Julian Meadow View Inn Wedding

When I shot this wedding at the Julian Meadow View Inn I had to hunt all over the property for some locations to shoot my "wide" shots. Most of the Inn was located in thick trees, with dappled light. However, a little walk down the hill to where the horses were lead to a fantastic meadow. Hence, the name. Funny how that works? This was a midday wedding. With this photo taken about 4pm, after the ceremony. I'm so thankful that there was such a fantastic field to shoot in, and a couple that was so in love that when I placed them out in the field, they were so in sync with each other. I had such a great time with them. Editing their wedding photos has been such a pleasure, and shooting a wedding in Julian, CA was also such in incredible treat. It was only an hour a way and provided such privacy. What a lovely venue. #blog  #lovewednesday  curated by +Pierluigi Failla 
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