trying to get more women to work in STEM fields and Startups, this happens. No wonder we are fighting an uphill battle. 

Oh, Pandoland, Pando's annual festival of entrepreneurship, technology, and Southern culture, is now FREE for ladies next week. Share the good news.
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Like the word choice. Flummox is a great describer.

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Ernie Johnston

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Beware the Internet Trolls this Fool’s Day. It is already April 1st in Tongo.
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Ernie Johnston

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Hey Atlanta - Thanks for the warm welcome. We designed this limited edition Google Fiber t-shirt that we'd love to share with you. Visit, let us know your size, and we'll get one in the mail to you. 
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Ernie Johnston

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May (July) the Fourth (Force) Be With You, but beware The Revenge Of The Fifth (Sith).
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Ernie Johnston

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iCYMi, you have 27 days to purchase 2, 60W equivalent, Phillips LED bulbs at Home Depot for $5.
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Ernie Johnston

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Price is good for 90 days from April 22nd.
i just bought 24 LED light bulbs (and replaced many CFLs) for only $2.5 each from Home Depot (they have a sale now), click on each of the two pictures to see the 2700K temperature, the 800 lumens,  8.5W (equivalent of a 60W old incandescent).  These will  look a little like incandescent bulbs from the outside, but they are LEDs and use a lot less electricity, produce no UV (unlike CFLs who produce a lot of it ►, and far less dirty electricity than CFLs (many CFLs cost $2.5 too).  CFLs also can emit mercury vapors (when broken and even when not broken, due to manufacturing defects) which are known to cause a host of problems such as memory loss, Alzheimer, Parkinson, paralysis, etc.  LEDs used to cost 10-20 dollars each 3 years ago, and many of them still do. 

Let's go green, go LED, minimize waste (incandescents and CFLs need replacement much more often 5-20 times more often) replace the toxic CFLs and ultra-inefficient incandescents, save thousands of dollars long term in electricity and health costs.

I recommend always buying warm white bulbs (2700K) - not daylight ones (6500K is too high temperature with too much blue light) -  as during the evenings in the winter you will expose yourself to TOO MUCH BLUE LIGHT (see for the blue light reduction methods), and this can cause eye damage and also lead to insomnia and other issues.  No mater what you like LED or halogen, go warm/soft white, not daylight. :)

 Dirty electricity from CFLs is harmful and since LEDs are now on sale in many stores (just ask for the cheapest LED bulb when you get to Home Depot, etc) and almost as cheap as CFLs (2-3 dollars per lightbulb), switching to them makes far more sense - since you save electricity too.  Just 3 years ago LEDs that cheap were science fiction.

All electrical bulbs and appliances cause some high frequency currents and there are certain filters you can buy on amazon and at anti-emf pollution online stores to reduce that dirty electricity in your house, like  

Having headaches, depression, health issues and such?  Could be the CFL lights at home, or fluorescent lights at work or dirty appliances that mess up with your electrical fields in your house, even plumbing can cause sometimes unhealthy EMF fields and there are ways to measure and mitigate that.  

More on CFL pollution at

For the many advantages of LEDs versus CFLs please see this:

1. An LED bulb can use 50-70% of the energy of a CFL to produce same lumens.

2. LED lasts up to 10 times longer than a CFL. 

3. LED lighting generates less heat than a CFL.

4. LEDs do not contain Mercury or other toxic heavy metals that can leak, or need to be disposed in very special ways to avoid contamination of landfills, etc.

5. A high rate of on-off cycling drastically shortens the life span of a CFL. An LED on the other hand is unaffected by on – off cycling. This is the reason LED devices are preferred for traffic lights.

6. CFL lamps take long to achieve full brightness. An LED bulb on the other hand achieves full brightness at the flick of a button.

7.  UV light attracts insects.  With virtually no UV emissions, LEDs do not attract bugs, insects.  UV from CFLs causes eye damage, skin cancer and other health issues. 
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