Back to Shooting...

It feels like it has been a while since I've been doing what I love. I have been growing my Canon lens collection for quite some time, and I'm afraid, that instead of enhancing my creativity, it has been holding it back, too much weight, too big, so I would just leave it at home. 

Yesterday, I got myself a new camera for me to take with me. Something smaller than my big beast, something I could stick in my purse, and have fun with. I went down to the beach last night with my new Sony a6000, and had a bit of fun playing with long exposure. I loved the glistening of the rocks, but knew they needed more. Tonality Pro was great in bringing out the details in the rocks.

I'm so happy to have the #sony     #sonyalpha   #a6000  It really is a great refreshing change for me. #sandiego    #sunest   #ndfilter   #blog   #macphun   #tonalityPro  
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