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Erika Wong
bibliophile | fiction writer | amateur designer | fangirl | child of God
bibliophile | fiction writer | amateur designer | fangirl | child of God


+Anna Zick
A- Age: 15
B- Biggest fears: being misunderstood
C- Current time: 10:38pm
D- Drink you last had: water
E- Every day starts with: going back to sleep
F- Favorite song: i know what you did last summer - shawn mendes and camilla cabello
G- Ghosts, are they real: nah. the stories are cool though.
H- Hometown: singapore
I- In love with: a lot of fictional characters
J- Jealous of: unbelievably optimistic people
K- Killed someone?:
L- Last time you cried?: somewhere last week
M- Middle name: none.
N- Number of siblings: 1 brother
O- One wish: to never have to experience anything like grief.
P- Person you last called: my mom
Q- Question you're always asked: Are you the youngest?
R- Reason to smile: my friends, books, and the internet.
S- Song last sang: writings on the wall - sam smith
T- Time you woke up: 10.00am sheepish grin
U- U miss: my life as a kid
V- Vacation destination: as in, dream vacation? venice. and greece. and rome and new zealand and oh, pretty much anywhere in scandinavia. and germany.
W- Worst habit: biting my nails and mentally tuning people out
Y- Your favorite food: chocolate, white. cliche, i know.
X- X-Rays you've had: none, i think.
Z- Zoo animal you wish you owned: are hedgehogs zoo animals? i really love them.

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+R Lim
+Danielle Huynh
+Christie Lim
+Catherine Morales
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um okay so tagged by +Anna Zick 
well, 10 facts? here they are. 

1. Books are bae. Like totally. 
2. I'm a certified fangirl. 
3. Percabeth is my otp. 
4. I'm awkward around sad people. 
5. uM one of my closest friends is +Deborah Ng (YEA MAN FEEL TOUCHED OK)
6. I love contrasting combinations of colors. Like blue and orange<3
7. I can't live without converse. 
8. I like writing (FICTIONAL STORIES, and poetry/lyrics) and drawing. Alas, my art account on instagram seems to be getting more attention than my sad, sad wattpad account. 
10. I'm a Christian, and PROUD. 


And I'm tagging: +Deborah Ng , +elisabeth fong , +Priscilla Fong , +Little Lotte DT , +Abigail Opst , +Christie Lim , +Natasha Lim , +Johanna Fong 

and I'm too lazy to tag more people, so here it is lifts arms dramatically BEHOLD. 
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