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A few years ago we used the services of Brian Mark Real Estate to buy our first home. We were very impressed with the service and so when the time came to sell up, Brian Mark was again one of the first agents we looked at to help us through the process. Lachlan answered our call and we pretty much fell in love with him from the outset. (No, not really, but he's a cat person therefore he's awesome.) Jokes aside, Lachlan really helped make what was already a sad and stressful situation much easier to cope with. His near constant contact and making sure everything was rolling smoothly both with us and the team at his end proved that we'd made the right choice. Even his patience with us and gentle prodding when we were dragging our feet a little was appreciated. We were thrilled when the house was sold for over the range that he'd initially given us and the speed in which everything happened - which was insanely fast. We were thinking the house would be on the market for a month or so... how about a week? Blown away. Thank you to Lachlan and the team at Brian Mark for helping Steve and I over this hurdle. All of their service was excellent and I couldn't recommend them more, both from a buyer and now a seller's perspective.
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I travel a long, long way to get to the USA Food Shop (I live deep in the outer western suburbs). So when I get all the way over to Moorabbin and ask for something I can't initially see on the shelf, only to be asked, "Have you checked the website?" well, that is bad customer service, particularly when some folks hear about the shop by word of mouth and find their own way there without going to the website. Not everyone knows or cares that you have a website. When I ask such a question, I really do expect your staff to know the answer, or at least be courteous to check inventory lists for me, or hell, just point out the fact that I am blind and shove me in the direction of the right shelf. Unfortunately most of the time the girls who have been on hand have been less than interested in helping all that much, so I've really just given up asking anything. I've probably been to the store about 10 times in total and am generally pleased with the range of foods (I really only go for the drinks and sweets) but the range of products that are way too close or past their expiry date is a bit ridiculous. Even though the items are mostly non-perishable or are able to be consumed well past their dates, there's a reason why it's implied these items have a "best before" or "expire" on them. People want the best they can get for their money and it's not a cheap endeavour getting to or buying from your store in the first place. Will I continue to be a customer? Hell yes. Because I love Milk Duds and Butternutters (or is it Nutterbutters?) and my other half loves a particular brand of root beer we can only find at your store and it's fun to poke around in. I just expect better performance from your staff more than anything else.
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