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Erik de Bruijn
Attended University of Tilburg, Netherlands
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Erik de Bruijn got his masters degree in Information Management at the University of Tilburg. In the course of his studies he has been implementing the academic teachings into two IT companies, which he co-founded, resulting in dynamic and knowledge intensive companies. The companies almost exclusively profit from use and development of open source software.
Erik has a passion for technology, especially technologies that potentially have disruptive effects. Since early 2008, Erik has been fully immersed in the RepRap project. RepRap is a collaborative, open source effort to create a machine that can create objects of arbitrary shape, including copies of its own parts. In may 2008, Erik was one of the first RepRappers to replicate functional parts and in 2009 to replicate a full machine (RepRap Darwin). The replication and open source aspects serve as enablers for a unique form of distributed innovation that was previously only seen in software and (virtual) open content. Besides being a core developer for the project, he gives lectures on distributed innovation and hands-on workshops on how to assemble your own copy of this machine.
He is currently involved in a research project with Eric von Hippel (MIT) and Jeroen de Jong (E.I.M.) to assess knowledge transfers between actors in the additive manufacturing industry. In 2011 he co-founded Ultimaker BV, a company that develops and sells a fast, large build volume, open-source 3D printer: the Ultimaker.

  • 2015 TED Global (or at least that's on my bucket list :) )
  • 2014-09 MakerCon keynote: "The other side of open source", Queens, NY, USA (video)
  • 2014 CUTEC Talk.
  • 2013-01 DLD 2013 in München on "The 3D printing and manufacturing revolution"
  • 2012-04 A talk + demo on: Mass customization (Biel, Switzerland)
  • 2011-11 How Do You Do - STRP Festival (NL)
  • 2011-11 Wikimedia Conference (NL)
  • 2011-10 First speaker at 3D printing event (video)
  • 2011-08 FAB7, Lima, Peru. Together with Joris van Tubergen (presentation)
  • 2011-02 NLLGG meeting (Dutch Linux User group), Utrecht, NL.
  • 2011-02 High-T. Presentation and demo (organised by Fontys and Tilburg University, including an Ultimaker demo)
  • 2011-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
  • 2010-12 BOTACON, New York City, USA (announced here)
  • 2010-11 Demo'd Ultimaker at TEDxAmsterdam
  • 2010-11 Speaker at Fourth Annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, FSCONS 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden (video, slides)
  • 2010-10-09 "Night of the Nerds" talk and demo at the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam
  • 2010-08 The 6th International FabLab Conference: FAB6, day 4: Acadamic day. Together with Adrian Bowyer (video) and Rhys Jones. More info... Slides. Wednesday workshop: Building a 3D printer.
  • 2010-06 Open Community Camp 2010 (talk and demo)
  • 2010-04 European Space Agency (ESA). Representing RepRap together with Rhys Jones from Bath University. Topic: self-replicating flexible manufacturing tools and Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the space sector.
  • 2010-04 Speaking at SHiFT Portugal. Also hosting a tech workshop. Slides and comments, here.
  • 2010-03 MIT Innovation Lab, Talk on my RepRap and Open Hardware research at MIT Sloan School of Management,Cambridge, MA, USA (slides)
  • 2010-02 FOSDEM 10, Brussels (Demo. Talk by Adrian Bowyer)
  • 2010-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL.
  • 2009-11 NPOX new media festival (demo), Hilversum, NL
  • 2009-11 Innovation centered conference at Essent, Den Bosch, NL
  • 2009-11 The Emergence of Innovation Communities in Open Hardware, Nottingham University, UK
  • 2009-11 Media Ecologies, Salford University,  Manchester, UK
  • 2009-10 PHILIPS Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Masterclass, Deurne, NL (talk)
  • 2009-08 Hacking At Random, On-stage demo during main track. Speakers: Adrian Bowyer and Neil Gershenfeld, Vierhouten, NL
  • 2009-06 Reboot 11 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2008-11 The Wikimedia Conference (Wikipedia), Utrecht, NL
Interviews / other coverage:
  • 2012-02 Financieel Dagblad (link)
  • 2011-11 Z@PPLIVE TV (video)
  • 2011-10 Eindhovens Dagblad (Ultimaker in renowned Dutch newspaper)
  • 2011-08 EenVandaag (Ultimaker on Dutch TV)
  • 2011-07 NRC (renowned Dutch national newspaper)
  • 2011-07 BNR Digitaal (Dutch national radio, listen here)
  • 2011-07 Linux magazine: Van ontwerp naar 3D-printer
  • 2011-06 Make Magazine (online) and Hack-a-day.
  • 2011-02 Popular dutch TV talkshow, 3D printing live on: De Wereld Draait Door
  • 2011-02 Dutch Newspaper: Het Parool
  • 2010-12 Interview on BNR New Radio "DenkTank" (Dutch) (hier te beluisteren)
  • 2010-11 Interview at TEDxAmsterdam by Business News Radio (BNR).
  • 2010-10 Interview BN De Stem, Eindhovens Dagblad, De Stentor, etc.
  • 2010-10 Interview in VPRO Guide (hardcopy) and on their website.
  • 2010-10 Interview for (link).
  • 2010-08 Interview in Bright Magazine: online article (text only)
  • 2010-04 Interview in Dutch radio show "Met 't oog op morgen" (ca. 300,000 audience, weblog, player, mp3)
  • 2010-04 Dutch Newspaper "Trouw": two page article
  • 2010-03 Interview Reformatorisch dagblad (two page article)
  • 2010-03 Omroep Brabant (Hot en Gespot, youtube video)
  • 2010-02 Dutch National news: NOS Journaal op 3 (view it via Youtube)
  • 2010-02 Dutch Newspaper article in NRC and (also: video interview on weblog)
  • 2009-12 Dutch article in Intermediair
Ultimaker co-founder and -designer, Innovation Researcher, Core RepRap Developer
Basic Information


