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Is in the freaking hospital. Again and really not happy about it 
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:-( thoughts and prayers :-)
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i had 1 sorry now i have 0 but for my rare spike i won't to get a nr headdress

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loading screen alphas mt. shiver seal thing :T

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lol i know and that is a random comment :3

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Sandra make sure you report what happened to AJ admin. I'm Sheep330's Mom (she uses my YouTube account for these uploads about AJ) and we reported the scammer. That person no longer has a membership 

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well i mean loge in screen alphas

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she loves wolves and really wonted a arctic wolf 

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Emilie I too have Lupus and I too need very specific types if treatments and doctors to keep me healthy. However after shopping around our family decided to cancel the coverage we were purchasing through my husband's employer and instead chose a plan in the ACA marketplace. It will save us, at minimum, 19k yearly. I would be more than happy to assist you in finding a plan you can not only afford but will allow you to keep your rheumy.

From one lupus patient to another please allow me to share what I've learned.

If you are interested I can be found on Twitter @queenofspain or you (or anyone else looking for insight) may email queenmediallc @ gmail



Erin Kotecki Vest

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What do you do Erin?
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My unicorn can kick your unicorn's ass
Wife. Mother. Loudmouth. A little too passionate. Addicted to current events, Otter Pops, and my family. My unicorn can kick your unicorn's ass. 
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