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Erik de Bruijn
Attended University of Tilburg, Netherlands
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Erik de Bruijn got his masters degree in Information Management at the University of Tilburg. In the course of his studies he has been implementing the academic teachings into two IT companies, which he co-founded, resulting in dynamic and knowledge intensive companies. The companies almost exclusively profit from use and development of open source software.
Erik has a passion for technology, especially technologies that potentially have disruptive effects. Since early 2008, Erik has been fully immersed in the RepRap project. RepRap is a collaborative, open source effort to create a machine that can create objects of arbitrary shape, including copies of its own parts. In may 2008, Erik was one of the first RepRappers to replicate functional parts and in 2009 to replicate a full machine (RepRap Darwin). The replication and open source aspects serve as enablers for a unique form of distributed innovation that was previously only seen in software and (virtual) open content. Besides being a core developer for the project, he gives lectures on distributed innovation and hands-on workshops on how to assemble your own copy of this machine.
He is currently involved in a research project with Eric von Hippel (MIT) and Jeroen de Jong (E.I.M.) to assess knowledge transfers between actors in the additive manufacturing industry. In 2011 he co-founded Ultimaker BV, a company that develops and sells a fast, large build volume, open-source 3D printer: the Ultimaker.

  • 2015 TED Global (or at least that's on my bucket list :) )
  • 2014-09 MakerCon keynote: "The other side of open source", Queens, NY, USA (video)
  • 2014 CUTEC Talk.
  • 2013-01 DLD 2013 in München on "The 3D printing and manufacturing revolution"
  • 2012-04 A talk + demo on: Mass customization (Biel, Switzerland)
  • 2011-11 How Do You Do - STRP Festival (NL)
  • 2011-11 Wikimedia Conference (NL)
  • 2011-10 First speaker at 3D printing event (video)
  • 2011-08 FAB7, Lima, Peru. Together with Joris van Tubergen (presentation)
  • 2011-02 NLLGG meeting (Dutch Linux User group), Utrecht, NL.
  • 2011-02 High-T. Presentation and demo (organised by Fontys and Tilburg University, including an Ultimaker demo)
  • 2011-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
  • 2010-12 BOTACON, New York City, USA (announced here)
  • 2010-11 Demo'd Ultimaker at TEDxAmsterdam
  • 2010-11 Speaker at Fourth Annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, FSCONS 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden (video, slides)
  • 2010-10-09 "Night of the Nerds" talk and demo at the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam
  • 2010-08 The 6th International FabLab Conference: FAB6, day 4: Acadamic day. Together with Adrian Bowyer (video) and Rhys Jones. More info... Slides. Wednesday workshop: Building a 3D printer.
  • 2010-06 Open Community Camp 2010 (talk and demo)
  • 2010-04 European Space Agency (ESA). Representing RepRap together with Rhys Jones from Bath University. Topic: self-replicating flexible manufacturing tools and Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the space sector.
  • 2010-04 Speaking at SHiFT Portugal. Also hosting a tech workshop. Slides and comments, here.
  • 2010-03 MIT Innovation Lab, Talk on my RepRap and Open Hardware research at MIT Sloan School of Management,Cambridge, MA, USA (slides)
  • 2010-02 FOSDEM 10, Brussels (Demo. Talk by Adrian Bowyer)
  • 2010-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL.
  • 2009-11 NPOX new media festival (demo), Hilversum, NL
  • 2009-11 Innovation centered conference at Essent, Den Bosch, NL
  • 2009-11 The Emergence of Innovation Communities in Open Hardware, Nottingham University, UK
  • 2009-11 Media Ecologies, Salford University,  Manchester, UK
  • 2009-10 PHILIPS Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Masterclass, Deurne, NL (talk)
  • 2009-08 Hacking At Random, On-stage demo during main track. Speakers: Adrian Bowyer and Neil Gershenfeld, Vierhouten, NL
  • 2009-06 Reboot 11 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2008-11 The Wikimedia Conference (Wikipedia), Utrecht, NL
Interviews / other coverage:
  • 2012-02 Financieel Dagblad (link)
  • 2011-11 Z@PPLIVE TV (video)
  • 2011-10 Eindhovens Dagblad (Ultimaker in renowned Dutch newspaper)
  • 2011-08 EenVandaag (Ultimaker on Dutch TV)
  • 2011-07 NRC (renowned Dutch national newspaper)
  • 2011-07 BNR Digitaal (Dutch national radio, listen here)
  • 2011-07 Linux magazine: Van ontwerp naar 3D-printer
  • 2011-06 Make Magazine (online) and Hack-a-day.
  • 2011-02 Popular dutch TV talkshow, 3D printing live on: De Wereld Draait Door
  • 2011-02 Dutch Newspaper: Het Parool
  • 2010-12 Interview on BNR New Radio "DenkTank" (Dutch) (hier te beluisteren)
  • 2010-11 Interview at TEDxAmsterdam by Business News Radio (BNR).
  • 2010-10 Interview BN De Stem, Eindhovens Dagblad, De Stentor, etc.
  • 2010-10 Interview in VPRO Guide (hardcopy) and on their website.
  • 2010-10 Interview for (link).
  • 2010-08 Interview in Bright Magazine: online article (text only)
  • 2010-04 Interview in Dutch radio show "Met 't oog op morgen" (ca. 300,000 audience, weblog, player, mp3)
  • 2010-04 Dutch Newspaper "Trouw": two page article
  • 2010-03 Interview Reformatorisch dagblad (two page article)
  • 2010-03 Omroep Brabant (Hot en Gespot, youtube video)
  • 2010-02 Dutch National news: NOS Journaal op 3 (view it via Youtube)
  • 2010-02 Dutch Newspaper article in NRC and (also: video interview on weblog)
  • 2009-12 Dutch article in Intermediair
Ultimaker co-founder and -designer, Innovation Researcher, Core RepRap Developer
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Erik de Bruijn