Ultimaker Timelapse | A Better Dragon by Illuminarti:
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Erik de Bruijn

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Happy Valentine!
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Who Needs +Nest​ if you have +Pebble​ JS. :)

I wrote an app to control my Homegenie Home automation system. I use an old laptop, a Z-Wave USB stick and a Z-Wave Thermostat Faucet from Danfoss. The pebble app is soon to be found on my github!
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Erik de Bruijn

Shared publicly  - Nu is Tesla de eerste met de auto-pilot (dit zit op de Tesla's die vanaf december 2014 van de band kwamen). In 2020 denkt Tesla het eerste te zijn om volledig zelfrijdend op de markt te brengen...
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Tesla-ceo Elon Musk verwacht als eerste een volledig zelfrijdende auto op de markt te zetten. Dat zal waarschijnlijk niet voor 2020 gebeuren.
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Alle auto's twee maanden daarvoor hadden stiekem al autopilot hardware aan boord en hebben nu firmware updates gehad met allemaal nieuwe mogelijkheden (dynamic cruise control, lane departure warning, enz.)
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Our friend Mike Balzer saved the day by printing his wife's skull on an +Ultimaker to perform better surgery. Check out the impressive article at Make.
When his wife was misdiagnosed, Michael Balzer used 3D printing and imaging to get her well
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Right, Mike himself told us that he has indeed used an Ultimaker 2. Later he says so in the comments as well:

"I used three other printers besides the Makerbot Replicator 2. The Ultimaker 2 (one of the first off the assembly line), MakerGear M2 (the skull in the lead image) and a Kossel Clear (the smaller skull in front if the red background). Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Many of these buying decisions were based on Make's 3D printer shootouts. Thanks Make!"
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+Ultimaker​ 3D printed dress at the White House... A workshop hosted by Michelle Obama. Check out the story.
On Wednesday, October 8, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Fashion and Education Workshop at the White House for a large group of students and fashion guru's. We felt extremely honored at Ultimaker when we received an invite to show off our InBloom Dress there. A great example of a product ...
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Have him in circles
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I'm using +Pebble JS to control my thermostat through +HomeGenie . Gene did an awesome job on +HomeGenie and supporting the Danfoss device that I have!
Who Needs +Nest​ if you have +Pebble​ JS. :)

Soon on my github.
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Need a Fast Wireless prototype ? Try @theairboard currently on @kickstarter 
download enclosure @thingiverse soon on youmagine :)
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In addition to the boot buildup and teardown time lapse we now have a recap of CES!
( Time lapse is here: )
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Erik de Bruijn

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I just backed on Indiegogo. Give credit where credit is due. helps you find out who made a certain photograph and give credit (attribution links).
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From the +3D Hubs survey among thousands of 3D printer users it appears that the +Ultimaker is the #1 most wanted 3D printer. Check out 3DHubs' interesting trends reports...

We're also seeing some of the highest loyalty in our customers, a top 3 position. Perhaps the main reason why this isn't the highest loyalty is because Ultimaker has a large adoption already, and if you have an Ultimaker already, it makes sense to add a different kind of 3D printer such as a +Formlabs SLA printer.

There might be other explanations?

For what it's worth, we will be continually improving to improve on the valued customer experience that our people are having.
This trend report provides a unique perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. Learn what the most popular printers, manufacturers and materials are. The report is based on the data from our 3D Hubs community with well over 10,000 printer listings and thousands of 3D print jobs.
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+Tim Rastall. It's good to know that the majority already have an Ultimaker or other FDM/FFF system, so as their next system I understand that any SLA system would have an advantage.
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Erik de Bruijn

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Seems that the Ultimaker Wikipedia page is a bit outdated with the release of our new product announcements at International CES this week.
Anyone wants to help out and update it? (We're not supposed to edit our own page. Otherwise we'd be fine doing it ourselves.) Any help is much appreciated!

Specs are found on our website at: Brand Assets. There are lots of external references about the release, but check with our source publication about CES.
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+Whosa whatsis I think this is where the new site falls a bit short. But you can find it on this page:
About 80% down, there is a button with the text "all" on it, next to "general specifications".

The extended is exactly 100mm higher, in desktop space and build volume. The UM2go is:
Build volume
120 x 120 x 115 mm
Desktop space
258 x 250 x 287.5 mm
(And no heated bed, unlike the UM2 and UM2extended)
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Erik de Bruijn

Shared publicly  - 
Ultimaker is one of the world's leading desktop 3D printing brands with one of the top performing printers from our 3D Printing Shootout this year. Today, they have announced two new models in the ...
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Geweldig bedrijf met geweldige service en producten! Ik geniet elke dag van het autorijden op 100% zonne- en windenergie.
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