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Official Page for iBUYPOWER Computers


There comes a time when no matter what you do to help out a poor clueless luser, there‘s just no solving their problem. But there is a way t

U.S. Olympics Committee Is Mad at Knitting 'Olympics' For Denigrating Re...

If you mess with the Olympics trademark, a cloud of legal hurt will descend on you faster than Tyson Gay in the Men's 100 meters. Case in po

George Lucas Knitting At Starbucks

Apparently George Lucas visits Starbucks every day for coffee and a spot of knitting. Who knew? Maybe he’s knitting Luke’s new outfit for th


Ultra-sparkly custom blended nail polish inspired by sci-fi faves and other geekery

HTC one X

simple model of the htc one x

League of Legends: 1/20 PBE Update: Steel Legion Garen, Lunar Skin Splas...

The PBE Air Client just updated with a TON of new changes, including splash arts for all the Lunar Revel Skins as well as Panda Annie. A new

League of Legends: Top Team Comps #16: Tower Diving Man-Mode Comp - Nerf...

FAQ: Q: Why Blitzcrank and Shyvana over Alistar? A: It's simple really: Alistar's somewhat of a one-trick pony when it comes to tower-diving

Vegetables, sparklers, and caped crusader boys in this starry wedding | ...

110 degree heat could bum a person out, but not when they get to cool their heels with flipbooks, veggie arrangements, and wee lads running

SQL query

SELECT * FROM users WHERE clue > 0. Uh oh, zero rows were returned! Oh no!?!? How could that be? It just doesn‘t make any sense, users are s

Tech Support

"Find a menu item or button which looks related to what you want to do." Really, it‘s not rocket science. And even if it is, you should stil

A Sweet Handmade Owl Lamp Sarah Watts | Apartment Therapy

Did you read the DIY Animal Lamp post and wonder if how it would look as a different animal? Perhaps an owl? Well, look at this adorable ver

Ruffles, card cages, DIY projects, and some kick-ass save-the-dates | Of...

Lots of DIY was happening in the Offbeat Flickr Pool and Offbeat Bride Pinterest account this week. We've got ruffled skirts, copper-leafed

League of Legends: Volibear Rework in Progress - Nerfplz.LoL

Thank you everyone who has contributed to the discussion! I really appreciate your input and especially the varying points of view. So big u

League of Legends: Top Team Comps #17: You've Activated My Trap Card! - ...

STRATEGY: The strategy here is simple, but difficult to execute properly: Win your lane, be super annoying and strategic with your trap plac


A favorite around the ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, Compiling effectively explains to your boss what you‘re doing on either xkcd‘s site our

Make Your Own Sand-Filled Time Out Stool | Apartment Therapy

For months I've been seeing this photo of a time-out stool float around Pinterest and wondering about a diy version. I haven't tried it, but

Check out these library card Save the Dates | Offbeat Bride

Check out FolkFusionista's library card Save the Dates! They are pretty perfect, seeing as her future husband "J" is a Librarian and they ar