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Erin Kane

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Stone the Allen's Swamp Monkey gets really into his enrichment at the St. Louis Zoo.
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hi Corey how was ur day?
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Erin Kane

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Great Blue Heron at the Sarah Duke Gardens
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Very intrested
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Erin Kane

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I love all these things.
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+Agyemng Christian, I do not.
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Erin Kane

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Triceratops' new toy.
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looks nice and healthy!
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Erin Kane

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Happy 94th birthday, 19th Amendment!
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Erin, what's that got to do with this song?
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Erin Kane

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How To Be Polite

"People silently struggle from all kinds of terrible things. They suffer from depression, ambition, substance abuse, and pretension. They suffer from family tragedy, Ivy-League educations, and self-loathing. They suffer from failing marriages, physical pain, and publishing.
The good thing about politeness is that you can treat these people exactly the same. And then wait to see what happens. You don’t have to have an opinion. You don’t need to make a judgment."
Most people don’t notice I’m polite, which is sort of the point. I don’t look polite. I am big and droopy and need a hai…
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Erin Kane

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Erin Kane

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All sorts of amazing camera trap finds!
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Beyo es
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Erin Kane

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I miss these sounds!
This is from the dissertation research of one of my really good friends, +Dara Adams! If you want to find out more about her project, looking at predator-prey interactions in the Peruvian rainforest, check out!

Erin Kane

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"St Louis was grieving long before the tragedy of Ferguson - or, at least, parts of it were. Like everything else in St Louis, grief is unequally allocated. This is a city where people live their whole lives seeing certain neighbourhoods only on TV."

Decades of violence and discrimination have to be examined to start the process of healing St Louis.
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Erin Kane

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Sadie and Triceratops love eachother, until they really don't.
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Trop choux
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Erin Kane

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"Let’s talk about an active role for white people in the fight against racism because racism burdens all of us and is destroying our communities. And, quite frankly, because white people have a role in undoing racism because white people created and, for the most part, currently maintain (whether they want to or not) the racist system that benefits white people to the detriment of people of color. My white friends who’ve spoken out harshly against the murder of Michael Brown end with a similar refrain: What can I do that will matter in the fight against racism?

White people who are sick and tired of racism should work hard to become white allies."
As we all know by now, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenage boy, was gunned down by the police while walking to his grandmother's house in the middle of the afternoon. For the past few days my F...
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Also happens to be a good way to learn to stop using the term "inner city"....  ;)
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Graduate Student
  • Ohio State University
    graduate student/graduate teaching associate, 2010 - present
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Columbus, OH
Tai, Cote d'Ivoire - Salem, MA - Ann Arbor, MI - Manchester, NH - St. Louis, MO - Loperot, Kenya - Los Amigos Biological Field Station, Peru
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Primatology Graduate Student
I'm a PhD student in physical anthropology at The Ohio State University studying ecology, behavior, and endocrinology of African monkeys (especially guenons and mangabeys). My PhD project looks at health and dietary consequence of seasonal changes in food availability for Diana monkeys. I work primarily in Tai National Park, Cote d'Ivoire.

I'm interested in the intersections between diet and behavior, community ecology, and predation, and I've realized I have a growing interest in connecting morphology to behavior. I'm also interested in conservation, particularly as it relates to equatorial African politics and development. And the Muppets, women in science, and progressive politics.

When I'm not being a grad student, I'm feeling guilty about doing something that isn't being a grad student. 
  • The Ohio State University
    Anthropology, 2010 - present
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    Anthropology, Environmental Studies, African Studies, 2006 - 2009
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We are a group of ten circus artists who are currently creating a show for the summer of 2013.


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