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What is Self-Soothing?
A few days ago, someone told me that dealing with loss is a good time to practice self-soothing. I nodded, but I'm not entirely sure what that means. Lie in bed all day? Stuff my face with pizza? Cry until my tears run out? These are things I want to do, ...

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A Tribute to PaPa and Family
On Friday (7/7/17), I received the call I'd always known would come one day but always hoped, however unrealistic, never would. My PaPa, my grandfather, left this earth peacefully in his sleep. I'm shattered. Devastated. Heartbroken. My PaPa is more special...

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Guardian's Touch by LA Dragoni
For a ghost there are only two choices. Heaven
or Hell. Coming August 1, 2017 Guardian's Touch, Touched by Afterlife, Book 2 Life has returned to normal for Tamara and Dex after helping
a horde of ghosts cross over. Their brush with the afterlife affirmed o...

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Deceived by Heena Rathore Pardeshi
Today, I have the pleasure of hosting blogger-turned-author, Heena Rathore Pardeshi! I first met Heena way back when The Prophecy first came out, and she was gracious enough to host me. Now it's my turn to reciprocate the favor! Please welcome Heena and Dec...

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Where Is Erin?
Did you ever read Where's Waldo or play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego ? I feel a little like it's been "where's Erin" in the social media world lately. Well, I have an answer. Deek and I moved! Again? Yep. And this time, we're staying in one place f...

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Today, I wrote a blog post about being your most honest self. And you get a sneak peek at +Chrissy Lessey's opening for THE COVEN!

#beyou   #beyounique   #authorlife   #shorthairdontcare   #shorthair  

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I Did A Thing
So, I did a thing. I cut off most of my hair. Why? Because I wanted to. I'd been talking it over with Deek for a little while, and when I went in for my trim, I asked my hairdresser to just hack it off. I'm pretty excited about it for a variety of reasons, ...

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My hubby talks about how to record your own #audiobook !  Great information here! He's such a smart one! <3

#authorlife   #amreading #books  

+Deek Rhew Books  

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Cray-zee Up In Here
Y'all, it's cray-zee up in here. I'm doing projects for BookFish Books , Tenacious Books , and Erin Rhew Editing and Design . All the books release between May and August, so I'm racing around like a mad woman. Several of the deadline bump right up against ...

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Come see these AMAZING covers for The Crystal Coast Series by +Chrissy Lessey! Covers designed by the extraordinary +Anita C!

#amreading   #coverreveal   #mustread   #fantasy  
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