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Nerdy Girl Erin
I'm a nerdy girl in a nerdy world, so bombastic, it's fantastic...
I'm a nerdy girl in a nerdy world, so bombastic, it's fantastic...

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I know someone who had to go to school wearing flour sack dresses. I don't know if she got one with flowers, but I'm very grateful private companies voluntarily helped these kids out.

""No one, including government, forced flour mills to make their sacks in colors and patterns so that children would have nicer clothes. They did it to please customers. If they were successful, customers would choose their flour over that of other mills. The reward of profit would follow naturally. When competition isn't destroyed by burdensome regulations, the business owner that prospers is the one who pleases customers best!" -Mary J Ruwart Ph.D."

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Yes. This thing is amazing. I love it.

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My reported goof on Midsomer Murders got published!! Woot!

The Flying Club (2014)

Factual errors
A character suggests that the first victim flew the "747 Airbus." The 747 is made by Boeing, not Airbus, and no Airbus aircraft has a model name like 747.

Is this interesting?

Here's how you know I'm high strung: woman on an English TV show says "747 Airbus" and is all I can do to not throw my phone through the damn TV.


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Genesys is Skynet

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Legit? Let's find out...
The New Era of Wireless Charging

Remote charging solutions that essentially enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention.

#WirelessCharging #WiCharge 
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Finally watched this... It instantly became a classic in my house. We are still quoting it all over the place. I loved loved loved it. If you're 12 inside, you will, too.

+Patrick Leland​

One last notice, and I'd like to keep this up for the duration of the swap... I'm disassociating from this profile. I am going to transfer ownership of this community to another profile, but rest assured, it is only me.

The process for changing owners takes 14 days.

Thanks for your understanding.

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So... I've not watched Capaldi. I'm always afraid to change doctors. Maybe I should give him a try?

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