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This, by my friend Ilan Moyer is really awesome: Autocorrect for your hands. An infinitely large CNC milling machine that is the seamless collaboration between man and machine that fuses human craftsmanship with digital making.

Ilan is also inventor of CoreXY and the XY system we adapted for use in the Ultimaker.

Check out the video of just one cool example of what you could make:
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1) That thing is awesome and I want one!

2) CoreXY dates back to at least the 1950s, and various flavors of cross gantries date back to at least the 1930s. Almost every gantry ever used in a 3D printer was preceded by analog plotter technology...

(Ilan is an amazing inventor, I only point this out because I think we're much too quick to assume our ideas are novel despite the >100 years of precision motion mechanism design history in plotting, milling, etc.)
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Erik de Bruijn

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Electricity is 3-6 times cheaper than gasoline. By 2020 electric cars will be cheaper than gasoline or diesel cars without any incentives (some are now cheaper with incentives), and cost 10-100 times less to maintain. By 2025 nobody will find any economic reason to drive a gasoline car, since electrics don't require oil change and many other forms of maintenance. Tesla (as well as other electric vehicles) has 18 moving parts while a gasoline car has 2000 moving parts. Zero marginal cost of maintenance for electric cars. When Tesla produces the performance of a 1 million dollar car for a tenth of the price, the end of oil era is inevitable.

For a detailed explanation of tremendous service to humanity done when you install solar panels or buy your next car electric, see You not only save the world, but your money too, since electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. :)

A few German politicians started talking about banning oil cars.

Norway already plans to ban oil cars in 2025, they just need to pass the bill in Parliament. More than 20% of new cars sold in Norway are electric these days, Norway having the most electric cars per capita in the world.

Austria is thinking about banning them in 2020

Holland wants gasoline and diesel cars banned in 2025
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That dip you see, was because of a recalculation of EPA fuel milage estimates.
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Erik de Bruijn

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+Ultimaker with Joris van Tubergen's Z-Unlimited! The openness of the Ultimaker creates unlimited possibilities for the creative mind. Must watch.
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Erik de Bruijn

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If you don't know about the singularity, watch this. If you do, think about the following: To some extent I believe these amazing speakers are missing the point.

The question is, is the man versus machine truly a dichotomy, or not or is it undecided. Kasparov was beaten by computing power. However, Kasparov together with a computer can beat the best chess programs. If machines get smarter and we don't use technology to improve ourselves, there is a risk of being controlled (arguably even for our own good). But I think we can choose to improve ourselves.

What defines humans is that they have evolved along with tools and technology. Whether it's a bow and arrow, pair of glasses, bicycle or smartphone these things can become devices that allow us to achieve more. The better something is designed, the more it feels like you can use it as if it were part of your body. E.g. you don't consciously control a bicycle, you just go where you want to go. If man and machine become better linked by Brain Computer Interfaces, better hardware interfaces and a design that is open to facilitate the user instead of making him/her dependent on the provider of the technology, we will be more in control and more capable to stay a good match to ever increasingly strong AI. Biological evolution is too slow to keep up with the pace of technological progress, so biology needs to enhance technology and vice versa. At the same time, the question is whether we welcome or fear being creators of the things we wear on our body, or even prosthetics that enhance our (previously missing) capabilities.

This video shows really well how people are "upgrading" their biological bodies with open source 3D printed prosthetics, they are in control of the technology that enhances their well being:
Note that they use open source 3D printers in the process. I am optimistic about the future as long as we make sure technology isn't just something we consume but something we can all harness and control to make lives better. We shouldn't be luddites that separate us from technology, but we should find technologies and make them more humane and compatible with us. It's up to us.
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Erik de Bruijn

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The 3D printed steel bicycle made by IO at TU Delft. I couldn't really ride it indoors, but it is a good looking bike and nice achievement nevertheless.

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wauw ook fraai vormgegeven!
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Erik de Bruijn

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Erik de Bruijn

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Anxious to give this a try... Windows 10 on a RPi3 making your +Ultimaker​ appear directly in Windows, networked over WiFi.
A Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 will let anyone in your home print plastic creations.
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We already have OctoPrint which is already vastly superior to anything else around 
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Erik de Bruijn

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3D printable Raspberry Pi based Gameboy. Get it on +YouMagine​ below:
The best open source print files & designs available for you to build upon or simply download and 3D print!
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Can I get that with a full keyboard?
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Erik de Bruijn

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When Aad van der Geest first heard of 3D printers decades ago, owning one of these machines was just a dream. But for Aad dreaming wasn't enough and with his inventiveness he was already one...
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Erik de Bruijn

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Planes don't really accelerate all that fast... :)
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Qantas! Take me to Australia! Take me with Jules! 
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