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Ernest Adams
Game design consultant and freelance professor.
Game design consultant and freelance professor.

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People asked me to post the AirBNB entry for our Swedish house when it was ready. It has been up for a while (we've already had several renters), but we've finally got the pictures the way we really want them. Here at last is our house in Gotlands Tofta, about 20 km south of Visby. (Picture captions are in English, a lot of the rest is in Swedish. Best viewed in Chrome, which can auto-translate.)

Attention 2D artists, professional and students! I need to commission a couple of light-hearted greyscale cartoons for use in my book on interactive storytelling. I won't offend you by saying that "you can do it for the exposure," but I'll admit that I don't have a lot to spend on it. Send links to your portfolio and your quote to me at

Ode Upon a 1998 Volvo S70.

Farewell, oh thou noble steed we bought
When first we came onto these shores to live.
No more your tires shall spurn the tarmaced roads
Nor through the leafy dells of Hampshire glide
To Portsmouth and the Victory to see
Or table where Jane Austen sat and wrote.
To castle, Roman ruin or old church;
To Stonehenge and cathedrals full of light;
To Gladstone's Library where we can work
Not bothered by the phone or salesmen.
To Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, and Land's End.
To Rudyard Kipling's house, or Bernard Shaw's;
To Scotland, Norfolk Broads and Yorkshire moors
In comfort and in safety, you went well.

Alas! You drain your battery too much.
The aircon leaks refrigerant away.
The left-hand window will roll down no more.
We put up with the little flaws, but now
Your timing chain is gone, and that's too dear
A piece of kit to spend the money on. So off
To Volvo Valhalla you go.
Fare well, thou Swedish horse of iron we loved
It's seldom for a car I shed a tear.

Blank verse is a doddle if you don't sweat scansion too much.

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This is sad news. +Kate Edwards is an absolute gem. She worked hard, helped to knit the IGDA together as a worldwide organization, and added features and benefits that I never even dreamed of when I founded it 23 years ago.

Somebody give this woman a job! You can't possibly go wrong. (Even if she turns up to work dressed as Indiana Jones from time to time.)

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My friend Darryl Duncan, who writes music both for himself and by commission, just composed an upbeat song that shows off his talents and his message. I hope it goes far and wide.

The ruins of the Dark Tower present an unparalleled looting opportunity. Think about it. Buried under the rubble there is 1 working palantir, almost all the mithril ever mined (according to Gandalf), three of the rings given to the Dwarves, and (possibly) all nine of the Ringwraiths' rings (opinions vary on whether they wore them or whether Sauron kept them).

It's the Treasure of the Sierra Mordor.

Sheesh, remind me not to go to the barber shop on a Friday afternoon when a bunch of young men who are all planning to go out on the pull that night are there. I've never seen such a fuss made over what is effectively just a burr haircut.

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Just bought a house in Sweden... Mind slightly blown... It's in Tofta. 

Listening to first year students pitch their ideas for games with unusual input devices (a requirement). We've got a bartending game with real bottles, a game with a vacuum cleaner as the input device, wizard duelling with an actual spellbook, a coop rowing game that uses real oars, and most freaky of all, a game in which one person is "buried alive" in a real coffin with a phone and has to call a police dispatcher and work out where he or she is from clues in the phone and other details. Some people are afraid nobody will get in the coffin, but I would!

The Gotland Game Conference is going to be crazy again this year...

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Zöe's book is now on pre-order. Please share this, because trolls are brigading her own posts.
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