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Erin Franco
Falling into the arms of Heaven every day.
Falling into the arms of Heaven every day.


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Taking this to prayer.
Family Blog Safety {Sharing Family Pictures Online Safely}

Sharing pictures online safely has been on my thoughts more and more. As I’ve read more about this subject, I’ve learned a lot I didn’t want to know but should. It’s not something most of us want to think about but we need to be aware and take necessary…

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Praise be to God who makes all things new!

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Big News and Notes: It's getting real over here, ya'll.
Today is a good day to share more of that big news I teased you with a few weeks ago.:)  First off, I've been working on a brand-new website design for Humble Handmaid. I think you'll like what we've done.:) Look for the big makeover in the first few days o...

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The kind of freedom people die for
I am thankful for the men and women we remember today, and for their families and friends. Thank you...and a thousand words more.

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God's delay is not God's denial

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Two years ago: The Texas Chainsaw Episode
Two years ago today I posted this . This little baby doll was 17 days old: We had just returned from a followup visit to the surgeon who did this  beautiful stitch job: A lot has happened in two years. So much change. So much life. So much tough. At least t...

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There's no place like home: Radio interview with Olivia Gulino
What does home mean to you? How do we define home, and what do the art, architecture, and contents of our home say about our souls? Head over to  Staci's blog  today for my recent  "Faith and Good Counsel"  interview with Staci and Olivia Gulino about what ...

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Just found this little gem from the past. 

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I had a lovely Mother's Day (ducks, shoes, fried chicken!)
I had a LOVELY Mother's Day, ya'll. I have to share. Skip down to the pictures if you want, but you might miss the story about the shoes... 8:00 a.m. - Wakeup call. Michael let me sleep in.:) Slobbery wakeup kisses from a two-year-old. Eggs, bacon and grits...

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All dolled up, some tears (surprised?), and hero burnout
When Michael came in from work the other day, he first picked up one of his adoring fan girls and then walked over to me for my Hello, Honey  peck on the lips. And then he did this thing where he kind of involuntarily reached out and touched my hair in the ...
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